Happy Birthday Fahmi! =)

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to Fahmi,
Happy Birthday to you!

Yesterday, mum cooked a special dish for everyone as to celebrate my 3rd younger brother who turns 15 today. huhu. bestnya! everyone enjoyed themselves last night and unfortunately for me, I could only share the happiness through a phone call that I made when they were all celebrating. well, since there's only a few days left before returning home, I'm not feeling that gloomy though. hihi. =)

neways, Happy Birthday Ami bucukkk masaaammmm dear! =P
may you have a blast on your birthday! wish you all the best in life and may Allah bless you always! =)
Love you always~ =)
miss you sooooo much!

the so-called holiday

its been some time since i last updated this blog. phew, a pretty busy week i had since exams were over! with all the shopping, stuffs-packing, house cleaning, movies marathon-ing, rundle-ing, etc..etc..etc..-ing, i just don't have the time to sit back and relax myself in front of my lappie. =p
neways, to give a picture of what happened for the past week, here are some photos snapped during some of the events... =)

nadia's 20th birthday celebration at pancake house. gosh. we really hate the waiters there. gile xde manner. *sigh* pasni xnk dtg dah. bluek!

right after the last paper : heat transfer, we went to hungry jacks makan2 celebrating abes exam kot. thanx encik yg membelanje even though his car baru je lepas kene saman 52 bucks just because of salah parking @ the exam venue! adei. =(

heee...the nasi ayam was ABSOLUTELY SUPERB!!!! after such a long time me & my housemates haven't ate together, we cooked nasi ayam and enjoyed the delicious meal bersama2 di meja makan yg dah lameeee x guna. *reminds me of home where everyone sits together at the dining table and eat and chat and bla3 =(*

we were waiting for the tram and suddenly there were sooo many police cars along King William St and behind them was some kind of perarakan by the local fire brigades and badan2 sukarelawan. i still am not sure why the perarakan was held. suke2 kot?

where else cud it be? Glenelg of course! heee..~ last saturday, went to Glenelg beach with Najmi, Epok, Mami, Nina, n oso my housemates for sure. we had a really FANTASTIC time there!! main2 pasir, mandi2 pantai, picnic2, makan2 =) and don't forget, sunburn2! =(

me & my housemates went to send Izy at the airport. She went back to Malaysia last Sunday. waa...nak balek gak! (in the pic from left: Izy, Afiq, Izzati)

when i was looking through the window, suddenly i saw an airplane which was going to land at Adelaide airport. n then tetibe je terase cam nak take a photo of that airplane. hee..gile xde keje la. (this pic was taken from floor 18, room 183's balcony =p) waaa.x saba nak balek! 18 days to go. yuhuuu~ =)

One sunny day

today was incredibly HOT!!!

i was walking back home with my eyes shut - when there was no one around and i was sure that i wudn't bang into anything la. (forgot to bring along my shades. haih. just can't leave home without it nowadays)

dulu2, when it was winter i just wished that the weather wud be hot sooner. oh, really cant stand the chilly air but now, i just hoped that summer would end a.s.a.p! neva mind. i'm not goin' to be here anyway during the 3 months of summer. yuhuuu~ missin' malaysia sooo much! less than a month to go! :)

well, yeah i know. i've a month to go. other ppl just have another week left. *jeles*. padan muka tho! sape suruh beli tiket lambat daa..

n tomorrow, i've one more paper to kill and that is Engineering, Planning & Design. after that wud be Heat Transfer, the least favourite subject which will be on friday. [lambat gle okay!] n by that, officially marks the end of my freshman yr!

neways, about 2 days b4 kot, kecoh pasal BERSIH punye perhimpunan. i watched the video reporting about the incident n it was sooo dahsyat la. ppl fighting n roaring pe sume. haih. ape nk jadi la.

that's why i dislike politics.

Song I likeyy~ :)

Check this out! i love this song soooo much! its called TATTOO by Jordin Sparks. fyi, she's the winner of the American Idol Season 6 and guess wut.. she's only 17! but sadly there's no video clip of the single. the video below is probably made by one of her fans kot. neways, enjoy! :)

Tattoo Lyrics

Now you've got a reason to fail!

I received this email from a friend and find it really hilarious! haha. take a break and enjoy!

* * * * * * * *

The reason why a student fails is because the year ONLY has 365 days!

Typical academic year for a student:

1. Sundays
There are 52 Sundays in a year, you know Sundays are for rest.
Days left 313.

2. Summer holidays
50 days where the weather is very hot and difficult to study.
Days left 263.

3. 8 hours daily sleep
130 days GONE..
Days left 141.

4. 1 hour for daily playing (good for health)
1 hour per day times 365 days means 15 days.
Days left 126.

5. 2 hours daily for food & other delicacies (chewing properly & swallowing)
this equals to 30 days
Days left 96.

6. 1 hour for talking (man is a social animal)
this means 15 days
Days left 81.

7. Exam days
at least, there are at least 35 days of exam per year.
Days left 46.

8. Quarterly, Half yearly and festival (holidays)
40 days.
Balance 6 days.

9. For sickness
at least 3 days
Remaining days : 3.

10. Movies and functions
at least 2 days.
1 day left.

11. That 1 day is your birthday.

How can you study on that day??????!!!!!!!!!!
Balance : 0

"How can a student pass ?????"

p/s- kinda logic but then, if everyone followed these, there'd be no one who'd pass! =p

one month 7 days to go...

"You are a great buyer. Thank you for making
my first selling item so great. A+++"

heee~ that was my 1st feedback from my 1st business deal on ebay. =) that feedback is really encouraging me to do more and more and more ebay-ing stuffs. adeii. dah la yesterday, i mistakenly bought something b4 realising that the price was in great britain pounds! and not in australian dollars! adeii. abis bankrupt! lucky me i won the bid for that item for only 0.1 pence [oops typo error! it's actually 0.1 pound]. haha. it was the postage that was expensive. *sigh*

neways, just finished doing some past year papers on Materials I. sooooo tired! not because of answering, but reading the answer scheme! gle horror punye handwriting! sapela yg tulis this thing..? urgh..tension2!
take a look and u will see..

imagine i've to read 5 to 6 pages of the scheme with this kind of handwriting. i can go crazy!haha. =p

p/s- good luck for all who're sitting for Materials I tomorrow.all d best!

pp/s- the title has nothing to do with this post. just countdown balik je! yippee! =p