Malam Gemilang Merdeka 51 tahun

well here goes another post again that has to do wif merdeka. aih, its not even merdeka yet, but many activities have been done in celebrating the coming glorious day.

the housemates ;) [kak bash, zati, afiq, me]

the tablemates - Meja Mat Salleh (G)

neways last sunday, malam gemilang merdeka 51 tahun was held at Dom Polski, Adelaide. n wif respect to dat, i joined d dikir barat team to perform dat nite. ;)

last week was sure a super bz week for me indeed with dikir practise every nite but it was worth d experience tho'! =D really had fun in practising the moves n stuffs besides gettin to eat free pizza everyday [ok, xdela everyday. 2-3 days ade la skali. hihi] after practise. ngee. =P

d days of practising. sampai sakit tangan2 neh. haha.

on d big day, we had rehearsal at noon n after dat, went to Hola's house for mihun goreng! thanx! it was delicious, seriously! =)

we just cant get enuf of dikir!

went to rundle mall after rehearsal coz ade org tu mintak tolong bg opinion nk beli handbag yg mane satu. haha. =P aih, hepi gle la org tuh balik2 ade handbag baru. bukan calang2 bag, bag yg berharga *tuuuuuuuuuuutttt* pulak tu. haha.

then went to kak bash's studio for makeup. kene keje jadi mak andam jap dat nite since i had to put on makeups for 4 ppl in 1.5 hours. hoho. gle x sempat. naseb smpai blk Dom Polski on time jek. ngeee.

dikir barat was d 1st performance for dat nite. time beratur tepi dewan nak masuk tu, owh nervous gle okay! naseb baek the microphone stand wasnt in front of me during d actual show coz time rehearsal, it was. n mase bangun, i banged my head wif it! adei. =P

d actual show...

d dikir barat ppl. u guys were great, really! =)

there were also tarian zapin, deklamasi sajak n singing shows after tu. overall, it was a great nite! the food was okay n everything went on smoothly. not to forget, thanks so much Yas coz kindly sent us back home. so, xyah la ssh2 nk kene jln pegi bus stop yg jauh gilos tgh2 mlm pkai bju kebaye wif makeups on. haha. =P

zati mnang 1st lucky draw for the nite! congratz wey! leh paw ko nye hamper nnti. ngeee. =p

i dunno why, but i just love this photo. kak bash too! haha. it's a "sagi" taste i guess. =P

neways, i'm getting late for class!

vid dikir

i ACIDENTALLY TER-DELETE video dikir barat merdeka dinner td.


pliz. sesape yg ade rekod n upload, 4wd2 link eyh! thanx in advance =)


i wanna go back home badly...

badly enuf...


13 more weeks to go...


*its been a really presurring week!*


Sleepyhead =S

okay, now i know wht do i hve to do when i cudnt get to sleep. seriously it works! well, at least for me it does! haha.
simple. all i need to do is just open the thermodynamics textbook and read a few pages. in like 5 mins or so, i'll b happily wandering around in my soo-called illusive dreams.
haish. stress btul.

well, here i am, trying to wipe out the sleepy feeling i had from reading that fantastic txtbook.
haish. bile nk tobat ni yana oi. keje x siap lagik, lagha balek.

neways, since i've already uploaded d dance n dikir barat vids during last week's msian carnival, i'll just update bout d event here then.

it was a great event indeed! seriously d best part was simply d fabulous foods that were sold! =D roti jala, nasi kerabu, nasi lemak, kuey-teow goreng. well, u name any! even cendol n dadih pun ade. ngehehe.
owh n ya, i din know dat d kueh roti mini yg bentuk mcm pau n ade sambal kat tgh tu is called as 'burger msia'. haha. sdap2! bought it twice lagi tu. =D

n not to 4get, d performances were great as well!
1st was d malaysian traditional dance. great job guys! it really was a fantastic show, even tho da actually hafal da steps korang sume. (evryday watched em practise. haha. =P)

next was d dikir barat. d one dat wudnt be missed out if ade carnival2 cmni. hee. =D albeit there were a few mistakes dat happened during the show (biase la tu kan.. nervous!haha), overall it was okay i say! well done guys! =D

b4 i pen off (or shud i say, keyboard off? okay, x pyh. pelik gle.), i wish all malaysians no matter where u r, SELAMAT MENYAMBUT HARI KEMERDEKAAN KE-51!

(cewaah. tetibe patriotik plak.haha)

rise sun, rise!

yeay! at last i can see the bright shiny sun again! :D lately, it has been raining cats and dogs throughout adelaide. dari pagi smpai la ke malam. my clothes pun da start bau kepam2 da. 3 days jemur dlm umah x kering2 jugak. aish. siap pasang kipas lagik tuh. :P

gladly, when i woke up today, terang benderang dunia luar. (cet, kantoi bngun lmbt!) haha :P
1) baju leh jemur kat luar ari ni ;)
2) no need to bring payung to class
3) xyah pakai baju smpai 5, 6 lapis

owh neway, i'll update about the m'sian carnival later. haven't got the right time to upload the videos and stuffs yet. hee.