Because I was bored and had nothing better to do

I've been doing my internship for like 4 weeks now. and only today, my apparatus was ready to be used, finally! i spent the rest of last week, literally doing nothing. so this morning, i came to work, feeling extremely excited to start my 1st ever experiment that i designed, with some help from others, from scratch, until it turned out to be something pretty and gorgeous like this:

okay, not so pretty and gorgeous as compared to this though,

but whatever. as long as it works and gives me results, thats more important.

since this whole experiment is about cooling, the water being used in this experiment must measure 18 degrees celcius. little did i know that you need hours and hours and hoursssss (exaggerating) to lower the temperature of water to 18 deg.
i kept on measuring the temperature over and over again waiting for the thermometer to read 18 degreeeesssss but i guess the thermometer didnt like me today. heck, i spent the whole day waiting ok.

err okayy, that was pretty loooong for an introduction! ahaha. the main point here is, while i was waiting patiently, i browsed through some photos that have been taken since i came back to malaysia. and so i decided to choose some random ones and share it here. enjoy! :PP

december '09, went to Penang and Kedah. spent some time at the Bukit Hijau waterfall. hee. fun fun fun!

Location: on one of the roads in penang. i think that pakcik fell off his motorcycle. old guy. poor him.

25th Dec; Kak Bash's wedding day! Location: Johor Bharu

Location: Danga Bay. ehehe. a night out after Kak Bash's wedding reception

Sushi King outing! =) foods and moreee food outings to come! weee~

Good girl gone bad. eh, good girl still! :PP

Bowling scoreboard. i'm bias because i put the one that i won. well, its my blog anyway. *evil laugh*

CSS error. help!

i really want to abandon this blog. coz u know why? look above left. see the data title thingy? argh, i dont know what went wrong when i was playing with the CSS code the other day. actually, i wanted to change my template a bit here and there but suddenly it turned out to be something like that! even at the bottom of this page, there's this error code popping out!

if anyone of you knows how to fix this problem, kindly let me know. otherwise, i'll just change to another blog then. *sobs*

Jom makan dlm bahasa jepun ape eh?

I reckon it has been quite a while since my family and I went to enjoy ourselves at some fine restaurant since me and my brother aren’t usually at home. Well since everyone was back last Friday, my dad agreed to bring us out for dinner at Kampachi, a Japanese restaurant at Equatorial Bangi-Putrajaya.

As for me, I have always been a fan of Japanese food, so I would obviously say that the place is superb and the food was absolutely great! Not only that, the chefs there were really good at their cooking skills. Our chef for that night really amazed us by his skills in using knives to cut eggs into slices that roared into the air and then used salt to create this THANK YOU sign after he finished cooking all the meals. Oh and dd I mention he wrote it backwards? (for the sake of making us guessing what he’s trying to write!)

Chef showing off his skills *owh and that's Enoki he's cooking! drrrooolllllsssss*

yes, what else rite. Thank you!

Well, if you haven’t been to this restaurant yet, I really suggest you to have a go. The experience you get here is really worth what you pay for. Have fun! :)

spot me! ahaha. :P

turn this dream of mine to reality, will ya?

Most of my friends have now started working and have their own cars and house. Only God knows how jealous i am seeing all of them being successful people leading their own way of life.

And right now, i seriously cannot wait to finish my degree! I still have one more freakin year to go and after that, i’m done! Yuuuhoo! And looking at the current economical situation, it seems kinda tough to get a pretty good job nowadays. So, i must be prepared of what’s going to happen in the future.

And since i was a kid, i have always liked to be creative. Not that i am one though. Haha. I like to browse through interior designs magazines, update myself on current fashions and trends and drawing sketches of shirts or blouses or dresses that i imagined myself helped by those inspirations. So i have decided, once i finish my studies, i’m going to start my own business! Haha. Sounds easy ey? But i know, its harddddddd. You need lotsa money to start a business. And money doesn’t fall from the sky. Yep, too bad ey.

But the thing is, i’ve already made a plan.

What business i’m going to involve in.

Where i would open my shop or the location of my office.

Where i would get money. (and of course, not by robbing a bank okay or borrow from ALONG laa)

Who i would hire to work with me.

And etc etc etc.

I also scribbled down what i imagined my business would be like. Look further down. Hehe.

What i can say at the moment is, let’s just hope that this tiny big dream of mine will come to reality one day! Who knows right?

stop being reckless!

Its a common thing for traffic to be really congested on weekday mornings as everybody is on their way to work. it pisses everyone (including me!) off. i know that. but all you need to do is be considerate and have a little bit of patience and you'll get through just fine.

And guess what, i was on my way to work this morning when i saw this one Kancil drove on the motorcyle lane to pass the looooong line up on the car lane. WTH?! it was on a bridge for god's sake and the lanes were pretty small!

i tried to catch a glimpse of the driver, and it was a lady. with a little kid inside that i guess might be her daughter.

'wow. that was brutal', i told myself.

hello again! ;)


oh hello all! i dont know why so sudden i felt like i wanted to update my blog. it has been like 5 months ago i guess since my last post! wow. that was AGES ago! HAHA.

hey wait a minute, why did i stop anyway?

urm, well practically i was busy during second semester and thought that i should concentrate on my studies even more. oh well, i got my results already. and they were, i should say, OK la. not so bad, but not THAT good either. oh well, i'll try even harder for my final year which will be starting this march. wohoo~ (pfftt, that sentence is like soooo yesterday. sudah la yana. janji kau pergi kelas tak tinggal, siapkan all tutorials and submit semua kerja on time, dats gooooood enough!)

ok. so now, why am i writing again?

say i was kinda bored? not really actually. its just that feeling u know. when u visit other blogs and read through their interesting posts and such, u just wanted to update too. i think i'm missing writing and blabbing my interesting life (at least i think it is! haha.) here.

so, updates! updates!

well right now, i'm on my 3 months of summer holiday back in Malaysia! yeay! it feels really greatttt to be back! i miss BBBangi a lottttt! spending my time with my dearest ones is precious than anything else i could think of. :)

but its january already, leaving me to just 1 month + till i leave for adelaide again. this time, its gonna be my last time to fly back there for my undergraduate studies (i hope!) and then, i'm gonna be back for good! *butterflies in stomach. suddenly i miss ol' adelaide la. T_T) *

well anyways, dont wanna talk about going back yet. its NOW that matters more.

btw, i've started my internship already. just half past week 1. 5 + more weeks to go and i'm done! overall, internship is okayyyyy i guess. i'm doing a short attachment research at one of the local U here. really hope everything will be good and my experiments are gonna produce positive results. pretty please!

that's it for now then. the comeback of the temporarily dead blog. will update soon. (i hope!)