new addiction

one word that suits this song : awesome!!! =)

GoooooooooooooD Luuuuuuucckkkk!!!!


its time for exams again! so, for those of u who will be sitting for ur exams, i wish u all the best and good luck! may we all pass with flying colours, okie! =)

neway, my 1st paper will be tomorrow n the last one is on the 2nd of july. haish. a long way to go. [okay, seminggu stgh je pun. bukannye lame sgt. adei.]

man, i sooo cannot wait for exams to be over and have fun in new zealand during the winter hols! seriously! o_O

nah2. dnga lagu ni nk dptkan semangat skeeet.heee.

To climb steep hills requires a slow pace at first.

pretty random

1) due to the craving of doughnuts (byg kan la. everyday on d way to uni msti lalu dis one doughnut shop yg ala-ala dunkin donuts tuh. n mmg sgt2 geram bila tgk donuts dia yg soft, colourful, juicy, creamy, mouth watering gitu. heee. :P), so i thought of making some this morning la. u noe wut, in the end, my donuts turned out to be those chunky, big, ugly donuts yg sgt keras. urgh. tension2! well, izzati said dat i din wait long enuf for the yeast to produce carbon dioxide (budak bio la katekan :P). my bad!

2) its almost winter n obviously d temperature is getting colder n colder everyday. bcoz of dat, my minyak gamat is not that ke-minyak-an lagik. it turned to an ugly looking yellowish-green minyak gamat beku. yucks! so b4 i can use it, i need to defrost it 1st by putting the bottle into a cup of hot water. n guess wut happened, d cap popped out n flew into d air due to the increasing pressure inside d bottle n d minyak gamat kat dlm tuh spilled over skali la. adei. tension lagi. hoho.

3) made some roti canai yesterday. even though xde la bley lawan roti canai stall kat msia tuh, tp it was good enuf for a 1st timer. nyum =)

take note : those r not my hands.haha.=p

4) effective from 29th may onwards, there’ll be no more 6-hours chemistry lab practical! =D i’ve finished all the experiments that needed to be done for this whole sem. n this means, there’ll b no class on Wednesday lagi dah! waa.. sukenye! ngaaa~~~

me & my 2nd last experiment- the 1st experiment yg berjaye buat dgn btul!!

5) on 24th may, went for a paintball challenge at Womma. it was my 1st ever paintball game n yeah, i did got hit! rite on my wrist! huhu. x sure la plak sape yg tembak. n not only dat, as i was hiding behind one of those kubu, someone tried shot me but missed. fortunately unfortunately, the bullet hit the kubu and the paint splashed on top of my tudung. one big, round, bright green splash on my head. haiya! :P

6) d other day, pegi CM utk beli a few groceries. n masa naek 99C, ade dlm 5-6 org scary looking aborigines naik bas. n they were sitting a few seats behind me, zati n afiq, shouting to each other, roaring, pusing2 satu bas. bengong btul! time tuh Allah je tahu, betapa takutnye hati ini. hek3. seriously, it was damn freaking scary! da la masam gile bau sorang2 (smells like alcohol kot. coz bila lalu unibar pun, it was d same smell).

7) neway, exam is just 20 days away! gosh! i don’t feel like i’m ready at all. sgt takuuut! i’ve 5 subjects to sit for the exam n mines will start on the 21st of june n my last paper will be on the 2nd of july. wish me luck, coz i really need one! =|