It was just traumatic

16 April 2013

It was around 6.45 pm when I left home to go for the Reclaim Your Heat event at MATRADE, KL.
As usual, the roads were pretty jammed with cars heading back home.
It was at the PKNS BBBangi junction.
The T-junction there.

I saw this one Viva, purple in colour heading fast from the opposite lane, wanting to turn to his right.

I was driving straight so he had to wait for me.
But as I was not driving at a faster speed, he thought he could make it into the junction on his right.

What he DID NOT see was that there was a motorcycle in front of me on the left!

The Viva driver sped like hell and turned and BAMMM!
He crashed right into the motorcycle!




The Viva stopped at once. Screeeeeetttt!
And yeah, the motorcyclist was thrown in the air and there he was, lying on the floor.

It happened like for a split second. Like lightning like that.
Ya rabbi. It happened right in front of me, with these 2 eyes of mine. I saw everything perfectly. :(

The motorcyclist was just riding in front of me minutes ago, and then, there he was, lying on the floor, IN PAIN!

Stupid Viva driver.
You seriously do not have any road etiquettes at all!
How could you speed at a junction without looking properly if there were any cars or motorcyclists?


I drove by and I saw the man (probably in his teens or twenties) lying on the floor.
Still with his helmet on. THANK GOD.
But from what I saw, he must have had severe internal damage, if not broken bones whatsoever.

Ya Allah.

It made me realized that, sometimes, ANYTHING could happen in just a split of a second.
No matter where you are, how careful you are, but if Allah wants to test or make something happen to you, He can do it.
Just by saying, BE. and be it.

Ya Allah,
I seek refuge in you in whatever I do.
And please protect and have mercy on my family and friends, as well as myself, from those kind of accidents howsoever it may be.


Being Me conference kuala lumpur


For those of you ladies who missed the BEING ME Conference held at MATRADE Exhibition Centre on the 30th June 2012, here are my notes that I managed to jot down. Unfortunately, I don't have notes from all speakers though. Hopefully everyone can benefit from this post, insyaAllah. ;)

Session 1: Free from all other masters – Empowering women
Speaker: Yasmin Mogahed (USA)

·         Prevalent standard of a woman: man & beauty
·         In Islam, the rightful standard; the relationship with God
·         Scale of rightneous and pious
·         Men à only a companion, not a saviour
·         We are here not to please man, but to God alone!
·         What you seek is not a worldly material
·         Journey begins at marriage, where your spouse will become the greatest test
·         There are 2 types of love
o   Getting all that you wanted
o   Not about what you are getting but of what you are giving; selfless love
·         Love for men is inconsistent

Session 2: Achieving balance inside out
Speaker: Sheikh Yahya Ibrahim
·         In going through our lives, there are 2 extremes; either ADDITION or NEGATION. We must try to achieve balance between dunya and akhirah.
o   Addition
§  Too extreme in performing ibadah to Allah(e.g 24 hours always pray, no sleep, fast everyday), neglecting other dunya responsibilitiesà they will become misguided people.
§  Why is this? Because the ibadah they have done will not touch/soften their hearts as their ibadah is only of the outer experience. Instead of Ya Allah (Please guide me through this … etc …), will become Why Allah (Why me Allah? I have performed ibadah day and night, but why do you give me this … etc …)
o   Negation
§  Only living for dunya, neglecting akhirah à Obviously sinful
·         Iman tends/can fade away, therefore we must always ask for iman to revitalize in your heart. Ask from Allah!
·         Sometimes, the heart can also break. It is a shame if it breaks for other than Allah. Moreover if it is broken by someone who doesn’t love Allah, it is far way terrible/horrible.
·         At times, we may love something else more than Allah. Then need to sit back and reflect on yourself.
·         Always trust Allah is there to guide us through.
·         Take lessons from what you see around you. Never will Allah let you get away unchallenged!
·         Tip: Read 3 times surah Al-Ikhlas, get pahala of reading whole Quran. Read 10 times, a palace is built for you in Jannah.

Session 4: The power of change
Speaker: Dr Fadilah Grine

·         Most important thing about change: IDEA/PERCEPTION
·         Feel the fear of changing because that is your enemy!
·         Remember that
o   If we only fear Allah: we tend to become extremist
o   If we only love Allah: we tend to disobey Him
o   If we fear & love Allah: a good balance!
·         People are able to twist religion. Eg; cultural aspects etc.
·         Allah will never change somebody unless they change what is in themselves.
·         Change is a process that comes from within
·         The Rasul always istighfar 100 times/day
·         In order to change, we must have plans and goals that you need to achieve.
·         Change step by step, not all at one go.
·         No delay, no negotiation, must change to a better person!

Session 5: Do we really love Allah the most?
Speaker: Yasmin Mogahed

·         Love is like a lawsuit à you need evidence
·         The heart is only for God, and for Him alone. If it is not, the need to shift/change.
·         If the heart is only for man, remember that marriage is only half of deen.
·         Whatever lives in the heart describe you. Askthese questions to yourself
o   What are you most afraid of losing?
o   What do you think of when you wake up?
o   What do you think of when you go to sleep?
o   What do you think during solah?
·         Love speaks for itself!

Back in Time : NZ 08

I was browsing through old photos and videos and I came across this! It was from our NZ winter trip back in 2008. Gosh, I miss these people and that place sooo much! Enjoy!

p/s : vid is a bit blurry though. al-maklumlah pakai camera murah je.. haha :P

Hope its not too late to say Happy New Year, 2012!

It has been almost 2 weeks since we arrived to Year 2012. My, how time flies. It feels like just yesterday I peeked through my bedroom window watching the New Year's fireworks celebration. hehe. It wasn't that spectacular, but still OK laaa.

Anyway, 2011 has truly been one hell of a year! There were times when life was super awesomeeeee and there were also times when it was just rough and crazy! So many things happened, good and bad. I made new friends, did a few crazy things I never thought I would do, received too many gifts that I really really am grateful of, traveled to many places that I've never been to, graduated from uni (yay!), lost a few pounds (no, this did not happen! haha) and so much more!

Taking a look back, the first few months, I spent most of my time deciding what I wanted to do with my life. As I just finished with my degree, I was really looking forward to start working. As an engineer perhaps? haha. I really cant decide. I went job hunting for few weeks, applying to various companies (honestly, x lebih 10 pun! hihi), but NONE replied! pfft. I registered on SPA too, but did not receive any calls. Plus, the dad urged me to continue with masters. Since I also have the dream to become a lecturer / researcher, I thought why not? Well, I'm almost done with 1st sem already now. :)

Not long after that, I received my 1st car! I was way tooooo happy when dad told me he was going to buy me one. Since he was the one buying, he got to choose which car. Well it didn't really bother me that much as long as its my own car. hehe. vroomm~ But little did I know, that owing a car means more money to spend to maintain it. heh. happy sekejap je la. Then, had to isi minyak every week, pergi hantar servis apa semua, terbang duit! That meant less shopping for me! haiyaaa.

In march, it was Graduation Day! I didn't fly all the way to Adelaide, though that was the initial plan. I chose to graduate in Singapore for some reasons. Anyway, the whole family came along. Thank you so much to Uncle Rosdi and family for having us that time, and also for touring us around Singapore. heeee :)
oh and I hate my graduation photos coz wearing that robe made me looked like as if I weighed 100kg. dannngggg.

And then came April. I went to Vietnam for the first time. Together with my aunts+uncle who were involved in the clothing business. This was the start that I realized I reallyyyy wanted to have my own business! As in having a real shop/boutique. I loveeee selling clothes coz then I can take whichever I want for myself too. heheee. :P
Well it was a fun trip overall. Fun fact about Vietnam: People over there use motorcycles as the main mode of transportation. The number of motorcycles on the roads were massive! Plus they're really noisy. Everybody's like bunyikan hon masing2. PIN PIN PINNNNN! And if u observe how they drive on the roads, its as if macam xde rules jalan raya je. main masuk suka hati je lane, kereta/motor in all directions, etc. crazyyy. But its amazing that no accidents seemed to occur!


Another big event in 2011 was me and Aisyah teamed up to be business partners and start our own online shopping site. We drafted the plan for like 1 month plus, and then had it going for like a few months. haha. At 1st, we're like really geared up and excited to run it, but then since both of us had too many commitments during that time, we survived for only 3-4 months. But it was a good experience though. Let me reveal the site for the 1st time on my blog. Jeng3.

Heee. Tapi dah x update dah so sila jangan order. :P

Halfway through 2011, I started to indulge in running events. Thank youuu cik Yasmin Ayub coz you were the one that introduced this to me. hehe. So far I've only managed to do 10k runs. Still not fit enough to do more than that yet. Will see how it goes in 2012! hehe. :)

And then, there's Ramadhan and Syawal! My first time puasa and raya in Malaysia after 4 freakin' years! It felt gooooooood, but I can't deny the fact that I really do miss spending eid in Adelaide. Riding the WBR 495, going from one house to another, visiting friends and makan2.I really2 miss those moments. T_____T

Our very own WBR 495

After raya, me and the mum went for a trip to Bandung+Jakarta together with my aunts+uncle again. Shopping was heaven! hehe I was like grabbing all the things I liked in the shops, spending till the very last rupiah I had with me. :P
The Indonesians were very nice and friendly too. Their customer service was superb. The staffs in the shops were all friendly and warm. Teringat zaman kat Adelaide dulu, almost everyone was friendly. The sales person will always greet you and they wont follow you around like you're going to steal something from the shop. seriouslyyy. haha. Anyway, the best thing in Bandung was the brownies! The famous brand is Kartikasari, and I ate one box of brownies, MYSELF. sedap gilaaa kott.

omg droooooooools!

Anyway, one of my achievements in 2011 was I learned how to play the guitar! Now I know how to play Buat Aku Tersenyum by Sheila on 7. yayyy! but I still have to practice more though. kadang2 main, salah chords, terpetik salah, etc. But when I get to finish the whole song without any mistakes, I feel really satisfied man. hehe :D

OK, moving on.

By the end of 2011, I had the chance to go to Singapore! hehe. Went to Universal Studios and it was super awesome! One thing I regret though; I forgot to bring along flip flops so I had to wear wedges that were like 3 inches tall. There's no need to explain how painful my ankles were. Everytime we had to queue and stopped walking, I would take off the wedges and stand with just my bare feet. Siyes sakit gileee.
Anyway, I stayed over at Mak Sham's place. Her condo was really nice and she has her own lift that opens up straight into her house. Best gile. When I was a kid, I've always wanted a house like that. haha.

because I like jumping so much?

Not long after I came back from Singapore was my birthday! dangg i'm getting older each day.. can't we just get younger and younger everyday? tetibe teringat cite Benjamin ape ntah tuh. Ok, abaikan itu. Anyways, thank you thank you to those who wished for my birthday and also for those who surprised me with gifts + belanje makan etc. I feel so blessed! :)
And a very very very big thanks to my parents, who, gave me the best gift everrrr this year! Yes, I launched my very own clothing shop on my birthday. heeeheee. come come to Liyana Boutique located at WartaWalk Bazaar, Bdr Baru Bangi. jgn dtg tgk je, dtg shopping sekali kayy. :D

So far, business is doing good. Its still too early to give stats on anything, but as far as I can see, it would be a success in a few more months. hehe positive thinking there! it really is fun to manage your own shop, and at the same time, be reallyyyyy exhausting. It may look easy, but you just have to experience it yourself to know how tiring it can be to deal with everything. Managing stocks, dealing with suppliers, finding workers, entertaining customers, decorating the shop, steaming the clothes, updating the display clothings, designing flyers, hanging up buntings and banners, etc etc. Anyhow, I still love the work albeit the tiredness. :)

Wohooo OK done with the 2011 review.

And now comes 2012. Well, it has been a good start so far. I went hiking at Gunung Angsi last weekend. It was quite tough, I must say. 4 hours going up, 2 hours down. fuhh. I had sore muscles for like 3-4 days! But I really did feel the satisfaction when we all reached the summit. heaven! :D am really looking forward for the next hiking trip! Most probably, we'll be going for the Skytrex adventure first, end of this month. See how la. if jadi, besttttnyeee! heeehee cant wait! :D

Anyway, since its a new year, I've come up with my own version of new year's resolutions. hehe. So for 2012, some of my resolutions are:


1. To finish ALL lab experiments this year
2. To finish at least a half marathon
3. To save up money for travelling to any of these countries; Korea/Japan/Europe.or perhaps go back to OZ. hehe
4. To get back all the capital costs spent for opening up business within first half of 2012
5. To wear more loose clothes. Or probably just loose weight. So that all the tight clothes automatically become loose. haha :P
6. To be a better muslim. In many terms.
7. To get married? hahaha no laaa. kidding2. :P

and soooo much more. but most importantly, to make each day better than yesterday. to look forward and be more positive. to appreciate the people around me and to look after the ones that I should give my fullest attention and care.

As a whole, to be a better person, inside out. :) amin!

Iklan: kerja kosong

Salam and helloooo~

anybody looking for a job? Ok, di sini ada iklan kerja kosong. Details are as following:

Vacancy: sales promoter
Lokasi: WartaWalk Bazaar, bangi utama shopping complex, bandar baru bangi
Masa: 10.30am hingga 10pm (isnin-sabtu)
Gaji asas diberi berserta bonus (bergantung pada kadar penjualan)
Jenis perniagaan: pakaian wanita dan aksesori
Tanggungjawab: jaga kedai, urus stok, steam pakaian etc
Ciri2 yang dicari: amanah, jujur, ramah

Jika anda yang kami cari, sila hubungi 019-2669665 call/sms sekarang juga! Hehe

I couldn't be more grateful!

Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah.
I feel extremely happy today that no words can describe! :)
So many good things have happened this week and I feel so deeply grateful. Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah. :) :)
One thing after another. and the biggest one just happened today. weee~

I really cant believe that its finally happening. and its happening now! omg i'm so excited and thrilled! its been a dream. a dream that i dont know when will it turn to reality. and after for so long dreaming for it, i've been given the chance to make it happen. make it BIG. make it AWESOME.
even though, its a small start, but i will definitely make it big one day!! u just wait!!

i can see busy days ahead of me. trying to fit in everything into my schedule. trying to juggle between studying and making awesome-ness happen. haha. what a way to describe it! lol. well, its gonna be a tough ride, but i'll just have to think positive and i'll make through it all perfectly. hopefully! yaAllah, please give me strength, and most importantly, consistency!

omg i'm so happy so happy!! thanks dad for making this actually happen! weehooo~! i'd do my best this time. i know its not gonna be easy, but i'll definitely give my all for this. heeeeeee :D

* * * *

anyhow, it was world walking day last weekend so me and a few friends headed over to putrajaya for the walking event organized by Nestle. the walk wasn't that far, proly just about 5000 steps (around ~3.5km) or so. wasnt that bad. just too bad that i wasnt lucky enuf to win the luck draw. dapat cold hard cash man! superrrr! but i had a face paint though! for free! hehehe. had a picture of the earth on my right cheek. but then when i got home, i totally forgot all about it and had my hand brushing over my cheek. and danggg, paint went off immediately. sobs. :(

alololo comelllllll laaa budak ni!

kak marni, zati, me, kak kasma at flag off point.

oh well, kalo dah namanya izzati ade, the jump pose must go along. heee

that cuppa coffee that keeps me awake

dang, i cant sleep! took too much caffeine today. had 2 BIG mugs of coffee a few hours ago.
konon nak stay up read journals bla bla.


ended up applying facial mask and lay down listening to music. hehe. got the mask for free when i went to an event (can't remember when) and its been tooo long sitting there in my drawer so i decided to use it while it hasnt expired yet.

and now, i'm wide awake and i'm just tooo 'rajin' to go read journals.
i just received an email from prof, asking me to prepare slides for some presentation that will probably take place next week. there's this committee meeting where new students need to present their topic to other profs and then they'll decide who would want to co-supervise who -etc- kinda stuff.


anyways, i guess i'm not much of an active blogger anymore ey. haven't been posting anything for months! but thing is, i just looked through the stats for this blog and there are still page views of up to hundreds for last month! auww~ *super touched*cries immediately*

okay a bit perasan there. *shuts up*

well, some updates perhaps. hmm lets see.

lately, i've been trying out tad too much outdoor activities i reckon. archery, wall climbing, running, u name it! been there, done that! heeheeee.

i did running the most though! feels sooo good after finishing each run. hehe. even better when they give away finisher's medal! :D super yay!

throughout the year, i've been to like, hmmm... (counts for a moment..) 5 runs already.

larian bangi perdana, kl standard chartered run, mcdonalds olympic day run, men's health&shape night run, and the latest one was pikom charity run. weeehooo!

and there'll be another one coming this nov; Nike We Run KL! yay! (super excited to go for this one! cantttttt waittt!)

and currently i am still deciding of whether i should go for another run in january next year or not. the Mizuno wave run 2012. hmmm going or not going? who wants to go with me?? waaa...undecided...:(

okay enuf of that...

last few weeks, i went to Indonesia - Bandung and Jakarta. godddd shoppping was super awesomeeeeeeee i tell you! super cheap man!!

original levi's jeans only cost around rm70-100 (the one on sale, of course) and branded items like Zara, MNG, Guess, etc cost like half the price in Msia. heaven!

why didnt i ever think about going to Indo when I was still studying in Oz? haihh the coats and jackets were like really gorgeous and super cheap. could have saved a lot of money then.. too late now. no way i'm wearing a jacket outside. except in the lab when the air-cond is operating 24/7. gosh, it would be freezing cold that i could feel it to the bone. seriously.

i've so many things yet to write about the Indo trip but i can feel the sleepiness kicking in now.. yayy finally some sleep after a loooong day todayy.

hopefully i'll wake up early in the morning. need to practice for the upcoming nike run..
and plsss, no rain tonight. otherwise, track at tasik cempaka will be slipperyyy! gosh i almost slipped while i was jogging once! lucky i had good sense of balance. (did i? haha)

ok, till i feel like writing again. toodles~

Yati's E-day!

So i have been busy for the past few days. I had a conference paper to finish and had weddings and engagement ceremonies to attend to. yesterday, i drove all the way to Rasa just to attend one of my best friend's engagement party. phew, it was such a looooong drive because the roads were pretty much packed with cars and bikes. the journey that should have taken 1.5 hours turned out to a crazy 3 hours! hehe and plus the sesat-ness as well la kan! sampai je Rawang, then got no clue of where to go. luckily we met this one pretty old uncle at the petrol station who gave us the correct directions. but boy, was it sooooo hard to understand what he was saying!

anyhow, we managed to arrive safely in Rasa just in time before they start packing up! haha yeah we were lateeee! didn't manage to see the sesi sarung cincin oleh bakal mak mertua! waa so sad but anyways, foods were great! hehehe. that's what's important right? hehe just kidding! :PP

ok ok before we start posing, need to touch up a bit la. hehe

ok da ready dah. poseeee!
left to right: yeen, yatie, me

the couple. hehe yatie dan amir! happy for u guys la! sangat!

congratulations yatie!!!! cannot wait for your big day nanti!!! i wish you all the happiness in the world! mmuahh! :))

iphone 4 case

Tumpang tanya rakan-rakan,

nak tanya siapa tahu online store yang ada jual iphone 4 punye case?

thankyouuu! :)

Stressed out? Here's your medication hehe.

Yes, that's my desk. And I'm working on my experimental methodology. Its been months since I started my project but I haven't had my experiments running yet! see those stacks of paper on your left? ehemm I've read all of those! like seriously! and I've got plenty more that I haven't printed out yet.

So, sapa2 yang nak buat masters by research nanti, prepare la nak kena pening kepala macam ni!

Anyways, since I was working the whole day today, I got pretty tired and lazy dah. hehe apa lagi, kita on Running Man la! Now, I'm up to watching episode 34. Man, the show's so hilarious! its stomach-cracking i tell you! So you don't know what Running Man is?

Running Man (Korean: 런닝맨) is a South Korean variety show; a part of SBS's Good Sunday lineup, along with Kim Yu-na's Kiss & Cry (김연아의 키스 앤 크라이). It was first aired on July 11, 2010. This show is classified as an "urban action variety"; a never-before-seen new genre of variety shows.[1] The MCs and guests play games and carry out missions in the landmark, and are required to win missions to earn Running Balls. The team with Running Balls will win, while the losing team will be punished.

(Taken from Wikipedia: Running Man (TV series))

I especially loveeeee the Monday Couple! It would be good if they really were a couple in real life! hehe. :)

For those of you who had a hell of a day, I suggest you go download one episode and try watch it. If I'm not mistaken, the link is Otherwise, you can always get them from me (if you know who I am and where I live la)! I've all the episodes from Ep 1 up to the current one. hehe.