hari ini dalam sejarah

ya, hari ini adalah hari yang tak mungkin akan aku lupa (haha sungguh skema but whatever)

anyways, today was the first day of exams for 2nd last semester. weehoo~ i have 3 papers to sit for this semester. next one will be on Monday and the last one on Wednesday. well today's paper was OK i guess. the downside is i didnt have enough time to finish all questions. my brain went jammed when they announced it was down to 10 more minutes. sigh.

after exams, went to have dinner at Nandos and then headed straight home. on the way back, at North Terrace, exactly in front of the Adelaide Convention Centre, suddenly i can see smoke coming out from the front part of the car. probably from the engine i guess. i was likeeee omggg!!! waddeheelll? and THANK GOD, luckily at that time the car was stopping at a red light. as it was freezing cold outside, u can see steam coming out from the front part of the car. yela bila enjin panas, biasa la kan udara panas tu terkondensasi. (cewahh. scientific explanation gitu. lolzz. but heck, tetibe rasa cam condensation xde kaitan plak in this case). but then, u can see the difference kot between just haba from the engine and like real smoke coming from a hot surface as if like something is burning! and suddenly bau hangit kuat gilaaa. and the smoke that was coming out didnt fade away. makin banyak pulakkk! dah la time tu the speakers in the car were like roaring sebab pasang lagu kuattttt and i even adjusted the bass and tremble to the highest level to give the banging feel - gedebang- gedebunggg bergegar kereta tu dengan Bose punya sound system. ok, b4 i continue with the story, lemme tell u some facts about the car so that u'll understand the situation even more.

Caprice, silver colour. baru 2 freakin days on the road. x sampai 1000 kms pun lagi guna! masuk2 pun bau leather seats....perghh..memang bau kedai! haha. everything in the car was automatically controlled. nak betulkan seats etc no need to use handle to push or pull. just tekan atas bawah je. all speakers pakai Bose punya siap ada central speaker and every sudut kot ade speaker. wehooo. that was the best thing for me. heh. and then what else..kat dashboard siap ada digital screen to tell the conditions of the car etc. parking sensors, central locking bla3 benda2 yg biasa la kat semua kereta ada. and yang paling cool, the backseat passengers bleh tengok tv because at the back of the front seats (bahagian kepala tu) there's a screen. so kira ada 2 screens la kat belakang. and utk yang duduk depan, tv ley tgk kat area tengah. there's a screen where the radio is there, cd player that can fit straight away 6 cd's etc etc. in my entire life, i think this is, by far, the coolest car that i have ever rode on. 2nd would be the Audi A4 yg boley bukak atap tu. haha. anyway, thanks la kepada encik tuan rumah kerana sudi meminjamkan kereta anda kepada kami supaya kami boleh pergi ke exam hall tadi. =)

ok, back to the story. heee. (wuuuu this seems like a looooong post!)

so, as it was a spanking brand new car, we never thought that something like this was going to happen! arghh so then as the smoke was getting thicker, i told the other girls that we should get out of the car. who knows it might explode or whatsoever. lolzzz. we were all panicking i tell u. my hands and legs were shaking. bbbrrr~ to make it worse, it was freaking colddd and it looked like it was about to rain. one of us then went to turn the hazard lights on. luckily there was this one car suddenly stopped in front of our car and a couple came out and took a look. diorang tengok2 and tolong buka the front bonnet. eeeee scary gilaaa! n they said, it was probably due to overheating la kot. coz then nampak leak air bocor keluar kat bawah. aiyohh! kereta baru pun wat hal. duh! then called the car owner and he said he was going to call the RAA (kalau kat Msia, AAM la kot). so we waited la in front of the car yg stranded kat tengah2 jalan tu. on the right lane was the tram lane. and jalan utk kereta from 2 lanes dah jadi satu. only God knows traffic jam nye cemaneeeee. da la friday night! n ada pulak manusia2 yg sungguh ler shallow minded (certain je la) bila tgk org pakai tudung sket, mula la nak discriminate. cakap swear words itu ini. eee bengang betul.

we waited for like 20 mins jugak la for the car owner utk sampai. and when it was about to start raining, ada this one couple who was about to cross the road dtg and they asked whether we want to push the car off the road. letak tepi instead of tengah2 jalan and blocking lalulintas. thank god! phew~ at least xde aa malu dah terpaksa diri kat tgh2 jln and sambil org lalu, semua org pun nak stare je. aihh. not long after that, car owner pun sampai. he gave us another car n told us to go straight home. phew~ at last.

then he told us yg actually ada satu hose tu tercabut. so water leaking n then engine tu overheat la agaknya. xdela apa pun. i think it was because of the cold weather, thats why nampak asap berkepul2 tebal gilaaa keluar cam nak terbakar je kereta tu. lolzzz. cuakkkk gilaaa kott. =p

so that was the 1st time something like that ever happened to me in Oz. haih. and hope there'll be no 2nd times for this one. anyways, the discrimination that i felt somehow made me even more homesick. aaaaaa. tolong laaaaa. just setengah tahun je lagi b4 nak balik for good! cannot waittttt! cepatla masa berlalu. :(

p/s - so sorry for the jumbled up words. too tired and sleepy and dizzy to write actually. wanna go to sleep now. kejap lagi dont 4get to wake up for the soccer match eh. Portugal vs Brazil. go portugal! go go go! :D

winter syndrome

my head hurts real bad right now that i feel like throwing up all the food i just ate. seriously, this pain is killing me, literally.

it has always been like this everytime winter approaches. when you're in the house, you feel slightly hot because the heater's on. when you go out, the cold weather bites you. hot cold hot cold hot cold. and in the end, what do you get? a massive headache! =(

i fell like crawling under the quilt and go to sleep now, but, i've got one more freaking report to be done! *sigh*

ok, bye. nak pegi telan panadol 10 biji.

nature's way

In achieving something big, often little sacrifices are made. it can sometimes be a long journey into making a dream turn to reality, but under certain circumstances and a heck lot of luck, one can easily get what he/she dreams of in just a blink of an eye.

Well, there is a famous saying that goes; we don't always get what we want.
So bear with it.
Others who seem to just have it all may happen to be just plain lucky or blessed. Well, look at it this way. If one thing always go in one direction, then there would be no antonyms of things. Wouldn't that just go against the reality of life?

Sometimes mistakes are meant to just happen in an existence of one's life to teach something that merely words cant.
The feeling of pain having to have learned something the hard way makes you never forget. Makes you not to repeat the same wrongdoings again. Makes you stronger each day. Makes you even mature than you even were.

Having said that, its OK when sometimes you just fall and get hurt. its the part when you struggle in learning to stand up again that will eventually heals the wound. Once healed, that is when you will feel bliss and joy.

* * * *

ok, at this current moment, my biggest mistake is procrastination! dangggg, will i ever learn?


its been a while. geez, i'm like super busy for the past few weeks. loads of work and assignment to be done, this and that. i dont wanna bore you with the details. ehe.

well anyways, its almost week 10 of final yr already. how fasttt! in like 2 more weeks, its gonna be the end of sem 1 and yay! winter break! =)

thing is, i planned to go to Tasmania this coming winter. play snowboarding, touring around the whole island and stuffs. but since there was this offer by Jetstar to go somewhere else the other day, me and the girls decided to just skip the Tasmania part and go to JAPAN instead! wuhuuu~ i freaking cannot wait! we'll be leaving in December though. still 7 more months to go. but heck, i need that amount of time to save a whole lot of money. i spent like half of my savings just to buy the plane ticket. argh. and from what i have researched, transportation is freaking expensive in Japan. T__T

kena cari sugar daddy la camni.

ok, just kidding!

so last nite, while i was taking a break from the burdening assignments, i decided to try find videos on youtube that can help me lean Japanese. (ya, saya sungguh bersemangat nak belajar bahasa jepun ni. haha)

and i stumbled upon this one hilarious video! well, afiq said it was a bit too terencat tho. -_-"

Adelaide uni grad day!

oh well, the title says it all!

last thursday was 2 of my housemates graduation day. yep. they are done with their 3 years of degree at Adelaide uni. which is awesomeeeeee okay! aih, i still have one more year to go to finish mines. but anyway, both of them are still here, doing their honours year. ok now we're even. hehe.

as you might have guessed, both of their parents came all the way down under just to attend their beloved daughter's graduation ceremony. auww~ so sweet! =)
and yes, it felt really home-ly having 2 mothers here. finger licking dishes everyday! and just now, i had rendang and cek mek molek. burp~

omg. i have to stop eating that much. aih, but who can resist a mother's cooking? its very tempting you know!

ok, back to graduation story. it was a one-hour event at Bonython Hall with some light refreshments after that at Union House. gee, the carrot cake was sooo yummy okay! i think i ate like 3 ...or maybe 4 slices of it! *drooools*

oh no. did i just write about foods again? crap!

well anyways, i wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS to my dear housemates, IZZATI & YASMIN for officially graduating with a degree of Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science) and Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology) respectively. good luck and all the best in your future undertakings alright? =)

here's some photos that were taken that day which i wanted to share.

Izzati and her parents. theme: blue

Yas and her parents. theme: pink

ok, time grad nanti pun nak buat tema colour jugak boleh tak?

housemates! afiq & me trying out those black grad hats.hehe

i sooooo want to do this kind of pose too when i graduate! realllllyyy coooolll main baling2 topi tu..haha

its approaching the end of april already. which means another 7 more months to complete my studies! i soooo cannot wait to finish and graduate!

plishhh, tanak sangkut2 mana2 paper. nak graduate plishh. wish me luck! =)

melbourne again ;)

bbrrr brrr brrr..

okay, its freeeezing cold here.
padahal baru nak start autumn. aiyohh

anyway, its been some time since i last updated my blog. i know. there are times when i just wanted to write everyday, and there are times when i dont even bother at all.

well, its mid semester break right now. 2 weeks! yay!
now, down to one more week. but heck, not pretty much of a holiday for me for this 2nd week of break. i have a MAJOR report due this upcoming monday. (i stress the word major here because this report will determine what my grade for that particular subject will be. scaryyy! T_T)

i should have been able to finish up the report in 2 weeks time, but thing is, i spent the whole last week having fun in Melbourne.

yeee. tawu sangatt. asal Easter break je, gi melben. asal gi melben je, time Easter break.

but this time, it's not the usual tahan-nafsu-makan-kita-makan-maggi-je-guna-duit-pergi-jalan-jalan-beli-souvenirs-dan-shopping-itu-ini kind of traveling.

it was a 'Food-Hunting' activity. =)

meaning, spending money on mainly, FOODS!
yes, food shopping! hehe.
me and afiq flew all the way from Adelaide just for the sake of wanting to try foods at different places in Melbourne. we departed last Sunday and stayed at Dorot and Aca's place for 5 days. thankyuuu gals for the hospitality and touring us around! =D

and i must say, the 5 days were superbbbb!

but when i think about how much i spent my money, urmmmm.... o m g. *cries*

whatever, it was worth the money anyway. =)

here, i share with you the places i went to just in case anyone of you would love to go food-hunting in Melbourne as well. hee. =D

1. Madam Kay's Plats, Lonsdale St

me and afiq both had nasi lemak sambal udang petai with teh tarik. the sambal was just the way i like it; hot and spicy!

2. Old Town Kopitiam Mamak

they have many kinds of traditional foods here such as curry laksa, nasi kandar, roti canai, roti bakar etc etc. pretty much like the usual mamak restaurants you find in Malaysia but a bit more classy i suppose. i tasted Nasi Kandar with kurma ayam n terung belacan, curry laksa and fried carrot cake. oh not to forget, the three layer tea!

3. Blok M

Blok M is an Indonesian restaurant located at one those streets in Melbourne city. the price is very reasonable and the foods are delicious. i had Lele Bakar (ikan keli bakar) and Es Alpukat (avocado juice). nyummmyyy!

4. Sofia's Restaurant

Sofia serves mostly pasta and pizza if i'm not mistaken. there were 5 of us that night; me, afiq, dorot, aca and azreen. we ordered Pasta Mista (fettuccine, spaghetti and spirals) and Calamari tempura. it was realllllyyyy goooooooddd! even the service was super fast! we waited for no more than 30 mins for our food to be served. 5 stars!

5. Alamaro Restaurant

this was my personal fave of all. hehe. Alamaro is the place where you can get halal italian cuisine in Melbourne. i had Peppercorn Steak with salad that night. if you ever go to this restaurant, make sure u order a meal. otherwise they may charge $10 for each chair used that doesnt order!

6. Es Teller

this is also and Indonesian restaurant. i've been here before in 2007 and my all time fave was their Nasi Uduk. =)

7. Starbucks

lol. but to be honest, there are no longer any Starbucks cafe around Adelaide. in 2008, they've closed down all Starbucks in SA. too bad. had to travel all the way to Melbourne just for the sake of my green tea frap!

8. Doughnuts @ Victoria Market


9. The Cupcake Family

While wandering around QV, i passed by this shop. and it was irresistibly cuteeeee! the cupcakes i mean. i just couldnt say NO to them. bought 4 mini cuppies. heee. =)

10. Fish & Chips @ Mount Dandenong

well, everyone woke up pretty late that day. so we headed to Mt Dandenong without having anything to eat. while driving up the hill, we passed this cafe and had fish and chips! a huge serve okayy! as all stomachs were empty, i would say that was the best fish and chips i had for quite a while. =p

phew, thats pretty much all i guess.

ops, i forgot one more! i had this thing called Borek at Victoria Market. its like bread with filling inside. and it tasted soooooo goood! unfortunately, didnt take any photo of it. =(

overall, had loadsss of fun in Melbourne. and i would love to go again! heeee.

sesape nak pegi, sila ajak ok!

ok, now back with my report write up. byeee

cococococococo, Amococo!

Amococo is here in Adelaide, yay!

Adelaideans who haven't yet had the chance to go, do not miss this out as it will only be open till this Sunday. pegi cepat! the entrance fee is only 2 bucks, why not try?

To those of you who do not know what Amococo is, its some kind of gigantic hand-made colourful balloons where you can step in. once you're in, you can enjoy the scene, sit down and relax whilst listening to the serene background music.

This is an example of how it looks like. This one isn't the one in Adelaide though, but it looks pretty much similar.

the inside world of Amococo :p

yeah, it was fun and exciting to see how creative they are. creating such magnificent things like this. if only i was that creative.

frankly speaking, i've always loved art. paintings, music, performances etc etc. anything that has to do with being creative and thinking differently from others. its just soooo unique don't you think? ahaha.

well anyways,who knows what the best part was about this Amococo thing?

cam-whoring of course! heee. :D

in front of the ticket booth

yay, our orange passes! the queue wasn't that long and so we didn't have to wait for such a long time. During the weekends, you might probably need to wait for hoursssss just to buy a ticket! ppfft!

us us us!

red lighting section

i soooo love this picture! the shot miraculously happened to be just nice! :)
maybe because it was me who was the photographer? ahaha.

okayy, not so nice as this one looks pretty shaky. aih, but i still want to post this up, because there's me in it! hihi.

cak cak!

love this pix due to the blending of colours. niceeeeee one!
izzati, veryyy veryyy wrong timing okayy anda berada di situ!ishh. :p

last but not least, saranghae~ love love love!

1st weekEND back

Its Monday today, and i'm here, sitting on my not-so-comfy chair at home, not going to uni. oh well, its public holiday today, Adelaide Cup i think. *big grin* :D

anyway, yesterday me and my ever loving housemates went to kill some time at Rymill Park and North Terrace. there's the Adelaide fringe going on at the moment. since i've never went to the fringe festival before, this year i just have to go. its my final year here, and i've promised myself to go to every event being held that i have missed during the previous years.

At the Northern Lights, various colourful patterns are being projected onto the classical buildings along North Terrace. Here's one building for example. (oops, not sure what's the name of this building)

Pictures credit to Yas.

they're really creative you know, these people. even i wouldn't have thought of projecting vibrant colours onto these old and classical buildings which somehow turned out to be really cool and awesome!

The South Australian Museum, which i have never been to. -_-'

The next morning we went to Rundle Street to see the street performances (couldn't really enjoy the show as i was a bit too shortttt as compared to the locals here which left me seeing no other than their backs rather than seeing the performers. aish.) and then headed over to the Sunday Market where most of the stalls sell handcrafted items like jewelries and clothes.

okay, so now back to reality. school starts again tomorrow. and i already have projects to think about and do some bit of drafting for this topic and that. yosh! final year, bring it on!!

ecececeyyy..new signboard! (picture credit to Afiq)

Such a random update

salam and hello.

i've been a bit busy lately. not only i still have to go to UKM to finish up my experiment, i also need to finish writing up the report. my supervisor has already asked for the report last week. *doomed*

next up is amirah's wedding. yesterday we went to see a few of our old friends to distribute the invitation cards. oh god, i feel so old now. a friend of mine has been married for like 2 years and she already has a baby now. the other one will be getting married in less than 2 weeks! anyway, congrats mira dear. i wish u the best for your future. :)

will be missing you though. :(

went shopping too yesterday with aisyah si busuk.

there was sale everywhere! and it was even up to 70%. my eyes were all big and round eyeing for anything thats attractive.

i think my tiny eyes turned this big and round. erm, or maybe a bit cuter? this one looks a bit scary. -_-"

oh well, shoes, accessories, shirts, tops, pants and everything were sooooo cheap. okay not ALL, but MOST of them are! gee, who wants to go shopping? i'm still in need for moreeeee retail therapy.

mind you, doing that experiment in UKM is really stressing me out ok. :(

alright, lame reason. duh.

by the way, aisyah si busuk also gave me a few episodes of Boys Over Flower last night. its one of the Korean drama series that is very popular (aisyah said so). ok, i think i'll give it a try since the actors are somehow quite cute. *winks* :p

if anyone wanted to know, aisyah is head over heels for everything that's related to Korea.


ask her anything about the artists (guys especially :p), boybands, songs, dramas and whatsoever, she'll have no problem in answering. yes, THAT fanatic.

speaking of that, she introduced me to, oh well, most of you might know this band.

Super Junior!

and to be honest, i absolutely love the Sorry Sorry song. sooooo cool okay! :)

i played the song over and over again which i think have reached more than 100 times plays already. -_-"

i blame aisyah for this. aih.

here goes the song. enjoy! :)


yeay! there's no longer the CSS error code thingy popping out at the top left hand corner anymore. *happppyyy*

yep. i managed to get that problem fixed by changing the template. haiyoo.

and tadaa~

here's the new layout i finally chose for my blog. luckily everything went well. hee. :)

and hooray! its the weekend already. hee. but since i didnt go to work today, i'm thinking of going tomorrow instead. coz i still have like LOADS more of experimental data to take! anybody wants to lend a helping hand? :p

Because I was bored and had nothing better to do

I've been doing my internship for like 4 weeks now. and only today, my apparatus was ready to be used, finally! i spent the rest of last week, literally doing nothing. so this morning, i came to work, feeling extremely excited to start my 1st ever experiment that i designed, with some help from others, from scratch, until it turned out to be something pretty and gorgeous like this:

okay, not so pretty and gorgeous as compared to this though,

but whatever. as long as it works and gives me results, thats more important.

since this whole experiment is about cooling, the water being used in this experiment must measure 18 degrees celcius. little did i know that you need hours and hours and hoursssss (exaggerating) to lower the temperature of water to 18 deg.
i kept on measuring the temperature over and over again waiting for the thermometer to read 18 degreeeesssss but i guess the thermometer didnt like me today. heck, i spent the whole day waiting ok.

err okayy, that was pretty loooong for an introduction! ahaha. the main point here is, while i was waiting patiently, i browsed through some photos that have been taken since i came back to malaysia. and so i decided to choose some random ones and share it here. enjoy! :PP

december '09, went to Penang and Kedah. spent some time at the Bukit Hijau waterfall. hee. fun fun fun!

Location: on one of the roads in penang. i think that pakcik fell off his motorcycle. old guy. poor him.

25th Dec; Kak Bash's wedding day! Location: Johor Bharu

Location: Danga Bay. ehehe. a night out after Kak Bash's wedding reception

Sushi King outing! =) foods and moreee food outings to come! weee~

Good girl gone bad. eh, good girl still! :PP

Bowling scoreboard. i'm bias because i put the one that i won. well, its my blog anyway. *evil laugh*