It was just traumatic

16 April 2013

It was around 6.45 pm when I left home to go for the Reclaim Your Heat event at MATRADE, KL.
As usual, the roads were pretty jammed with cars heading back home.
It was at the PKNS BBBangi junction.
The T-junction there.

I saw this one Viva, purple in colour heading fast from the opposite lane, wanting to turn to his right.

I was driving straight so he had to wait for me.
But as I was not driving at a faster speed, he thought he could make it into the junction on his right.

What he DID NOT see was that there was a motorcycle in front of me on the left!

The Viva driver sped like hell and turned and BAMMM!
He crashed right into the motorcycle!




The Viva stopped at once. Screeeeeetttt!
And yeah, the motorcyclist was thrown in the air and there he was, lying on the floor.

It happened like for a split second. Like lightning like that.
Ya rabbi. It happened right in front of me, with these 2 eyes of mine. I saw everything perfectly. :(

The motorcyclist was just riding in front of me minutes ago, and then, there he was, lying on the floor, IN PAIN!

Stupid Viva driver.
You seriously do not have any road etiquettes at all!
How could you speed at a junction without looking properly if there were any cars or motorcyclists?


I drove by and I saw the man (probably in his teens or twenties) lying on the floor.
Still with his helmet on. THANK GOD.
But from what I saw, he must have had severe internal damage, if not broken bones whatsoever.

Ya Allah.

It made me realized that, sometimes, ANYTHING could happen in just a split of a second.
No matter where you are, how careful you are, but if Allah wants to test or make something happen to you, He can do it.
Just by saying, BE. and be it.

Ya Allah,
I seek refuge in you in whatever I do.
And please protect and have mercy on my family and friends, as well as myself, from those kind of accidents howsoever it may be.