Iklan: kerja kosong

Salam and helloooo~

anybody looking for a job? Ok, di sini ada iklan kerja kosong. Details are as following:

Vacancy: sales promoter
Lokasi: WartaWalk Bazaar, bangi utama shopping complex, bandar baru bangi
Masa: 10.30am hingga 10pm (isnin-sabtu)
Gaji asas diberi berserta bonus (bergantung pada kadar penjualan)
Jenis perniagaan: pakaian wanita dan aksesori
Tanggungjawab: jaga kedai, urus stok, steam pakaian etc
Ciri2 yang dicari: amanah, jujur, ramah

Jika anda yang kami cari, sila hubungi 019-2669665 call/sms sekarang juga! Hehe

I couldn't be more grateful!

Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah.
I feel extremely happy today that no words can describe! :)
So many good things have happened this week and I feel so deeply grateful. Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah. :) :)
One thing after another. and the biggest one just happened today. weee~

I really cant believe that its finally happening. and its happening now! omg i'm so excited and thrilled! its been a dream. a dream that i dont know when will it turn to reality. and after for so long dreaming for it, i've been given the chance to make it happen. make it BIG. make it AWESOME.
even though, its a small start, but i will definitely make it big one day!! u just wait!!

i can see busy days ahead of me. trying to fit in everything into my schedule. trying to juggle between studying and making awesome-ness happen. haha. what a way to describe it! lol. well, its gonna be a tough ride, but i'll just have to think positive and i'll make through it all perfectly. hopefully! yaAllah, please give me strength, and most importantly, consistency!

omg i'm so happy so happy!! thanks dad for making this actually happen! weehooo~! i'd do my best this time. i know its not gonna be easy, but i'll definitely give my all for this. heeeeeee :D

* * * *

anyhow, it was world walking day last weekend so me and a few friends headed over to putrajaya for the walking event organized by Nestle. the walk wasn't that far, proly just about 5000 steps (around ~3.5km) or so. wasnt that bad. just too bad that i wasnt lucky enuf to win the luck draw. dapat cold hard cash man! superrrr! but i had a face paint though! for free! hehehe. had a picture of the earth on my right cheek. but then when i got home, i totally forgot all about it and had my hand brushing over my cheek. and danggg, paint went off immediately. sobs. :(

alololo comelllllll laaa budak ni!

kak marni, zati, me, kak kasma at flag off point.

oh well, kalo dah namanya izzati ade, the jump pose must go along. heee

that cuppa coffee that keeps me awake

dang, i cant sleep! took too much caffeine today. had 2 BIG mugs of coffee a few hours ago.
konon nak stay up read journals bla bla.


ended up applying facial mask and lay down listening to music. hehe. got the mask for free when i went to an event (can't remember when) and its been tooo long sitting there in my drawer so i decided to use it while it hasnt expired yet.

and now, i'm wide awake and i'm just tooo 'rajin' to go read journals.
i just received an email from prof, asking me to prepare slides for some presentation that will probably take place next week. there's this committee meeting where new students need to present their topic to other profs and then they'll decide who would want to co-supervise who -etc- kinda stuff.


anyways, i guess i'm not much of an active blogger anymore ey. haven't been posting anything for months! but thing is, i just looked through the stats for this blog and there are still page views of up to hundreds for last month! auww~ *super touched*cries immediately*

okay a bit perasan there. *shuts up*

well, some updates perhaps. hmm lets see.

lately, i've been trying out tad too much outdoor activities i reckon. archery, wall climbing, running, u name it! been there, done that! heeheeee.

i did running the most though! feels sooo good after finishing each run. hehe. even better when they give away finisher's medal! :D super yay!

throughout the year, i've been to like, hmmm... (counts for a moment..) 5 runs already.

larian bangi perdana, kl standard chartered run, mcdonalds olympic day run, men's health&shape night run, and the latest one was pikom charity run. weeehooo!

and there'll be another one coming this nov; Nike We Run KL! yay! (super excited to go for this one! cantttttt waittt!)

and currently i am still deciding of whether i should go for another run in january next year or not. the Mizuno wave run 2012. hmmm going or not going? who wants to go with me?? waaa...undecided...:(

okay enuf of that...

last few weeks, i went to Indonesia - Bandung and Jakarta. godddd shoppping was super awesomeeeeeeee i tell you! super cheap man!!

original levi's jeans only cost around rm70-100 (the one on sale, of course) and branded items like Zara, MNG, Guess, etc cost like half the price in Msia. heaven!

why didnt i ever think about going to Indo when I was still studying in Oz? haihh the coats and jackets were like really gorgeous and super cheap. could have saved a lot of money then.. too late now. no way i'm wearing a jacket outside. except in the lab when the air-cond is operating 24/7. gosh, it would be freezing cold that i could feel it to the bone. seriously.

i've so many things yet to write about the Indo trip but i can feel the sleepiness kicking in now.. yayy finally some sleep after a loooong day todayy.

hopefully i'll wake up early in the morning. need to practice for the upcoming nike run..
and plsss, no rain tonight. otherwise, track at tasik cempaka will be slipperyyy! gosh i almost slipped while i was jogging once! lucky i had good sense of balance. (did i? haha)

ok, till i feel like writing again. toodles~

Yati's E-day!

So i have been busy for the past few days. I had a conference paper to finish and had weddings and engagement ceremonies to attend to. yesterday, i drove all the way to Rasa just to attend one of my best friend's engagement party. phew, it was such a looooong drive because the roads were pretty much packed with cars and bikes. the journey that should have taken 1.5 hours turned out to a crazy 3 hours! hehe and plus the sesat-ness as well la kan! sampai je Rawang, then got no clue of where to go. luckily we met this one pretty old uncle at the petrol station who gave us the correct directions. but boy, was it sooooo hard to understand what he was saying!

anyhow, we managed to arrive safely in Rasa just in time before they start packing up! haha yeah we were lateeee! didn't manage to see the sesi sarung cincin oleh bakal mak mertua! waa so sad but anyways, foods were great! hehehe. that's what's important right? hehe just kidding! :PP

ok ok before we start posing, need to touch up a bit la. hehe

ok da ready dah. poseeee!
left to right: yeen, yatie, me

the couple. hehe yatie dan amir! happy for u guys la! sangat!

congratulations yatie!!!! cannot wait for your big day nanti!!! i wish you all the happiness in the world! mmuahh! :))

iphone 4 case

Tumpang tanya rakan-rakan,

nak tanya siapa tahu online store yang ada jual iphone 4 punye case?

thankyouuu! :)

Stressed out? Here's your medication hehe.

Yes, that's my desk. And I'm working on my experimental methodology. Its been months since I started my project but I haven't had my experiments running yet! see those stacks of paper on your left? ehemm I've read all of those! like seriously! and I've got plenty more that I haven't printed out yet.

So, sapa2 yang nak buat masters by research nanti, prepare la nak kena pening kepala macam ni!

Anyways, since I was working the whole day today, I got pretty tired and lazy dah. hehe apa lagi, kita on Running Man la! Now, I'm up to watching episode 34. Man, the show's so hilarious! its stomach-cracking i tell you! So you don't know what Running Man is?

Running Man (Korean: 런닝맨) is a South Korean variety show; a part of SBS's Good Sunday lineup, along with Kim Yu-na's Kiss & Cry (김연아의 키스 앤 크라이). It was first aired on July 11, 2010. This show is classified as an "urban action variety"; a never-before-seen new genre of variety shows.[1] The MCs and guests play games and carry out missions in the landmark, and are required to win missions to earn Running Balls. The team with Running Balls will win, while the losing team will be punished.

(Taken from Wikipedia: Running Man (TV series))

I especially loveeeee the Monday Couple! It would be good if they really were a couple in real life! hehe. :)

For those of you who had a hell of a day, I suggest you go download one episode and try watch it. If I'm not mistaken, the link is www.isubs-squad.com. Otherwise, you can always get them from me (if you know who I am and where I live la)! I've all the episodes from Ep 1 up to the current one. hehe.

The Ho Chi Minh Trip!

I was stalking some photos on facebook when suddenly I saw ME.

'Hey that's me! berghh why did this person upload a hideous photo of me?!' *marah kejap*

It was a photo when I was in Vietnam a few months back. I haven't had the time (been busy with uni and business, cewah) to blog about it yet. hehe. So overdue right?

I went in April to Ho Chi Minh City. It was actually supposed to be a learning trip for me, but I ended up shopping most of the time! hehe. They sell pretty cheap stuffs, you can't even resist! There was this market called 'Ben Thanh' Market where you can get shirts, jeans, handmade crafts and sandals etc etc at a VERY cheap price IF you know how to bargain. If not, you'll end up like me, buying a blouse that costs around RM35 which was supposed to only cost about RM10. sigh.

I warn you if you wander around the market wearing your hijab, the sellers would automatically know that you're probably a Malaysian. Because they know Malaysians always go there to shop.

Be prepared to hear dialogues like;

"Kakak...kakak...kakak cantik...mari beliiiii...kakak mari beliiii"

They kept on repeating 'kakaaakkkkkk' and then pull your hands towards them. Sometimes you just have to be strict and say NO. Otherwise you'll end up spending hundreds of dollars!

Some of the rombongan people who shopped their lives out! hehe

Besides that, I also had the chance to visit the Cu Chi Tunnel. It was the place where the war between the Vietnamese and US armies took place. It was so cool seeing how the Vietnamese prepared their hideout place. They dug a zig-zag tunnel to prevent the enemy from directly aim their guns at them. Genius thinking! Plus, the tunnel was sooooo small that I can barely fit in! I almost felt like fainting due to excessive claustrophobic feeling. S.C.A.R.Y...

Finally I see light! Thank Goodness!

Even had time to pose at the main entrance hehe

Vietnamese beef noodle soup; a must try dish at Vietnam!

After a tiring day of shopping and exploring tunnels, finally headed back to hotel and had dinner at a nearby restaurant. opsie can't remember the name of the restaurant!

All in all, it was a great experience to be there. Seeing what the people are like and how the culture is over there.

And finally, leaving for Malaysia.......

aih, semua orang punya beg beranak!

p/s of course I wouldn't put that hideous photo here! haha

Sneak Peak

I sooo cannot wait to launch my business! The preparations are almost done! :) *super happy*

Have been working on it for almost a month now and according to our timeline, we will launch it by June. Super can't wait to tell you guys! hehe. So peeps, watch out this space!

Song of the night: Love Like This by SS501

Before I say goodnight, I'd love to share this song here. Enjoy! :)


Assalamualaikum... 1st time join segmen sbnrnye ni :)

Free SJ-M concert!! (oops I actually meant: Himpunan Satu Juta Belia, Malaysia)

Do you know what was the best thing about the National Youth Day Celebration in Putrajaya? the FREE SUPER JUNIOR CONCERT of course! My friends left home as early as 11am for Putrajaya. all because of we were afraid of not being able to 'cop tempat' where you can see the boys clear enough! hehe.

Boy was it soooo hot yesterday! I was sweating like crazyyy! thank god for the air-conditioned surau where we sat there waiting for night to come. but anyways, it was a fun day indeed! there were many booths and exhibitions for the crowd to visit. TV3 also had their booths up; Wanita Hari Ini (i think!), kids@ tv3, news etc. And guess who I saw at the news booth? hihi it was the guy who reads the news for Buletin 1.30 tengahari. I cant remember what was his name, but what I know is he seems to be much good-looking in person! a really tall guy. the one with the mata sepet2 one. wohoo. handsome boleh tahan la! :P

There were plenty more exhibits, so instead of bore you with my writing, I'll just let the pictures do the talking! :)

honestly, it was scary seeing the armies in their uniform! I don't know why, probably I felt like I was in the middle of a war or something!

okay, naik kereta kebal nak pergi serang reban ayam serama kat depan rumah pliz! lets go ecah!

they looked super coooool okay, especially the one in black! holding that gun and pointing it towards us! aiyooo..

this was the stage where they had performers playing Malaysia's traditional music/equipment; Cak Lempong 36 hours non-stop. if they succeed, they'll be listed in the Malaysia Book of Records! it was super tiring watching them play, kept repeating the music over & over again. :P

and yes, that's me, an astronaut wannabe! :)

the super tall skeleton-y ghost i suppose. am not sure why they had him in the 1st place!

the much awaited event of the day! Super Junior M live concert for Hari Belia Negara, Malaysia. I bet many wouldn't have come if they didn't bring SJM, no?

super awesome I tell you I was one of the front row viewers! hihi. so cooool! Aisyah even brought a few headbands and light sticks from home. she probably knew that I wasn't going to bring one! hehe. too besar untuk letak dalam bag la. :P

super loud crowd cheering for their first performance of the night: PERFECTION
super awesome track and dancing!

Serena C hosted the event last night. 6 lucky people had the chance to be on stage and hugged by the boys! it kinda reminds me of 'Never Say Never' film by Justin Bieber. haha. doesn't he too invite girls on stage and give them roses and hugs as well? lol.

all in all, SJM daebak!!

Review: Restoran Wadihana Islamic Kitchen @ Section 9 B.B.Bangi

Last night, the whole family had dinner at Restoran Wadihana Islamic Kitchen @ Section 9, B.B.Bangi. Dad invited my aunt who lives somewhere in Saujana Impian as well. It was actually a dinner for welcoming dad's friend. I can't recall what his name was, but what I know is that he's from Belgium, married to a Philippine lady. And they're here in Malaysia because he's got work-related stuffs to deal with over here. Well, I didn't get to converse much with the couple as I was sitting at the other end of the table (there were like 14 people altogether and dad allocated me to sit with the kids! I wonder if this should be a compliment or not! hehe)

Well anyways, since it was my first time eating there, I’m thinking of writing a review of the place for those of you haven’t been there yet. The restaurant is quite clean and it’s suitable to go to if you want to bring people to an OK restaurant or have a gathering/reunion. Customer service is ka-boom! Very good indeed! Foods arrived very fast, and there shouldn’t be a problem if you wanted to call a waiter (plenty of them watching over you!). Oh and I should add, all the waiters and chefs are men. (ehem ehem cuci mata sikit la..jk! :P)

As for the price, it’s a bit high in comparison with other restaurants. Mainly because they specialize in Western foods such as steak, lamb chop, pasta, etc. Even so, they do have traditional dishes as well like fried rice, fried kuey teow and so on. Recommended dishes would be Nasi Goreng Tok Mak, Spaghetti Alfredo and lamb chop. Do try! :)

As for me, I had grilled lamb rack with black pepper and mushroom sauce! Hehe. The serving is quite large for me! I couldn’t finish my fries because I was so full with lamb already! Mbekkk mbekkk.. so full man! Sauce was yum, but the lamb was a littttlleeeeee bit overcooked for my liking. I would have loved it if it was medium cooked. Anyways, it wasn’t so bad.

For those of you who haven’t been to Islamic Kitchen, get your car now and go there! (this is a self-voluntary promotion. I get no commissions for promoting this.)

(pictures taken from here and here)

I see sleepless nights ahead

*Britney Spears (hold it against me) playing in the background*

*whoops! changed to Quietdrive (Time after time)*

i now declare that i am super duper extreme gilaaa tired! i've been in front of my little lappie here for like the past 18 hours. since morning i tell you. i woke up this morning, had shower, ate 3 pieces of karipaps, drank some suam-suam already tea and head straight upstairs back to my room.

what did i do? what else could i have been doing? of course, writing my supposedly-finished-one-week-ago paper! sighhhh. this is what you get when you postpone and main-main bila buat kerja. eye bags and mental stress!

i have been starting doing bits of write ups for the paper since 1+ month ago. or perhaps it was 2 months already? oh well, thing is, i haven't completed it yet! and to make things even 'better', my supervisor suddenly told me that he already registered me for a Publication Workshop next Wed.

"ohh..that wasn't so bad..."

until i realized that every participant has to have 1 full paper as a requirement to attend the workshop! ahhhhh... that is soooo not good news for me. right now i just have to give all out to finish the paper. peeps, wish me luck!

now, nerd mode ON!

*photo taken from www.20sb.net

Kedai Makan Arabs

They have been quite popular these days you know, those Nasi Arab shops. In Bangi itself, there's more than 3 Nasi Arab shops that are up and running. I, myself is no exception from liking the foods that they offer. Those lambs, oh my, super yummmyyyy! I'll be drooling the moment I smell the aroma when I step into the restaurant.

Hummus!! (Source)

And yes, for dinner just now, my family and I went out to this one Nasi Arab shop in Bangi. I just have to order the hummus <-- my faveeee!!! But I was a bit disappointed because it was made a bit too fine. :( I would have liked it if it was a bit coarser.

Anyhow, tomorrow Mr Boss is treating the students under him lunch! yay! :) And it was decided that we'll behaving lunch also at a Nasi Arab shop, but this time in Seri Kembangan.

Wohoo I think I'll be overloaded with Arabic foods this week!

*fat mode*

*regrets eat too much*


*must go jogging tomorrow!!*

I somehow miss these badly

As goes the title, I really really really really miss Adelaide a lot!!! Uni will start next week for continuiung students but apparently not for me. I'll be here in Malaysia continuing whatever I have here. Well it's not that I'm not happy to be home, but it's just that those days were a part of the best days I ever had in my entire life. Thank god for the thousandssss of pictures of the 4 years I spent over there, Adelaide will remain close to my heart alwaysss. Gosh, I miss my girls. Now we're all heading our separate ways. May we all be blessed in our future undertakings! :)

This is such an emo post!

with the INTEC people in Melbourne

Raya in Adelaide! 4 years celebration without me family.

New Zealand winter trip back in 2008 with besties!

Open house at a senior's place i think. Free food! :)Royal Adelaide Show back in 2009 with housemates. such a fun night out!

Like attracts Like, get that?

I've been reading Quranic Law of Attraction, a book by Rusdin S. Rauf these past few days. Mom introduced me to this particular book after I showed her the 'The Secret' movie trailer. For those of you who have not heard about this movie before, it is actually a motivational movie (not action/ drama or romantic/comedy kind of stuff okay!) teaching us ways to improve ourselves to be a better person and achieve what we have always dreamt/thought of by applying the Law of Attraction in our daily life.

'We attract things that we think'

Fret not, it's not that bad apparently. I know that motivational talks can sometimes be boring and such, but the way they presented it in The Secret was quite interesting!

Since it is widely known that the Law of Attraction exists, there is a wide range of popular books to choose from to get in depth knowledge regarding this matter. That's why mom told me to read the book she told me to because it is written based on analysis from the Holy Quran itself. To be honest, my reading interest does not cover much on islamic/educational books. All that I am interested in reading include Twilight series, Sophie Kinsella's, Harry Potter etc etc.. you get it, don't you? hehe.

But alhamdulillah, I am now starting to indulge into reading the 'good' books now. God knows how much mom feels glad. But of course, I am not doing it for her la! I read because I see it interesting and besides, what's there to loose anyway?

OK well, what I have to share is, according to the Quranic Law of Attraction, there are 3 sources of energy; Prayer, Gratefulness, Patience. Always pray and ask only from Him, be grateful on what you have, and be patient in everything that you do, inshaAllah, your life will be better and you will get what you want. Well this is only ONE part (so don't judge anything based on only this!). You have to read the book yourself to get the idea of what I'm talking about here. hehe. Go grab it!

Larian Bangi Perdana 2011

Anone out there fit and healthy enough to take on a challenge? Well for those of you wanting to test your strength and ability, or just want to have some fun in a healthy way, grab this opportunity. PKNS and MPKJ (plus some other sponsors too) are organising a running event; Larian Bangi Perdana 2011. Details are as the following:

Date: 27th February 2011 (Sunday)
Location: Padang Kompleks PKNS, Bdr Baru Bangi
Time: Registration at 6.30am, Start at 8.00am

Registration fee is RM10 and the first 1000 runners to sign up will receive a free t-shirt.

To download registration form, click here.

So, what are you waiting for? Get off that couch and go register! See you at the event! :)

Reminiscing the two-oh-ten

I just finished cooking (kerapu 3 rasa, yummy!) and since I have nothing in particular to do - coz work (.....and studying) only starts next week - I decided to browse through some of last year's photos. Gosh, I sooooo miss 2010!

But as they say, we have to look to the future, and only take a glimpse of the past. Well OK then, here's a glimpse of what happened July onwards of 2010.

This was taken during the winter break when Afiq's mum (red scarf) came around to visit. We were on a hill at its lookout point. Windy Point, as far as I remember.

Malaysia Carnival at Victoria Square. Food stalls were open to introduce the locals to Malaysian delicacies. A show gallery was set up and performances were given by the Malaysian students to even promote our country. Such a fun event!

And yes, Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Even though we celebrated it far from home, it was still very exciting and enjoyable! :)

My final year research project presentation day! Gosh, only God knew how nervous I was on this day. yeps, that at the back there, I present you my poster, ehehe, which was given the title : Prediction of Switching in Homo-peptides at Solid Surfaces. Now who can explain to me what is it all about?

Now this was the 2010 Christmas Peagant. They have this celebration every year prior to Christmas day. thousands of people will come to city as early as 6am just to sit in the front row to see the peagants.

Final years' open house - saying goodbye to everyone T_T

Cherry picking and picnic in Adelaide Hills together with the postgrad seniors and Lisa's mum and sis

Not forgetting the melbourne trip!

Hahndorf with Aaliyah cutie (landlord's daughter)

Celebrated my 23rd birthday right at 12midnight at Faiyaz's house. Moist choc cake with 23 candles on top! hehe.

And the next day, I waved goodbye to old Adelaide and departed for Malaysia. Time to go back home. Buh-byeee.. :(