autumn gathering

on the 15th april, i went to join the autumn gathering that is held at Aldinga (about 1 hour drive from the city). i didn't sleep the night before as i had to finish my friend's birthday video, so i slept along the journey =p. unfortunate as the guys, the girls had to catch the train and the bus to go there. pitty us~! =(

izzati & me in the train

just after we arrived at Aldinga

i arrived at aldinga about 11 am. the program started with an ice breaking session. not like the usual what's ur name, where do u live sort of thing. we played games to get to know each and everyone there. it was fun though!

in the evening, we went to the beach to enjoy the scenery of the sunset. the beach was really beautiful and clean also. =p the seniors divided us into 2 groups and we had to build our empire using sands. hihi. it was challenging but i really enjoyed it. i felt young like a child playing with sands to build sandcastles, villages, pyramids, etc. =)

heading to the beach

one pose at the beach..hihi..=p

afiqa enjoying the sunset view..fantastic!

our empire. does it look like one? =p

after heading back to our cabins, we ate dinner. we were given a tray of nasi dan lauks and we had to eat it with 4 or 5 other people. huhu. well, sharing is caring rite? =p

makan beramai2. nasi + tomyam aym. hungry faces craving for food..

that night, there was a ceramah presented by one of the postgrad students if i'm not mistaken. he talked about the history of islam & stuffs. well, i haven't absorbed that much info as i was really tired and i really need SLEEP during that time. all i could think of was the soft & cosy bed in my cabin. =p thanx nik 4 borrowing me ur sleeping bed. it was really comfortable indeed! =)

are they listening or sleeping with their eyes open?? =p

mendengar ceramah (i sat at the really back)

the next morning, i had to wake up really early as we had to perform subuh prayer berjemaah. gosh! i haven't waken up early for ages since the holidays started! neway, as i had to wait for the brekfast to be cooked, i went to play at the playground nearby.hihi. =p it was a long time since i played the buaian. hihi. =p afiq also joined too!

me enjoying the fun

all the participants. me: standing. 2nd from left.
after all the ceramah's have finished, we packed our things and head back to city. i thought we [the girls] had the chance to be sent home by car. but, hope seems to be just a dream. we were only sent by car to the bus stop. yes. the bus stop. which was bus stop 113. this was the stop paling jauh that i have reached since coming here. and the city was at stop below number 1. can u imagine how far we need to travel to reach the city??huhu. why r guys so lucky? i hate em. =( kidding lol. i love guys. okay, fine. i love people.that seems better. =p

on our way back. yes.this is stop no. 113

true or dare?

7th April 2007
a date to be remembered as one of the best days i had in Adelaide.

well,the date started with a phone call from i cudn't remember.was it syah or husen? well, either one.
"hey,korang nk pegi x bbq tu?"

" laa.."


"eyh, korang taw x ade sale gle best kat harris scarfe?aku beli jeans 17 dolar je!!"

"ha? serius??"

right after that, we all hurried to change our clothes & went to harris scarfe. yeah,there was sale & discounts, but we're just not into the things there. so, we decided to just jalan2 along rundle mall then.
one shop after another.
jay jays
valley girl
deborah k

& at last

this was afiqah waiting me & izzati paying for our jeans & btw, she's actually
holding our shopping bags!! haha. okay not all were ours =P

okay, enough of shopping [which i cudn't have enough!!].

as it was saturday, our routine was to go to central market to buy groceries & kitchen stuffs. out of 8 ppl, only 6 went as izy & izzati were 'terbongkang'.
just wanting to mention, nik took the responsibility to bawak troli pasar. take a look at the photo of nik's first time men'drive' troli itu. =P
nik & troli

that night, we invited the room 131 ppl to join us for dinner. the dinner was a bit 'grand'er than the previous dinners we had. it was:

ayam masak padprik from thai, sambal belacan with kobis rebus,
telur dadar, mango, tembikai & ice lemon tea. nyam3 =)

after dinner, we played donkey with a partner.that made 4 groups.
liyana (me) & nik
afiqah & husen
izzati & syah
izy & lutfie

the partners that lost will have to choose either a dare or true & the winning couple will tell them what to do.

the first round, izy & lutfie were the 1st couples to loose.they chose dare & maybe some of u know what their dare was. sending each other's YM buddy list:

" *name* cun/hensem gile!! aku suke gile kat dia, serius! korang jgn jeles & kaco daun lak ye!! "
ha ha ha. they received a lot of responses by only that msg. XP

the second & third round, afiqah & husen lost. they also chose dare. their dare was so coool! each one of them had to finish a half mug of serbuk teh+milo+gula+bbq sos+grapes. ha ha ha. only God knows how it tastes like~!

& finally, nik & I also lost & we chose true. guess what we had to do; $&@(#(!&!#. well, i'm not going to write it here. too classified. XP & the scene was recorded. OMG! i hope they won't put it on you tube. ha ha ha.

it was really fun & enjoying playing that game even though everyone was phsycoed [?] bcoz no one wants to loose.
that night, we actually prepared a treat for those guys. we bought each one of them t-shirts and hid them in our house & gave them clues to find it. everyone had different clues that'll lead to the hidden was some kind of a treasure was soooo fun watching them trying to figure out the clue and find the treasure. ha ha ha. the 1st one to find the shirt was lutfie while the last person was syah.


searching more...

searching more & more...

at last, the guys and their shirts

yeah... that night was a really loooooong night...
end & out

we're on air!

One sunny day, 3 girls sat under the trees at Barr Smiths Lawns (is my spelling correct?) as they did not have any class at the moment. They sat there, chilling out, tired after maybe more than 3 class they have attend that morning. Not long after that, there was this girl suddenly came approaching them coming out of nowhere. she was wearing this heaphone attached with a michrophone & also holding some sort of voice recorder.

Girl With Mic (gwm) : hello girls! hey, would u guys like to be interviewed for a radio programme sharing opinions on "dancing with the stars"?

Girl 1, 2 & 3 : urmm....??

GWM : well, actually i'm someone from the university of adelaide's radio station & i'm finding ppl who'd like to share opinions on the programme, maybe who'll win or etc. so, is it okay?

Girl 1, 2 & 3: yeah okay [ answering without knowing what she was asking because GWM speaks too fast..*sigh*]

GWM : cool! so, what do u guys think about the programme "dancing with the stars"?

Girl 1 : urm..(with a 'not knowing what ur talking about' face expression) what is actually "dancing with the stars"?

GWM : ha ha ha..OMG! that's hillarious! u actually don't know about it? don't u guys watch the tv?

Girl 2 : nope, we don't actually 'watch' tv here. ha ha ha.

GWM : ha ha ha. that is sooo funny! can you say that again & i'll record it!

Girl 1: well, ok. [GWM put the voice recorder right in front of her.] "what is actually 'dancing with the star'?"

GWM : its a reality tv programme where celebrity bla..bla..bla.. [Girl 1 is not hearing, & maybe Girl 3 also]. so, why do't u guys watch the tv? [said that & put the recorder infront of Girl 1]

Girl 1 : ............ [ stared at the recorder, speechless]

Girl 2 : well, [& the recorder moves to Girl 2] we're actually saving on electricity as we don't have much money as we've got house rentals to pay etc..

GWM : ha ha ha ha.. that's hillarious!

Girl 1, 2 & 3 : [yeah rite, hillarious...? well, we have to do that!]

GWM : well, thanks a lot guys!! this will be on air tomorrow at 3.30pm at radio adelaide 1**.**fm [ i'm not sure what was the frequency *sigh* ] c ya!

Girl 1, 2 & 3 : ha ha ha ha..[just can't belive it! we're gonna be on air? OMG! seriously?! can't wait for tomorrow then!]

time : 3.15pm
venue : room 183, adelaide tower apartments.

Girl 1 : OMG!! cepat la!! da lambat!! xnk masuk lecture hall lambat! nnti rmai org! xde tmpt ddk! uwaa..~

Girl 3 : fine2..jom2!!

time : 4.30pm
venue : Horace Lamb Lecture Hall (i
th row, jth column)

Girl 1 : arrrrrrr!!!!! [ shouting at a low frequency] OMG!!! lupe!! x dnag pun kite on air!! ala...ruginyeeee!! sedeynye!!! frustnye!!!! tidak2!!!!

Girl 3 : haaah..lupe!


hu hu hu. so pathetic!
end & out.

makan-makan 131

here goes...
yesterday, setelah sekian lame nye x dpt nk mkn kicap cap kipas udang malaysia yang menjadi kegemaran ramai, akhirnya menjadi kenytaan kepada kami yang berada di adelaide ini..hi hi hi. loads of thanx to mr.buk kerana telah membeli kicap cap kipas udang..he he. ;)
melompat2 kegembiraan budak2 room 183 kerana sebulan lebeh terpaksa masak menggunakan kicap cap ABC yang x sdap! likat dan sgt x besh! hu hu.

kicap cap udang! yeay!!!


malam td, budak2 room 183 pegi dinner dekat rumah budak2 131 kerana mereka mahu masak. & as usual, the chef was Syah. asyik2 syah, sian syah! isk.
syah cakap tataw nak masak ape.then, after a while pressuring the brain to think, we came up with an was ayam goreng masak kari. [?] ape itu? berikut adalah resipi nye mengikut fakta2 yang diteorikan oleh syah:
1.keluarkan ayam dari peti ais dan defrost dan dicuci
2.gaul ayam beserta kunyit dan rempah kari & garam(paling x thn, syah cover tgn pkai plastik & gaul ayam. dia kate "nnti tgn kuning!". ha ha ha. x pernah dibuat org.kah kah.

seterusnya kami masak sup potato. syah dengan perasaan yang sgt x sabar, asyik menanyekan, "dah boleh ke? dah boleh angkat ke potato tu?". isk.

syah masak

sementara kami (me, izy & syah) tgh memasak, ade beberapa budak2 lain dalam rumah itu yg wat hal lain.
1.afiq - tido [sakit]
2.izati - belajar
3.lutfie - belajar
4.nik - belajar [lagi2 belajar.mereka ni.isk]
5.husen - tgk komp

lutfie & nik stadi

husen yg asyik x blaja yg asyik ngadap komp je dan
afiq yang sedang tido kat belakang tu

dan akhirnya kami pun mkn.

mari makan!

sebelum mkn, posing jap. heh

semasa mkn, ade beberapa vocab baru yg timbul. hi hi hi. ;)

1.nik yg baru balik dr trip to mne ntah bercakap dgn nada yg penuh slang english.
" weyh, pas kan kat aku 'carrie' [actually: kari] tuh.
ha ha ha.bru je sebulan smpai oz ni nik.isk.

2.syah : "sorag dpt 2 'sayap' ayam."
'sayap' syah? bukan 'kepak' ayam ke?? ha ha ha.

gelak ketawa.. :))

begitulah suasana kami berlapan mkn.
kanak2 ribena yg riang gembira.

end & out.