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Time is really moving so quickly that i didn't realise that its almost time that i'm soon to finish my 1st yr at uni. after one whole semester of learning, doing tutorials, assignments, group projects etc, its now time for exams! and speaking of exams, my 1st paper is going to start next Monday and i'm in no good position. haven't finished revising yet, haven't finished doing past yr q's. aaarr~ :S

exam timetable for those who are taking chem eng. [click for bigger viewing]

when exams are around the corner, there's always the 'exam syndrome' occurring at home such as:
1. after 10am there's no one at home until 6pm onwards as everyone goes melepak at the library
2. 1 jar of nescafe that usually takes around 2/3 months to finish, would now only take about 2/3 weeks
3. panadol tends to be a supplement that should be taken everyday
4. no movies or dramas watched during dinner


well, for all that are sitting for exams no matter where you are, i wish you all the very best of luck! may we all succeed in everything we do! ;)

* * * * *

Yesterday, i met the M'sian participants (UTM team) of the Solar Car Race Challenge [challenge: designing cars that only use solar power to move them, and race from Darwin to Adelaide which is around 3000km. phew! i heard that it took them 8 days to get to the finishing line! ] They were really a bunch of very funny and intelligent ppl. really had a great time talking to them! fyi, m'sia's team managed to get Top 10 ranking against other 40 (kot..) teams participating. gempakx!

Happy Birthday Dad!!! :)

It's the 26th of October and it seems that someone is getting a year older! :P


May all your dreams come true and may Allah bless u always!
Lots of love from your daughter :)

since i'm no literature-person, i can't possibly write my own poem, therefore i copied the poem below from here and dedicate it especially for u! heee~

You may have thought I didn't see,
Or that I hadn't heard,
Life lessons that you taught to me,
But I got every word.

Perhaps you thought I missed it all,
And that we'd grow apart,
But Dad, I picked up everything,
It's written on my heart.

Without you, Dad, I wouldn't be
The girl I am today;
You built a strong foundation
No one can take away.

I've grown up with your values,
And I'm very glad I did;
So here's to you, dear father,
From your forever grateful kid.

[By Joanna Fuchs]


A new addiction or hobby?

right. what is the difference between addiction and hobby? i searched up here and it states that:

addiction : the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma.

hobby : an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation

to tell you the truth during the past week, i've been doing a new activity.
i call it as "ebay-ing". :P every time i enter my room, i'd go to my lappy
and type "ebay". that was back then. now, i put ebay's link under my bookmarks toolbar. yesterday, istayed up all night browsing through various items on ebay. whereas today, i think i've opened the homepage more than 20 times! i had also bid on some items and unfortunately [or maybe fortunately?], most of the items, i lost to a much higher bidding! haha. boooo to me! :P just now, when i was doing an online quiz, i opened a new tab and went to ebay when i know i haven't finished answering yet! haih...

so what do you reckon? addiction or hobby?

Life as an undergraduate

It's the 6th day of raya and here i am busy with all the assignments and tutorials that are due tomorrow. argh! i can't sleep unless all my works are done. but i'm just toooo tired to finish them all. ok2. i think i'll just go to bed and wake up early tomorrow. *promise*
haih. this is what happens when always procrastinating work. [ok. and also skipping lectures. therefore i need to do a whole lot of revision for the lectures i missed] serves me right!

just now, did some Heat Transfer tute. gosh! i spend more than an hour to solve only one question! and i haven't finished answering it yet. *sigh* it involves some how-did-the-scientist-ever-get-these?-he-must-have-a-
freaking-exceptional-natural-capacity-of- intellect
type of equations. i wonder how Dr Zeyad can possibly ask us to memorise all those equations for final exam!
here, take a look at some of the equations:

no need to understand this [these equations tend to mess up the brain]

the frustrating part is that i managed to solve all the equations given but i keep on getting different answers when it comes to the simple arithmetic part to find the final answer! argh! why? because of the infinitely many decimal points that kept on dragging from one equation to another. *sangat tension!*

hey liyana. and what do you think you are doing now? writing a post even when you know you have 2 more tutes to do? ish!

Preparation Raya & 1 Syawal

At last, it's Syawal already...~!! time passes by super-duper fast! i just feel like yesterday was the 1st day of fasting. Neways, luckily, hari raya was on Saturday; meaning no class. So, boleh la pergi beraya. :)

As on Saturday (5pm till 9pm) my housemates and I were organising an open house, Friday night was spent cooking all night long till morning. huhu. it was really tiring preparing dishes for approximately 100+ ppl!! Gosh! sangat2 penat! that was my 1st time cooking for so many ppl. haha. nasib baik semua cukup rasa. hihi. :P the menu for that night was Mee Bandung, Nasi Impit + kuah kacang & Rendang. the Adelaide tower guys pun join gak by preparing deserts. Rumah Munir did Kek batik, puding roti + custard & some kueh raya cookies. while rumah Husen made Kueh jagung & fruit custard. =) all the foods were totally dishes! tribute to everyone who made the night a total SUCCESS!! =)

By the way, early 1st Syawal, Izzati, Izy, Afiq & I made our way to Adelaide Mosque to perform our Aidilfitri prayer. after some bits of snapping pix and bersalam2an, we headed back home and did some house cleaning for our open house later that night. Right after Zuhur, we then went to Najmi's house. their foods were awesome! lets take a peek at the pix worth looking below:

1. Izzati's parcel of baju kurung 2. Afiq's parcel 3. potong cherry 4. gaul cornflakes & madu
5. siap utk dibakar 6. siap utk dimakan!!

1. ayam & dagingsss 2. bawangsss 3. kuah mee bandung
4. meeeeeee 5. rendang ayam 6. kuah kacang

Adelaide Mosque

Rumah Najmi, Nina & Mami

foods at our house!!!~

the guests & the tuan rumahsss

Salam Aidilfitri

It's been more than 2 weeks since i've finished watching My Girl, yet I still can't get over my addiction for that drama. every night I'll play the soundtracks over and over and over again. even though I'm sleeping, still the songs wud be playing repeatedly trillions of time. *sigh*. penat gle la nak addict lame2. its not that I want to be like this, but my brain just sooooo cannot think of anything else. *Gong Chan yg amat handsome.. lalalala~~*

anyhow, its only 5 more days till raya. but, i'm sooo feeling heartless. kalau x, if nak raye mesti cam hepi n sgt2 x sabar semacam. but over here, wif all the assignments to do, work load yg sgt belamabak, i sometimes forget about raye. uwaa. sdeynye! its my 1st time celebrating it far away from my family. miss sgt2 mereka yg dekat rumah. :(
x dpt nak gi kutip duit raye...
x dpt nak gi jln2 umah org n makan2...
x dpt nak balik kg...

iklan raye petronas

neways, raye cni pun ok what. nak bg rase cam suasana raye, my housemates n i prepared some kueh-mueh. eg: karipap. mase open house pose ari tuh, karipap hot stuff woo.. :P bcoz of dat, we made some more. hihi. :) dis weekend try masak rendang lak. tgk either jadi ke x. hoho.

at 1st, kulit karipap dibuat

inti dimasukkan & dikelim

karipap digoreng

tadaaaa~~! boleh dimakan!

[seriously penat gle wat karipap!]

sempena raye nk dekat sgt dah, I want to take dis oppoturnity to wish everyone SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI MAAF ZAHIR DAN BATIN. n to anyone who knows me, mintak maaf dari hujung rambut ke hujung ke hujung kaki for all the wrong doings dat i have done either intentionally or not.

[2 months + 4 days till i'm off to m'sia!!~]