afiq's 20th birthday bash!

its someone's birthday again. and another party also we had. it was fun really! ;)

me & afiq (zaman2 intec dahulu kala)

our shoes yg sama brand..ngahaha..

neway, i'm taking this oppurtunity to wish afiq:


actually, afiq's birthday is on the 2nd of July, but we're actually going to be in melbourne during that time. so, we decided to have a party a bit early which is on the nite b4 we're all heading to melbourne tomorrow, the 29th of June 2007. what a tiring-looooong today i had!! with all the cooking, the baking, the planning and also the packing till midnigt. phew! kesian izy yg tgh sakit2 badan and demam2 had to put full effort in smashing and penyek-lenyek the potatoes in order to make the most delicious mashed potatoes for that nite. puas hati la tapi. the result was a finger licking good dish!

neways, the next 2 weeks, i'll be in melbourne city and also in clayton north visiting my friends over there and also to get hold of the snow at mt. buller. hehe. that's the thing i've been wating for actually. ngehehe. ;)
i guess i'm going to be doing a lot of things over there. here is a short list of certain things that i will be doing:

-watch masca games. (tgk org2 melayu lain actually. bowsan da tgk org yg same je kat adelaide..adeii..;p)

-tido pakai heater. bcoz we're too kedekut to pasang our own heater at home. saving punye pasal. elektrik mahal. neways, my friends yg dkt CS & residence halls, elektrik mereka FREE. so, mari kite pakai heater mereka!! ngehehehe..=))

-pegi mount buller. yeay! can't wait to play snowboarding..(as if i'm good at it je. lol)

-mengunjungi Smith Street kat Melbourne. heard that this place ade jual brg2 branded yg teramatlah murah. my friend once said, ' u can get a pair of Nike shoes for 19 dollars je'. what? OMG!! I TOTALLY CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS ONE!!!

-bersiar2 di Great Ocean Road dan memposing2 di 12 Apostotles (is my spelling coreect?)

-berjumpe rakan2 yg dah lame x jumpe. dorot, inaz, azreen etc.

-eating something else other than chicken wing. owh, no more chicken wings please!! i've had
ENUF over here!! fish wud do just fine! hehe. org2 melb, if baca, ape lagi, prepare la ey! haha =p

-owh..i just can't think anymore. tooooooo much plans inside my head. need some sleep. tomorrow, 6.50 kene bertolak pergi bus stop Adelaide. n ber-JALAN KAKI from my aprtment okay!! arr..!! gle la. why? pasal, we need to be at the bus station by 7.30. and busses kat cni operate starting from 8 am (city loop n bee line- yg lalu bus station la) adei... another tiring day soon to come!


Well, exams are over. its now time to 'ronggeng' habis-habisan. yeay! well, for a start, i watched Lizzie McGuuire the movie n then Gilmore Girls series starting from season 1 (baru je sampai episod 3 la tp ;p). on that nyte, mintak movies from husen (thanx ey! ;) ) pirates 3, shrek 3, spidey 3 etc.. a movie entitled 'Mukhsin' directed by Yasmin Ahmad pun ade gak.

seeing Afiq laughing so madly when watching Mukhsin made me want to watch it too. was it that hilarious?

the cover

well, it was a story about a boy named Mukhsin, 12 who was this poor, lonely kampung boy who went to live with his aunt during the school hols. then one day, he met a girl named Orked, 10 who lived in the same village he was staying. they met during Mukhsin and the other boys were playing galah panjang. they didn't have enough players so the boys told Mukhsin to ask Orked to join. At first, Mukhsin resisted because he thought that Orked was the typical lemah lembut + sopan santun kampung girl who only likes to play 'pengantin-pengantin' or 'rumah-rumah'. but he got it wrong. suprisingly, Orked is the kasar+ganas type.

they then began to met each other everyday n Mukhsin fall in love with Orked. Orked also have feelings for him too. arr.. n they were so sweeeeeeeeet also.
Izzati who was supposed to be studying (bcoz her exams aren't over yet) was crying out loud

"owh how sweet~!! i wish i cud be Orked!! bla..bla..bla.."

one scene in the movie ;)

well, it was a lovely story by Yasmin Ahmad even though i quite don't like the ending; because Mukhsin n Orked were not together n they then led seperate ways. frustrating!

for those of you who haven't watch this movie yet, go download it! or mintak je kat husen. husen bnyk movies. haha. ;p its a MUST WATCH rating movie! seriously best! ;)

it finally came

aarr...esok exam ke?
somebody STOP the time pliz!!

us as terrorists?

*the paragraphs below were extracted from The Australian Newspaper 13th June*

Unis reject call to spy on students

June 13, 2007

UNIVERSITIES have rejected a proposal for lecturers to spy on students they believe could be recruited by extremist groups.

A policy analysis released today by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) warns Australia's 39 universities, with more than one million students and staff, are potential terrorist targets as well as potential terrorist recruiting grounds.

Authors Dr Anthony Bergin and Raspal Khosa said large numbers of foreign students enrolled at Australian universities provided opportunities for potential terrorists to blend in.

"The improper use of student visas may see universities used to further terrorist intent," they said.

"Universities ... are also a potential source of recruitment of ideologically susceptible students by various extremist groups, and have in some places become hubs of radical propaganda and fundraising for militant causes."

They suggested creating a regular information-sharing forum between national security agencies and the peak universities body, Universities Australia, to discuss such issues as priorities for terrorism research.

"One sensitive issue that would need to be canvassed at such a forum is the matter of academics monitoring students on behalf of security agencies," they said.

The report warns universities are vulnerable to terrorist attack due to modest security, easy access and large numbers of people.

Dr Bergin and Mr Khosa said universities were potentially symbolic targets for terrorists.

Many Australian universities had overseas campuses which might be seen as targets for militant Islamists in their war against the West.

Universities could also be targeted because of the presence of high-profile individuals such as visiting VIPs, they said.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

i've been tagged!

well, here goes. i've been tagged by nadia-chan months ago and only now i had the time to write about it.

let me think. 6 weirdest things about me?

1. i'm overly sensitive when i watch movies or hear songs. even though its not such a sad movie, but i can cry like a baby! fyi, i once cried when listening to the 'Meteor Garden' season 1 theme song and also when watching certain episodes of 'One Piece' anime. =p just can't help it!

2. once i'm addicted to a song, i would make it as my ringing tone, my alarm tone and all sort of tones that existed. besides, i wud play it over n over again on my laptop everyday and every nite. until now, my record for a song is 270+ plays in one week which is Say Goodbye by -erm, i forgot who sang it! =p

3. i like to buy fruits a lot! but in the end, they just end up in the bin bcoz i'm too bz to eat them. =p iyh. pembaziran!

4. when i'm bored, i'll take photos of myself. for exmaple, in d library when i'm sleepy or in class when there's no lecturer. and of course, when no one is looking! =p

5. when i study, i'll set aside a blank A4 size paper just for me to conteng-conteng. otherwise, i'll end up sketching flowers and creating different types of fonts on my book. dunno why, but my hands just can't sit quietly!

6. although i'm addicted to tv series like one tree hill, grey's anatomy, etc, but i never watched them until their last episodes. one tv series that i only managed to finish until now is prison break 1 and 2. but it took me more than 3 months to finish them all. hi hi. =p

we are the champions!

especially dedicated to afiq and izy:

today (8th june 2007), i had my last chemistry lab class for this semester. and as usual, i did the experiment with Hasbi as my partner. well, most of the times we were the ones who'd finish last compared to afiq & izy.

okay2. not most of the times. EVERY time! urgh!

but today, the routine had finally changed! for my 1st time ( yeah, and also the last for this sem tho) we finished before them! what a victory. ha ha. even though, Hasbi made a slight mistake at first, but we managed to catch up again. a big clap to us! =p not only we finished first, but Ilse (our instructor) siap puji2 lagi~! :D

"Well done you two! your chromatograph is really good and significant. great job guys!"

bukan senang nak dapat Ilse puji tu. i never had Ilse puji my job before. =p ha ha.

neways, it felt really good to finish the experiment smoothly without no hassle at all. plus this was the last exp for sem 1. what a happy ending! =p

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

countdown to exam: 11 days to go.
status: quarterly prepared.

can't wait for exams to be over!

diskriminasi agama

dalam operasi menjadi pelajar rajin, aku dan izzati pergi ke library hari ini walaupun hari ini hari minggu (baca: hari ahad). niat di hati untuk siapkan assignment maths yg due esok. tapi, resultnye, berape kerat je soalan yang aku reti jawab. hu hu.

neway, bile on da way balik, tetibe ade seorang makcik tua ni. dia jalan pass kitorang ke arah yang bertentangan dengan kitorang. masa dia lalu tu, dia pandang aku ngan izzati macam nak makan kitorang. cuak gak sebenanye. muka memang bengis gle yang xleh bla tuh. n dia ade gak la membebel2 sumthin. aku x brape sure la dia ckp ape pasal telinga aku time tuh disumbat dgn earphones.

but, ape yang aku sempat tangkap, dia ade sebut perkataan 'scarf'.

aku : wey, ko dnga x makcik tu cakap ape?

izzati : ntah la. tapi mcm marah kat kite je. pehal...

aku : ko dnga x dia ade sebut 'scarf'?

izzati : haah erk. aku pun rase cam dnga. sebab dia tgk kite pkai tudung kot.

aku : wey, ke dia nak bg taw kat aku yang tudung aku berlonggok ni? ha ha.

izzati : banyak la ko.

hu hu. x pasal2 kene. sumtimes, rase takut gak kalo ade mat2 or minah2 saleh yang x brape suke kat perempuan yg pkai tudung ni. mmg la pkai tudung pelik kat negare omputeh nih. n obviously org pun tahu, we're muslims. dunia skang pulak, dah label muslims as terrorist. haih. ape nak jadi ntah.

izy pernah gak cite, when dia pergi trip to Waite Campus hari tuh, ade mat saleh tgh bwk kete lalu tepi diorg. bile dia nampak ade ramai perempuan pakai tudung, dia gi wat tanda salib. menakutkan. haih. rupe2 nye, ramai gak orang yg bersifat diskriminasi agama kat oz nih erk?!