Yati's E-day!

So i have been busy for the past few days. I had a conference paper to finish and had weddings and engagement ceremonies to attend to. yesterday, i drove all the way to Rasa just to attend one of my best friend's engagement party. phew, it was such a looooong drive because the roads were pretty much packed with cars and bikes. the journey that should have taken 1.5 hours turned out to a crazy 3 hours! hehe and plus the sesat-ness as well la kan! sampai je Rawang, then got no clue of where to go. luckily we met this one pretty old uncle at the petrol station who gave us the correct directions. but boy, was it sooooo hard to understand what he was saying!

anyhow, we managed to arrive safely in Rasa just in time before they start packing up! haha yeah we were lateeee! didn't manage to see the sesi sarung cincin oleh bakal mak mertua! waa so sad but anyways, foods were great! hehehe. that's what's important right? hehe just kidding! :PP

ok ok before we start posing, need to touch up a bit la. hehe

ok da ready dah. poseeee!
left to right: yeen, yatie, me

the couple. hehe yatie dan amir! happy for u guys la! sangat!

congratulations yatie!!!! cannot wait for your big day nanti!!! i wish you all the happiness in the world! mmuahh! :))

iphone 4 case

Tumpang tanya rakan-rakan,

nak tanya siapa tahu online store yang ada jual iphone 4 punye case?

thankyouuu! :)

Stressed out? Here's your medication hehe.

Yes, that's my desk. And I'm working on my experimental methodology. Its been months since I started my project but I haven't had my experiments running yet! see those stacks of paper on your left? ehemm I've read all of those! like seriously! and I've got plenty more that I haven't printed out yet.

So, sapa2 yang nak buat masters by research nanti, prepare la nak kena pening kepala macam ni!

Anyways, since I was working the whole day today, I got pretty tired and lazy dah. hehe apa lagi, kita on Running Man la! Now, I'm up to watching episode 34. Man, the show's so hilarious! its stomach-cracking i tell you! So you don't know what Running Man is?

Running Man (Korean: 런닝맨) is a South Korean variety show; a part of SBS's Good Sunday lineup, along with Kim Yu-na's Kiss & Cry (김연아의 키스 앤 크라이). It was first aired on July 11, 2010. This show is classified as an "urban action variety"; a never-before-seen new genre of variety shows.[1] The MCs and guests play games and carry out missions in the landmark, and are required to win missions to earn Running Balls. The team with Running Balls will win, while the losing team will be punished.

(Taken from Wikipedia: Running Man (TV series))

I especially loveeeee the Monday Couple! It would be good if they really were a couple in real life! hehe. :)

For those of you who had a hell of a day, I suggest you go download one episode and try watch it. If I'm not mistaken, the link is www.isubs-squad.com. Otherwise, you can always get them from me (if you know who I am and where I live la)! I've all the episodes from Ep 1 up to the current one. hehe.