Sunday update

"He's the reason for the teardrops on my guitar
The only thing that keeps me wishing on a wishing star
He's the song in the car I keep singing
Don't know why I do"


i listened to this song just now and its keeping on playing all over again and again in my head. hoho. i loved this song very much! the mixture of well-formed lyrics and soft melody adds up making it a really beautiful song.

owh anyway, its not becoz of the song that is the reason for this update but to wish THANK YOU sooooooo much to those who came to our open house last Sunday! THANKS! THANKS! THANKS! seriously, we really hope that u enjoyed the foods we cooked. ngeee~ and sorry for those who came a bit late when the foods have almost finished. din' expect that to happen too soon! our bad.. =_='

apparently, havent got much photos to upload here coz we were like totally busy and din' actually get the chance to snap some photos. but here's a few that we managed to get during the early hours where the house wasnt crowded wif guests yet. heee. :)

this was the main menu which was Soto; with karipaps, agar2 and muffins for side dishes.

the hosts in baju kurung with our 1st guests! :)

a few of the guests in the kitchen.

later that evening, we celebrated Aaliyah's (landlord's daughter) 2nd b'day! she was reallllllllllllllly cute that day in her mini jubah and went extremely excited when slicing the choc topping cheesecake that we baked for her.

nymmaayyy cheeeeeeesecake! credits to kak bash for the choc topping. :)

our lovely landlords and their Aaliyah cutie!

she seldoms look at the camera. aiyaa.

and at last, after everyone has gone home,it was then time for us to snap some pics. haha. well here goes! presenting u the pretty exhausted looking housemates:

clockwise from the pinky one: zati, kak bash, afiq n me! :D

till then~


i hate it when something happens at home and i'm being too far away, feeling so helpless and cudnt do anything else except wishing for good news to come.

Housewarming Invitation *updated with map*

Attention to ALL Adelaideans! u r all cordially invited to our housewarming event this coming Sunday! so, please spread the words and bring along ur friends! see the poster below for details. =D

*click poster to enlarge*

p/s- potluck diwajibkan dialu-alukan! =P

oops! i forgot to attach the map of our house. so, for ur convenience, here goes:
(google earth might seem better tho! haha)

*click map to enlarge*

Sevens Blast :)

a big YEAY coz i finally managed to go to Adelaide Sevens last sunday! heeeeeeee. =D i have always wanted to go see the rugby game since 2 yrs ago but due to sooo many pathetic reasons, it was only this yr that i finally had the chance to see it! yippeeeee! =)

well, i dont really understand d rules of rugby anyway. it was mainly because of the atmosphere that made me eager to go. n yeah, the famous all blacks and wallabies players as well! ouh, they lost anyway without even having the chance to qualify themselves in the semi finals. it was frustrating for them to loose coz i thought i would be able to see the all blacks perform their hakka dance and it turned out to be that all blacks lost to erm..lemme guess. i think it was south africa, or kenya perhaps that they lost to. and the all blacks didnt even managed to score a single mark at all! =(

btw, mr landlord was there too and he supported FIJI. hehe.its too obvious isnt it. he's originally from fiji and thats why he was soooo into the team. he even went to buy the Adelaide Sevens jersey which had big, black, bold letters spelling F I J I and he changed into it straight away okay! LOL.

us and the fiji player landlord. =p

adelaide oval stadium

yes, its the scoreboard!

thanx to that sunglasses that i managed to get a zoro-like sunburn. haha.

this was wallabies (yellow green) against argentina (baby blue)

and finally, us and the fiji players! gosh, they were really tough man..


i was in a car, pointing at a really cool screen above the air conditioning control panels besides the dashboard.

me : WOW. is that touch screen?

car owner : you can touch the screen, but nothing happens.

me : . . . . . . . . .

good morning girls, u've been pranked!

i was busy getting ready for uni this morning when i received a msg saying:

Gm girls. some bad news ere. 1 4got to pay elect n gas bill.
they will be cutting supply at 9am 2day and restore in
48 hrs. sorry.

and i was this serious? no electricity for 2 days??? how am i to live with no lights on n no power supplies? so many things rushed into my mind.
the fridge wont be working.
there'd be no hot water.
no internet connection.
and no to sooo many other things!

and suddenly something caught my eye. yes, a big number 1 on the calendar at my desktop. shoot! its the 1st of April!!! its an april fool's joke!!!!


been successfully fooled by mr landlord!