smokin' cold~

Today, i had ESL presentation & according to the email my lecturer sent a few days back, my name was the last on the list which means that i'm the last presenter from 13 students in my class. waa. sungguh x best! i know ppl wud then be boring and wudnt pay attention to my presentation. ;(

e-mail yg menunjukkan nama2 bakal, i'm the last one. no.13
*click on the image to get a larger view*

anyway, not long after kristin (my ESL lect) entered class, she scribbled something on the board. oow. list of names rupanye. n guess wut!

1. JAAFAR, Nur Liyana
2. IBRAHIM, Muhamad Hasbi
3. HUANG, Xian Boris
4. ...
13. ABD RAHIM, Mohammad Fikri

OMG! my name was on the top n i'm goin to be the first person to present. n on the spot, tetibe je jantung berdegup kencang gle! arr! dah la slides x kluarkan lagi. then dgn cue cards ntah dkt mana. ha ha. gelabah gle! i dunno why so sudden Kristin tukar turns from paling last to paling first tetibe. neway, it felt quite good to be the first actually. coz cepat abes!

my slides that i presented

syukur, my presentation went well. i'm really happy that i did not mis-spoke any words or bnyk sgt cakap 'ermm..ermm..' =p

well, hope that i'll get good marks for this. really hope so!


around pukul 12 b4 masuk kelas Process Systems:

Izy: Hey, Liyana. cepat kluar! ade asap2! hihi.

Me: eyh, yeke??!! (nada excited gle.. =p)

Izy: yer! cepat la kluar tengok!

kat luar bangunan Engineering South:

masing2 (me, Izy, Afiq) duk hembus2 nafas. menjadi kanak2 jakun sebentar. =p ha ha. mmg jakun gle. well okay, especially me wut? tgh excited. ha ha. =p

actually, bukannye ape pun. today, it was raining. so, mmg tahap sejuk amat la kat luar. Izy yg x pernah pakai sweater, pegi klas pun pkai sweater ari ni! he he. =p
therefore, aplikasi fizik mengatakan bahawa, bila udara panas lalu kat tempat sejuk, udara akan terkondensasi la. erk? btui ka? =p ala. ape pun, tadi waktu tiup2 nafas nampak udara berkepul2 kluar. ha ha.

haih. tu tandanye winter is approaching! esok 1st june. masuk la winter. tataw nak bg reaction ape. i like cold! but.... x tahan gle bile kene air! pegang air macam pegang ais! aduih. parah2..

ferris wheel

life is just like a ferris wheel.
sometimes, you're high at the top.
and sometimes you're right at the bottom.

what you always wanted in life is what you can't get.
unfair as it is, that's what we call as life.
is it, or is it not?

isi masa lapang

mengisi masa lapang kini kembali. :D
liyana lagha lagi. haih. ape nk jd ni?! isk...


Nur Liyana Jaafar

1. Honestly what color is your shirt?
erm, blue. but i'm wearing a pink sweater now. omg! pink? =p

2. Honestly, whats on your mind?

nothing. i just wanna sleep. sooo tired. :(

3. Honestly, what are you doing right now?
atas katil izy. supposed to be studying maths. but, comp lagi attractive. haih..lagha2! =p

4. Honestly, have you ever been in love?
yep.but a sad ending. hu hu hu.

5. Honestly, have you done something bad today?
makan nougat izzati punye b4 pegi klas. hi hi hi. =p

6. Honestly, do you watch disney channel?
why not? their movies are really cool wut? :D

7. Honestly, who is the last person you gayut to on the phone?

8. Honestly, are you jealous of somebody right now?
not really.erm. maybe yes.uwaa..

9. Honestly, what makes you mad most of the time?
annoying ppl.

10. Honestly, do you bite your nails?
of course not! =p

11. Honestly, do you want to see someone this very moment?
yep!my family! miss them sooo much!! :(

12. Honestly, do you have a friend you don't actually like?
those who are hypochrites, selfish bla3.

13. Honestly, are you in denial?
i'm not. and im glad for that :)

14. Honestly, do you like anyone?
haha..yep..much more of admire kot. =p are they d same?

15. Honestly, does anyone like you?
haha. how am i supposed to know? hihi..


(I) Snatch theft at Rundle Mall

After class, me & izy balik rmh together (sgt jarang sbb izy nye class slalu je abes dr awl from mines =( ) and walked through Rundle Mall and usha2 kedai2. brg2 yg tgh hot kitorg usha skang is winter coat, gloves, etc.kira brg2 utk winter la ni.hihi. =p can't wait to play snow nanti! ;)

neway, on this one day, we were walking next to deborah K when ade two girls mat saleh ni lari laju gle. siap langgar2 orang2 lain lagi. this one girl was holding a black handbag & then she passed d bag to her friend. terkejut gak actually tgk scene macam ingtkan dat was nothing. but then, dengar ada auntie mat saleh ni jerit kat belakang,

"stop those girls! stop them! they're theives!"

xtaw nk watpe.
nasib baik ade uncle ni baik hati sgt pusing & terus gi kejar 2 org girls tadi.

but, i dont know whether those 2 girls bjaye dicaptured or not bcoz we straight headed home after that.

papepun, dat was d 1st time i've ever seen such incident.even kat malaysia pun x pernah nampak lagi dpn mata.=p

Rundle Mall


okay, sesape yg kat uni adelaide skang sure are very busy wif revisions to do. exam is just around d corner. even x sampai sebulan je lagi. uwaa.

well, for me, my exam starts on 19th june n ends on 22nd june. 4 days for 5 subjects.huargh. dasat btul! :(

exam timetable

(III) pyramid money =p

yesterday, i received this one letter which my name and address was hand written. dalam hati, it was kinda weird. yela. sape la pulak yg anta surat ni. usually, i get letters from banks & bills je. inside it was a letter kinda mcm iklan la. pasal ways to get money instantly by joining the pyramid chain etc. i join, then i have to invite other ppl to join. i'll get money for each person joining under me. haha. pelik sgt. kat aussie pun main gak bende ni ek. =p x sangka. dia siap bg 5 cents lagi lekat kat surat tu. hihi. =p hell no i wud join that sort of things.
but, yg peliknye, how on earth did that person get my contact details? arr. freaky nye. =S

(IV) I want..I want.. I want..

i've always wanted a 'bulu-bulu' winter coat. hihi. =p but almost all that i've found were expensive. damn expensive. most of them costs aout hundreds of dollar. arr. i dunno where to find cheaper ones la. sdey bangat, nk sgt!

jacket with hoodies =p

mum, ur the greatest!

Tengku Noor Ketina Bt Tengku Abdullah.
I love you so much.
I miss you badly.
Everyday I think about you:
your smile...
your care...
your advices...
your cooking...
your jokes...

you're a friend, you're a listener, you're a counselor, you're a mother and you're one most special person i've known.
MUM, I can't wait to go back and hold you in my arms. =(
this post is especially for you for mother's day.


mum & me =) luv ya!

mum in the ferry. she always smiles~ :D

mum with her 2 naughty sons : aiz & ami

mum at our used to be house.

mum with her children (absent: nina who still doesn't exist) during spring~

on the ferry again. to paris. yeay. :)

mum with someone special in her life :p

mum (last year) with lovely daddy. luv all loads! :(

what i do

hihi..okay. i'm bored. again. and again.
so, tetibe macam terfikir nk amek gambar meja study. :D
try to spot the differences! ha ha ha. XP

time2 kemas camni la rupenye =P okay wait, kemas ke? hu hu hu.

okay2..kalo perasan, belambak food ats meja tuh. m&m's la, smtihs, cadbury etc. la keje part time sambil stadi. sambil baca buku sambil mengunyah. waa.. not forgetting, buat lemak je. hu hu hu. i'm sooo addicted to smiths & chocs. ggrr..

neway, i've been tagged. aiyo. xde mase lagi nk wat post 4 dat. tgu ye nadia-chan yg telah men-tagged!