shopping spree~!!

yay!! today i went shopping & i'm so happy! ha ha XD
shopping sure does cheers me up. he he. neway, there were sales everywhere. u name it.
Haaris Scarfe
Jay Jays
& etc.
well, as u all know, shopping = money, money, money, money, money
yeah, i like what i bought but i hate the fact that my balance money in the bank is actually decreasing more & more..urgh! hate it!
actually, i swore to myself, "liyana, x payah pegi shopping! jgn bwk duit masa kluar jln2. bwk wallet kosong hu hu.simpan duit tu.baju kau banyak dan sudah x muat almari [eh, belum la!mane ade! mane ade!]. balik mesia kang baru la shoppin ngan masyuknye!"
but in the end, this was what happens:
1.i brought my wallet & of course, it's not empty!
2.i brought cash.more than 50 bucks.urghh!
3.i brought my eftpos
4.i went to Jay Jay 3 times & Harris Scarfe 2 times on the same day
5.i bought more than 1 item!! la la la la~
i guess, nothing can stop me from shopping.arr.plz kill the devil inside me!

end & out


hey peeps!
check out this song:
Artist : Third Eye Blind
Title : Never Let You Go
i'm totally addicted to it right now! besshhhhhhh!!!! XD

food list

sooo bored studying! so, untuk menghilangkan stress study, tetibe terfikir nak tulis the list of food that i eat and drink since i came here to adelaide.heh. ;)
1.Smith's (esp sour cream & onion, cheese)
5.yep,everyday i drink milk.haha.lots & lots of milk! seriously~
6.fruits (apples,melons,bananas - fruits are so cheap! god..)
7.chocolates; variety (1 dollar for 1 bar; who can resist?heh.)
10.kebab (mr tauke kedai always gives discounts.haha~ )
11.chicken wings (arr..dah lame tak makan ikan..asyik ayam je..bosan!)
13.sandwiches (home made) - espresso yang dimasak atas dapur room 183, adelaide tower. hehe. ;)

well, dats all dat i can think right now.huh.
but, i think, none of these can compare the foods in malaysia..OMG. How i miss malaysia!!!
end & out

a start of a new beginning

okay, here goes my first post of my new blog.
act,i've already had a blog under friendster, but i guess i'll create a new one. perhaps much cooler than the old one.
anyway,room 183 just got their internet connection set up yesterday. that's why suddenly i get the mood to write something here.
well, maybe that's all for my first post.
Class is at 3pm and now it's already 2pm.
well,i'm still not sure whether i'm going or not, i'm tooo lazy to do anything. i just wanna sit here in front of my laptop and download movies and mp3's more and more and more........