of internship, ants and partaaayyy! :D :P

Uyehh! At last, my practical work experience has already been approved by the school (after i’ve submitted the form for like almost 4 months ago!). *sigh* So last nite, i received an email informing me that 9 weeks (actually i claimed for 10 weeks. haha. hampeh dia tamaww approve!) of my internship has already been put into record. which now means that i'm left with another 3 more weeks to complete the internship requirement! aiyaa. which company would want to accept any intern for only 3 short consecutive weeks?! even last year, i've had to pass thru sooo many hurdles and answered lotsa questions from many ppl just for the sake of why i wanted to do my practical for only 4 weeks?

D o u think u'll be able to learn anything in just 4 weeks?

I dont think u'd be able to join this project bcoz u'll only be here for a short period of time la liyana.

U wont get the idea, u wont be able to do this, do that. bla bla bla.

and one more,

Are u sure ur uni allows u to do internship for only 4 weeks?

aiyaa. of course i'm sure. as a matter of fact, i'm definitely, completely, and positively 100% sureeeeee! haha. if not, i wudnt have applied la! ishh. well anyway, by hook or by crook i know i have to apply for more than 3 weeks. or otherwise, i wudnt stand a chance to get a placement in any company. n thats even worseeeeee. :(

but the thing is, i just dunno where or which company i shud apply to this time. many good chemical plants are situated outside of Selangor. and i dont wanna be far from home again. even when i did my internship in Kemaman last year, i went back to Bangi almost every week. haha. :P i just cant stand being homesick even tho i'm back in Malaysia already. :P

well anyway, thats not the thing that i should be worried about rite now. i should be more concerned about my upcoming final exams! wooot! less than a month to go! my first paper will start on the 24th of June and the last one out of a total of 5 papers would be on the 4th of July. such a big gap in the middle rite? yeah, i'm quite lucky this time. thank god. :D :D :D

owh btw, here's sumthin that i wanted to share. during K&RD (Kinetics & Reactor Design) lecture yesterday, Dr Ken taught us another way to kill ants instead of using aerosol sprays. haha. n that is by just using Johnsons baby powder. yeah, the white fragrant powder that u apply after ur showers etc. all u need to do is to pour the powder in such a way so that the ants are being trapped inside the powder. i mean like the ants are inside a cirlce of the powder being the border. and if u observe, the ants wouldnt dare to cross the border as the reaaaallyyyyy tiny little particles of the powder would eventually be sucked into their feet and hence they would dieeee! this is bcoz ants breathe through their feet! haha. and honestly, i just knew that yesterday! so when the ants step on the powder, they will actually be drowned or sumthin like that etc that will then lead them to death. hoho.

last but not least, another uyeeehhh over here! heee. i'l be going to some major event tomorrow nite! ngeeee~ cannooooot wait!! cannnootttt wait!! cannoootttt wait!!! i'm feeling soooo outrageously excited rite now. :D :D :D tomorrow is gonna be soooooo cooooollllll!!!! a once in a lifetime experience!! hahaha. (ye la sangattt..ppfftt!) but hopefully, i wudnt come home too late coz i've got a test worth of 20% marks the following morning. aiyaaaaaaa. what a life!

till then.

final's not that far away!

owh hello again.
hit me me coz only now i just realised that time is moving way too fast! :(
dang, i still havent finish up my project report which is calling for submission this monday. omg. i'm down to a sum of 3 days X 24 hours = 72 hours left.
*freaking out* :S
thank god i'm almost halfway through. just a lil' bit more n i guess i'm done! hopefully, i'l manage to get it complete by sunday. coz i soo have many other assignments due on monday besides that looong boring report. *sudden feeling of unconsciousness*
btw, timetable for final exam was up on access adelaide yesterday. i like the time and dates coz i have like one week gap between the 5 papers albeit i hafta accept the fact that my last paper is on the very last day of exams. which means that almost everyone else might have finished all their papers 4 5 days earlier than mine. :(
but anyway, seeing it from the postive point of view, i'l have enuf time hopefully, to study and to revise. owh and pitty to afiq coz she'll be celebrating her bday whilst still in the midst of exams. no party for u this yr i guess? haha. :P

p/s : for all those who's or who'l be sitting for final exams, GOOD LUCK AND ALL THE BEST! :D


wuhuu~ its been a while isnt it? well, blame the faulty phone in the store that caused my internet connection to go crazy for several days. yes, it was the faulty phone that has caused the problem when i thought it was the monthly fee payment not being paid on time. anyway, thanks to the ever caring landlord who helped fixing that thing up. hee~

n speaking of him, something funny happened a few minutes ago. i received a text msg from him that sounds like this:

Salaam gals. Apa melakukan saya perlu melakukan bagi mencuba beberapa marktaba? Harap maafkan saya untuk sebarang kesilipan-kesilipan.

I laughed like crazy when i read his msg. it was his 1st attempt to write a text msg in malay. well, he wanted to learn malay since he got to know me and my housemates and he was always super jealous when he cudnt understand us when we spoke in malay. he grunted that we might be talking bad things about him in our language. well honestly, we neva talk bad things about him in malay la. exception comes to when he does funny things, only then we wud talk bout him. :P well, we dont do that often anyway. :P

ok2. back to story. actually we made some martabak yesterday. and as Johnny (our landlord's friend) has been longing to eat martabak, we walked to his home last nite to give him some martabak. when we were at Johnny's place, Johnny called Faiyaz (our landlord) just to make him jelaous. aiyaa. n today, Faiyaz came to our place and when he found out that there was no martabak for him, he was reallllyyyy sad. yeah, we felt really guilty we didnt save some for him. thats y he sent us the msg in malay, making us even more guilty! haha.

p/s - owh yeahhhh! afifah's coming tomorrow! spending 3 whole days in adelaide busuk ini! ngeee~~~ :D :D :D