Towards the end of winter break :)

Last nite, i tell u, was a total blast! it was the 1st time Malaysia ever beated the Australians in hockey since 1994 and i was there to witness that precious goal scored by Muhammad Amin Rahim. :D :D even tho, the M'sian team lost to the Kookaburras (Aust Team) in the 1st match, with the score of 1-8, but they managed to improved and performed extremely well during the 2nd match. they played really well, and i'd say it was worth the time, money n shouts of cheers n claps until our hands were sore to see them live in action! wee~ a big round of applause to those guys! am really proud to be Malaysian! haha. :P

more news on the game can be read here and here. :)

the game.

Msian students who came down to support our national team! :D

pix session wif the players after the game

the nite that Malaysia made history :P

few of the msian national hockey players. :D

while a few days back, me n my ever loving housemates went for crabbing at Henly Beach and being extremely fortunate, in just 2 hours, we managed to catch 21 crabs! it was our 1st ever attempt for crabbing and it was, i must say, a very goooood one! we used salmon bones with little meat left as bait and spread belacan all over them to attract the crabs. n yeah, i reckon, it was a pretty good bait after all! :D

CRABSSSS that we caught ourselves!! *big big big grin*

ketam masak lemak cili api. nyummmyyyy!~

geez, i wanna go crabbing again!!!

geez, new sem officially starts today. good luck everyone!!

geez, i want more holidays plz?

nina, stay young forever will ya?

Honestly, i have never imagined that my cute lil' sister would grow up soo extremely fast! since she's 10 yrs apart from me, i've always treated her like a lil' kid that wud stay that way forever! i can still remember the times where i loved to tease her all along and made her came running towards me with her fists up high, being ready to give me a big painful punch! haha. oh and i always loved to scare her at night when only both of us are left at home, alone, where i would quickly go and turn all the lights off and run upstairs into my room and lock it before me. she would then came running after me, screaming out loud and would cry helplessly knocking my door until i opened it. haha.

well, sorry la nina, but it seemed really fun doing that back then. :P

even though i often pick on her, she's still this amzingly adorable lil' sister. at night, when she's alone or scared, she would come to my room and hug me till she falls asleep besides me. she's also the one who would give me some of her chocolates when i have eaten up all of mines. haha. and when i was feeling homesick the other day, i rang her up and she listened to me crying pathetically while saying words that calmed me down. awwww, i miss her! :'(

and now, the girl that i thought that would never grow up seemed to be a big girl now. and soon, she's gonna turn into a lady! duh~

well, this all started when she asked me to take a look at her myspace profile and glance through her pictures. at 1st, i was a lil bit reluctant coz i noe, how entertaining cud a 12 yr old girl's profile would be anyway? it'd be pretty childishly boring and full of gilttering words or floating Hello Kitten or Barbie's pictures here and there. but since she desperately wanted me to view, i finally logged in.

truth be told, i was surprised to see her photos coz i never imagined that she could pose in front of the camera without showing her cute childish face. haha. :P

the lil girl who always looked so messy like this:

nina bucuk yg comot with my mum

turned out to be someone like this:

aih.since when did she start to be a cam freak like me? haha.
well, like sister like sister.LOL.


if i hadn't known her, i would most probably think that she's some kind of a secondary school girl and matured enuf to tell the difference between right and wrong in life. [coz she doesnt!]

well i guess my intentions of buying her girlish kids toys would have to be canceled then. hoho. i really cant wait to go back home and see how she's like nowadays. seriously! hopefully she wont be as tall as i am yet! :P

oh btw, when i was browsing though her photos, i found this:

nina bucuk punye bday cake.wekkkk.>:P

geeeeeeez!!!! i want a cake like this too with my name on top!!! mane aci camni!! nak jugaaakkk!!! T______T

Julie wins MasterChef Oz!

So at last, it was Julie who won the 1st place for the 1st ever MasterChef Australia competition. frankly speaking, i thought Poh would have been the champ, but seeing that Julie went on leading since the 1st round and Poh being too overconfident by not following the guidelines given in the 3rd round have proven that Julie was just the right person to be the winner. but still, i was kinda surprised that Poh didnt get high points in the 3rd round since she received thumbs up comments from the judges. but anyway, it was a tough fight between those 2 and i think Julie seemed to perform better in the 1st two rounds. and yeah, the invention test really showed Julie's ability in being creative. so i guess she deserves to win. owh and hearing her winning speech and watching the scene where her husband and sons came in to hug her after they've announced the results made me and my housemates broke down into tears. (and Gary too! :P) haha. we were all pretty touched that moment actually and not because we were being ridiculously emotional okayyy! LOL :P

and now, after watching those 2 finalists making the chocolate thingy that i cant quite recall what its name was, i really am drooling for some riccchhh moistttt chocolatee mud cakeee!!! waaaaa...i seriously want to eat something thats very very very rich in chocolateee that'll melt instantly when u put it into your mouth. imagining the sensation u'll get is seriously making me wanna jump out of bed rite now and go bake something in the kitchen! :P aissshh! okie2. enuf of talkin bout food la. its starting to make me hungry! plus, the incredibly delicious mouth watering smell of izzati's nasi lemak which she is eating besides me now is making me even hungrier!! *zati, nak sikit! :P*

p/s- i tried attaching pix of both the finalists but there's this html code error which keeps on popping out and i dunno whyy! aih, geram gile! :(

the 100th post! =)

salam n hello.

yeah, as the title says, this IS the 100th post of my blog. haha. it took me sooo long to write all the posts for this bloggie; since 1st yr up until now. since the 1st day of this blog's existence, i've thought of retiring and just close it for soo many times already but i guess i dont have the real urge to do it yet. haha. =p

well anyway, it feels like its been years since i last wrote anything here. a few weeks ago, i just went thru my 2 weeks of study leave and 2 weeks of final exams. and now its sem break, and i'm just tooooo lazy to actually sign in to this blog. urm, to be honest, i actually have no idea of what to write. aihh, n now,it must be the extreme boredom that might have actually gave me some kind of force to write here today.

rather than just laze around at home, i seriously want to go out!! but to borrow Johnny's car again; segan laa. he's been too kind and i just dunno how to repay him back. oh did i mention that the weather outside is quite bad too? yeah, it rained cats and dogs for the whole day yesterday. *sigh*
and to go for holiday to other states; i need lotsa money and anyway, there's the H1N1 flu. so to be safe, i think i'l just stay in adelaide then. =( but the thing is, there arent many ppl left here. most of them are in Sydney where the NCG (where all malaysians from all around oz gather n participate in games n compete between states) is taking place now. oh and tonite, there's the charity gig where Flop Poppy is going to perform liveeee! aihh...i think i'l just sit at home tonite and watch Flop Poppy on youtube je la. haha. =p

kayh then, the best (really?) thing for me to do now is to go to the kitchen and get sumthin to eat n then continue watching Cinta Gila. oh, i love the theme song for that drama! Juliana Banos - Cinta Gila. the tune is catchy n reallyy cool! heee. =) even tho sumtimes d drama gets a bit boring at certain parts, but Malik sgt ensemm. haha. =p


totally random

and today, i was browsing thru some articles on the web just to get some motivation and stuffs. where suddenly my eyes got hold of this one paragraph which reallllly kinda touched my heart.

Alihkan pandangan matamu ke arah LAUT, airnya cantik membiru dan penuh dengan ketenangan. Tetapi hanya Allah sahaja yang mengetahui rahsia di dalamnya. Begitu juga dengan kehidupan manusia, riang dan ketawa tetapi hanya Allah yang mengetahui rahsia kehidupannya. Jika rasa kecewa, alihkan pandanganmu ke arah SUNGAI, airnya tetap mengalir biarpun berjuta batu yang menghalangnya. Dan jika rasa sedih,alihkan pandanganmu ke arah LANGIT, sedarlah dan sentiasa ingatlah bahawa Allah sentiasa bersamamu.

its just soooo right isnt it? owh nway, the paragraph above is taken from this article here, which i think is worth the time reading. hee. =D

anyway, gotta study!!
yossshhhh! =D

p/s- one mo, will update bout the makan2 outing yesterday very sooon aite!

of internship, ants and partaaayyy! :D :P

Uyehh! At last, my practical work experience has already been approved by the school (after i’ve submitted the form for like almost 4 months ago!). *sigh* So last nite, i received an email informing me that 9 weeks (actually i claimed for 10 weeks. haha. hampeh dia tamaww approve!) of my internship has already been put into record. which now means that i'm left with another 3 more weeks to complete the internship requirement! aiyaa. which company would want to accept any intern for only 3 short consecutive weeks?! even last year, i've had to pass thru sooo many hurdles and answered lotsa questions from many ppl just for the sake of why i wanted to do my practical for only 4 weeks?

D o u think u'll be able to learn anything in just 4 weeks?

I dont think u'd be able to join this project bcoz u'll only be here for a short period of time la liyana.

U wont get the idea, u wont be able to do this, do that. bla bla bla.

and one more,

Are u sure ur uni allows u to do internship for only 4 weeks?

aiyaa. of course i'm sure. as a matter of fact, i'm definitely, completely, and positively 100% sureeeeee! haha. if not, i wudnt have applied la! ishh. well anyway, by hook or by crook i know i have to apply for more than 3 weeks. or otherwise, i wudnt stand a chance to get a placement in any company. n thats even worseeeeee. :(

but the thing is, i just dunno where or which company i shud apply to this time. many good chemical plants are situated outside of Selangor. and i dont wanna be far from home again. even when i did my internship in Kemaman last year, i went back to Bangi almost every week. haha. :P i just cant stand being homesick even tho i'm back in Malaysia already. :P

well anyway, thats not the thing that i should be worried about rite now. i should be more concerned about my upcoming final exams! wooot! less than a month to go! my first paper will start on the 24th of June and the last one out of a total of 5 papers would be on the 4th of July. such a big gap in the middle rite? yeah, i'm quite lucky this time. thank god. :D :D :D

owh btw, here's sumthin that i wanted to share. during K&RD (Kinetics & Reactor Design) lecture yesterday, Dr Ken taught us another way to kill ants instead of using aerosol sprays. haha. n that is by just using Johnsons baby powder. yeah, the white fragrant powder that u apply after ur showers etc. all u need to do is to pour the powder in such a way so that the ants are being trapped inside the powder. i mean like the ants are inside a cirlce of the powder being the border. and if u observe, the ants wouldnt dare to cross the border as the reaaaallyyyyy tiny little particles of the powder would eventually be sucked into their feet and hence they would dieeee! this is bcoz ants breathe through their feet! haha. and honestly, i just knew that yesterday! so when the ants step on the powder, they will actually be drowned or sumthin like that etc that will then lead them to death. hoho.

last but not least, another uyeeehhh over here! heee. i'l be going to some major event tomorrow nite! ngeeee~ cannooooot wait!! cannnootttt wait!! cannoootttt wait!!! i'm feeling soooo outrageously excited rite now. :D :D :D tomorrow is gonna be soooooo cooooollllll!!!! a once in a lifetime experience!! hahaha. (ye la sangattt..ppfftt!) but hopefully, i wudnt come home too late coz i've got a test worth of 20% marks the following morning. aiyaaaaaaa. what a life!

till then.

final's not that far away!

owh hello again.
hit me me coz only now i just realised that time is moving way too fast! :(
dang, i still havent finish up my project report which is calling for submission this monday. omg. i'm down to a sum of 3 days X 24 hours = 72 hours left.
*freaking out* :S
thank god i'm almost halfway through. just a lil' bit more n i guess i'm done! hopefully, i'l manage to get it complete by sunday. coz i soo have many other assignments due on monday besides that looong boring report. *sudden feeling of unconsciousness*
btw, timetable for final exam was up on access adelaide yesterday. i like the time and dates coz i have like one week gap between the 5 papers albeit i hafta accept the fact that my last paper is on the very last day of exams. which means that almost everyone else might have finished all their papers 4 5 days earlier than mine. :(
but anyway, seeing it from the postive point of view, i'l have enuf time hopefully, to study and to revise. owh and pitty to afiq coz she'll be celebrating her bday whilst still in the midst of exams. no party for u this yr i guess? haha. :P

p/s : for all those who's or who'l be sitting for final exams, GOOD LUCK AND ALL THE BEST! :D


wuhuu~ its been a while isnt it? well, blame the faulty phone in the store that caused my internet connection to go crazy for several days. yes, it was the faulty phone that has caused the problem when i thought it was the monthly fee payment not being paid on time. anyway, thanks to the ever caring landlord who helped fixing that thing up. hee~

n speaking of him, something funny happened a few minutes ago. i received a text msg from him that sounds like this:

Salaam gals. Apa melakukan saya perlu melakukan bagi mencuba beberapa marktaba? Harap maafkan saya untuk sebarang kesilipan-kesilipan.

I laughed like crazy when i read his msg. it was his 1st attempt to write a text msg in malay. well, he wanted to learn malay since he got to know me and my housemates and he was always super jealous when he cudnt understand us when we spoke in malay. he grunted that we might be talking bad things about him in our language. well honestly, we neva talk bad things about him in malay la. exception comes to when he does funny things, only then we wud talk bout him. :P well, we dont do that often anyway. :P

ok2. back to story. actually we made some martabak yesterday. and as Johnny (our landlord's friend) has been longing to eat martabak, we walked to his home last nite to give him some martabak. when we were at Johnny's place, Johnny called Faiyaz (our landlord) just to make him jelaous. aiyaa. n today, Faiyaz came to our place and when he found out that there was no martabak for him, he was reallllyyyy sad. yeah, we felt really guilty we didnt save some for him. thats y he sent us the msg in malay, making us even more guilty! haha.

p/s - owh yeahhhh! afifah's coming tomorrow! spending 3 whole days in adelaide busuk ini! ngeee~~~ :D :D :D

Sunday update

"He's the reason for the teardrops on my guitar
The only thing that keeps me wishing on a wishing star
He's the song in the car I keep singing
Don't know why I do"


i listened to this song just now and its keeping on playing all over again and again in my head. hoho. i loved this song very much! the mixture of well-formed lyrics and soft melody adds up making it a really beautiful song.

owh anyway, its not becoz of the song that is the reason for this update but to wish THANK YOU sooooooo much to those who came to our open house last Sunday! THANKS! THANKS! THANKS! seriously, we really hope that u enjoyed the foods we cooked. ngeee~ and sorry for those who came a bit late when the foods have almost finished. din' expect that to happen too soon! our bad.. =_='

apparently, havent got much photos to upload here coz we were like totally busy and din' actually get the chance to snap some photos. but here's a few that we managed to get during the early hours where the house wasnt crowded wif guests yet. heee. :)

this was the main menu which was Soto; with karipaps, agar2 and muffins for side dishes.

the hosts in baju kurung with our 1st guests! :)

a few of the guests in the kitchen.

later that evening, we celebrated Aaliyah's (landlord's daughter) 2nd b'day! she was reallllllllllllllly cute that day in her mini jubah and went extremely excited when slicing the choc topping cheesecake that we baked for her.

nymmaayyy cheeeeeeesecake! credits to kak bash for the choc topping. :)

our lovely landlords and their Aaliyah cutie!

she seldoms look at the camera. aiyaa.

and at last, after everyone has gone home,it was then time for us to snap some pics. haha. well here goes! presenting u the pretty exhausted looking housemates:

clockwise from the pinky one: zati, kak bash, afiq n me! :D

till then~


i hate it when something happens at home and i'm being too far away, feeling so helpless and cudnt do anything else except wishing for good news to come.

Housewarming Invitation *updated with map*

Attention to ALL Adelaideans! u r all cordially invited to our housewarming event this coming Sunday! so, please spread the words and bring along ur friends! see the poster below for details. =D

*click poster to enlarge*

p/s- potluck diwajibkan dialu-alukan! =P

oops! i forgot to attach the map of our house. so, for ur convenience, here goes:
(google earth might seem better tho! haha)

*click map to enlarge*

Sevens Blast :)

a big YEAY coz i finally managed to go to Adelaide Sevens last sunday! heeeeeeee. =D i have always wanted to go see the rugby game since 2 yrs ago but due to sooo many pathetic reasons, it was only this yr that i finally had the chance to see it! yippeeeee! =)

well, i dont really understand d rules of rugby anyway. it was mainly because of the atmosphere that made me eager to go. n yeah, the famous all blacks and wallabies players as well! ouh, they lost anyway without even having the chance to qualify themselves in the semi finals. it was frustrating for them to loose coz i thought i would be able to see the all blacks perform their hakka dance and it turned out to be that all blacks lost to erm..lemme guess. i think it was south africa, or kenya perhaps that they lost to. and the all blacks didnt even managed to score a single mark at all! =(

btw, mr landlord was there too and he supported FIJI. hehe.its too obvious isnt it. he's originally from fiji and thats why he was soooo into the team. he even went to buy the Adelaide Sevens jersey which had big, black, bold letters spelling F I J I and he changed into it straight away okay! LOL.

us and the fiji player landlord. =p

adelaide oval stadium

yes, its the scoreboard!

thanx to that sunglasses that i managed to get a zoro-like sunburn. haha.

this was wallabies (yellow green) against argentina (baby blue)

and finally, us and the fiji players! gosh, they were really tough man..


i was in a car, pointing at a really cool screen above the air conditioning control panels besides the dashboard.

me : WOW. is that touch screen?

car owner : you can touch the screen, but nothing happens.

me : . . . . . . . . .

good morning girls, u've been pranked!

i was busy getting ready for uni this morning when i received a msg saying:

Gm girls. some bad news ere. 1 4got to pay elect n gas bill.
they will be cutting supply at 9am 2day and restore in
48 hrs. sorry.

and i was this serious? no electricity for 2 days??? how am i to live with no lights on n no power supplies? so many things rushed into my mind.
the fridge wont be working.
there'd be no hot water.
no internet connection.
and no to sooo many other things!

and suddenly something caught my eye. yes, a big number 1 on the calendar at my desktop. shoot! its the 1st of April!!! its an april fool's joke!!!!


been successfully fooled by mr landlord!

hey, its the 3rd week of uni already!

hello. =)

its been a while aite? sorry for those who i have been a bit of a loss contact to during the past 2 weeks or so. have been really busy packing and unpacking my stuffs moving into a new house. not only that, the whole last week, i went to help my landlord renovating the house. and that includes bits of cleaning, painting doors and windows, hammering, screwing this and that and lots more. it was seriously tiring yet a lot of fun indeed! our landlord is like SUPER cool. i've neva eva met or known a landlord as cool as him. well, u might say that i'm exaggerating (which i always do lately *sigh*), but seriously, u gotta meet him and then u'll know what i mean. hee. anyway, here goes a BIG thank you to mr poor struggling landlord! <-- his fave slogan. haha.
poor la sangat. aih. =p
nway, got loads of piccas to upload. the ones taken during the renovations and moving out and in. will update soon okay! rite now, my house havent yet got a phone line. apa lagi internet connection kan? huhu.
p/s- i'm in CATS, blogging again. ketuk kang. tutes x siap lagik neh. haih. nway, i hate tuesdays. coz class finishes at 6pm and i've a total of 5 hours gap in the middle. dang!

I'm in CATS and I'm writing this....

It’s been three days since I’m back in old Adelaide. Gosh, u have no idea of how homesick I was on my 1st day back. Seriously, I was lying on my bed, doing nothing but thinking about home (and Malaysia ter-chenta too) all the time. Haha. Life can be pretty cruel sometimes.

Anyway, classes have started and I’m on the track of becoming even busier. Groups for 3rd Yr Chem Eng projects have been allocated, practical manuals and lecture notes have been given out and now, I think I really need coffee to keep me awake during lectures. U know how lectures can be soooo boooooring rite?

The funny thing about this semester is that I have to take a subject related to BIOLOGY! Man, I’ve left biology for almost 4 or 5 years ago! And now, I gotta learn about microbes, bacteria, viruses and more of other stuffs. Haha. I just attended the 1st lecture this morning and know what, I find it quite interesting! =D well, hopefully everything will go fine for me for this sem! I reallllllllly need to improve my grades for this year or seriously, I’ll be doomed! T_T

p/s - I’ve class in like 45 mins.

pp/s – almost all of my classes are located at Annexe 314

ppp/s – I’ve already got my student card with a new photo on it which looks a bit better than my previous photo which was soooooo darn horrible and ugly. Imagine wearing white scarf with a white background. How do u think it’ll look? Haha. =p

pppp/s - I think I need a new layout. This one looks pretty dull.

internship part 1 : completed! heeee..

I have already finished my internship of 6 weeks at PRSB almost 2 weeks ago and I must say, it was one of the greatest experiences i've come through! i had the chance to do so many things and learnt a lot from those helpful staffs over there both theoretically and practically. I was assigned to the Enviromental Department which basically does research on ways to protect our environment from pollutions from the petrochemical industry and also in finding ways to improve the readily available solutions to the pollution problems arised.

There, i got to meet Said & Wana, both are interns under the same department as i am from UiTM Shah Alam. there were actually 4 of us under the enviromental group which includes Sirul, my coursemate back in Adelaide. nway, the best part we had together was during lunch break. we hang out at different places to eat every single day and sometimes we even spent some time at Warta's bowling centre. heee. it was fun, seriously!

PRSB's Lab

these were the several of lunch break hang outs :)

the interns and researchers of the enviromental department during me & sirul's farewell lunch break. thanks for the food ye! hihi.

Well, i've now finished 10 weeks (Huntsman + PRSB) of internship during this summer break which leaves me to just another 2 more weeks, and then i'm done with the whole internship requirement! yehaa!

Nway, its Friday already, and tomorrow, yes,TOMORROW i'll be flying back to Adelaide again. Danggggg, this sweet holiday is coming to its very end now and on Monday, say hello to 3rd year!

p/s - argh. havent finished packing yet. malas gilaa nk blk!!

i must be bored...huarghhh!

I was supposed to go out around this hour but since Afifah hasn't called me yet to confirm back, i'm still here, waitning for her call while being stuck at home watching Anak Betong playing at TV3. nway, i was browsing on the net just now and found something that i thought i wanna give it a try. heh.

1. Put your iTunes, Winamp, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. DO NOT CHEAT & Have Fun!

Dirty Little Secrets by The All American Rejects

Pernah by Ferhad

Cubalah Mengerti by Peter Pan
woww. this is so true! haha.

I Promised Myself by A-teens

Check Yes Juliet by We The Kings

There's Nothing by Sean Kingston
nothing? dang..

Kejora by Search

The Best I've Ever Had by Vertical Horizon
coooooooool!!! u guys are also the best that i've ever had toooo!

Circus by Britney Spears

10. WHAT IS 2 + 2?
Standing In The Eyes of The World by Ella

I Want You by Savage Garden

Senyum by Raihan

Mimpi Yang Sempurna by Peter Pan
yep, to have all my dreams come true. pretty please?

Cant' Take That Away by Mariah Carey

Wait For You by Eliott Yamin

Bisikan Nurani by Inteam
dang..nasyid pulak. haha

Famous Last Wordsby MCR


Menghapus Jejakmu by Peter Pan

The Good Kind by The Wreckers

Stupid Girls by Pink

No Air by Jordin Sparks

hah. almost all of the answers are like so ridiculous! haha. nway, i think i might need a new playlist lah.

what a night!

If you would rate 1 to be VERY FAIR and 10 to be VERY DARK for a skin tone scale, i'd say that my skin tone tone would be 11.5. wth? hahaha. okay. i know i'm exaggerating but seriously, i looked up the mirror just now and just cant believe the sun burn that i got myself. thanks a bunch to the bathing and splashing around at Desa Waterpark yesterday. with just a few hours spent there, i successfully upgraded my skin tone to triple more times a darker tone. but overall, yesterday was one of the best days i've had! ngeeee =D

coz after a few hours at the waterpark, we headed back to Bangi and had our dinner at Soho Seafood restaurant. the foods were undoubtly delicious and it was worth the price! we had ikan Kerapu masak 3 rasa, udang goreng tepung, kailan ikan masin, tofu jepun, daging masak merah, tomyam campur which had bits of crab, prawn, fish, la-la, mushrooms, etc etc. yeah, it was a LOT! and now imagine that we had to finish all those in like 15 mins or so as we had to rush to mid valley to catch our reserved movie tickets by 10.45pm. hoho.

around 10.15 i guess, we were finally on our way to mid valley. luckily the traffic wasn't heavy and the drivers for both cars know how to speed reaaaaaaalllyyy fast! haha. but luck was not on our side for so long as we unfortunately went straight on to the highway instead of taking an exit to mid valley. and because of that slight mistake, we had to pass through about 3+ tolls or so. darn! KL is seriously full of freakin expensive tolls and they're making BIG money. *gerammmm*

and as you might have guessed, we didnt make it in time to get our reserved tickets but we managed to get other seats instead. the seats where no one wants to sit bcecause its the 2nd row from the front! well anyway, we were still grateful as we had the chance to still see the movie. it was Inkheart btw and i'd give a rating of 3 stars out of 5.

our next plan was to wander around KL and relax for a moment at Dataran Merdeka. and again, we were LOST! geez, the streets in KL are way complicated and confusing and it sucks! and when we passed by dataran merdeka and saw too many rempits and scary looking guys (?), we cancelled our plan and head to Putrajaya instead. haha. well, that was practically a glimpse of what happened last night. it was crazy, it was fun, it was great, and it was exciting. gosh. i love holidays. and i dont wanna get back to adelaide soon.

19 days till i fly back to adelaide. T_T

threesome :D

seriously, i'm missing ayeen & yatie already. T_T
yesterday, we hang out together and did some shopping and eating around. heee. =) i haven't met ayeen since i first flew to adelaide. and wait, that was 2 years ago! and as for yatie, i had the chance to meet her when i came back last year. and that was a year ago. so, yesterday was like some kind of reunion for the three of us.
and the best thing was they never seemed to change a bit! except for the fact that one of us has now had a bf. LOL. =p but anyway, they're still the craziest ppl i've ever known and yeah, i love u girls sooo much! mind you, love as in the love for friends la! xoxo. =p

.friends forever.

Me as an AUNTIE!

Guess what? Iffah already gave birth 2 days ago. her baby is a girl and she's reallllllllyyyyy tiny, small and sooooooo CUTEEE!! OMG! i'm an auntie already. looking at the baby made me feel quite old actually. aiya. but anyway, congratulations Iffah! jaga anak kau elok2. haha. =p

NEW template for OLD blog

well, since its a new year already, i guess i should give my blog a new look. so here its is!

bits of 2008

okay, here goes.

assalammualaikum wbt. and hello to all. =)

phew~ it has been a very long time since i wrote something here. haha. anyway, life has been pretty... urm.. what should i put here. i guess fun and exciting are the right words that define how i feel right now. ngeeehee. =) well, i've finished my practical in Kemaman 3 days back. and guess what. i kinda miss everything over there! i mean, EVERYTHING!

the people.
the t'ganu beach.
the cool housemates.
the company.
the friendly fellow trainees.
the really smart pakcik engineers.
the really sporting pakcik chemists.
the going to work with kak G every morning.
the wasting time at the surau every break.
the loooong walking all the way from admin building to my office at the OC.
the trip to mesra mall every time when going to KT.

and not to forget,

the superbly delicious FOODS! :D

i repeat again, FOODS! haha. =p
man, i seriously need extra exercise now. T_T
super duper EXTRA!

the days that i've spent in Kemaman will be the days that i would never forget in my entire life! SERIOUSLY!!

gosh. i'm missing Kemaman a lot! T_T

to the people below, i would like to say THANK YOU very much because without all of you, my life wouldnt have been that GREAT at all! =)

En Bakarudin, En Amal, En Sukri, En Roslan, En Mat, En Zul, Pak Alif, En Akmal, Kak Aziah, Kak Ira, Syahadah, Fariza, Hariz, Ali, Irman, Shaifudin, Liza, Kak Eli, Kak G's relatives, Liza's workmates, En Akmal's friend, all the staffs at the Technical Development Department and also the staffs during stock count and everyone else who i had the chance to get to know during the 30 days i was there.

u guys rock!!! =)

besides, i also celebrated my 21st birthday over there. ngeehee. thanksss a LOT Kak G for the treat at PapaDell. =) and for those who wished either through phone calls, sms, fs, fb, ms etc. :D

and speaking of birthdays, 3 people just celebrated their birthday recently.

1) Kak G --> 1st Jan '09
2) Nik Faiz --> 1st Jan '09
3) Izzati --> 2nd Jan '09

May all of your wishes come true and all the best in your future undertakings! =)

owh n yeah, Happy New Year 2009 to everybody! hope this year will be better than the previous years! =)

p/s- i actually have loads of pix to upload. but due to the insufficient knowledge of how to transfer the pix from my hp to my lappie, i cant get those pix here. aih yana..yana..myb next time then!