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kesian blog ini. ia di-abandoned oleh tuannye. :P


haven't got much time to spare online nowadays. blame it for no internet connection at home and the nearest comfortable cybercafe wud mean to have to drive there by car. urgh, life sucks.

thanks for those who wished for my birthday a few days back! :D u guys rock my world, really! feeling a lil' mature now. [ya, rite] :P

sadly, i no longer have a -teen at the end of my age from now on.
well, bak kata izzati, bukan tua tapi matang. hehe. :P

i spent the last few days back in terengganu; balik kg sempena raya haji. it was great to meet all my relatives again and knowing that 3 of my cousins gave birth to very cute lil' babies. phew! :P
2 baby boys and 1 baby girl. cute-ness~!

today pulak, will be meeting a few friends of mine at putrajaya. we're going to tour the area by bicycles. hihi. seems like fun! :D

ok then, i gtg and get ready for breakfast now. i cud hear my stomach choiring. kesian dia. :P neways, thanks aisyah for lending me ur laptop (currently in aisyah's room at MMU). :)

p/s- i went shopping last week and it was super great! i must go to sogo and mid. again! :P

till then~

City of Adelaide

the last night at the Adelaide Tower Apartments :(

bye Adelaide for 2007 and say hello to Sydney. yeah baby! :)

...will be missing adelaide though [hmph, ive one whole yr to spend here again for 2008 ape. n more years to come!]
...will be super-duper missing this nice and cosy apartment!


just another 3 more days to go and i'll be reaching Malaysia.
yuhuuu~! :D

Pusing2 S.A.

Its December already and for some ppl that would mean, christmas! anyhow, December for me, means HOME! yeay~! just a few days left to go and i'm barely being patient to get on the plane!

Well anyways, as the Adelaideans might have already known, there was this super-GIGANTIC christmas tree being put up at the center of Victoria Square (a fake one la tapi!). if u go there at night, the tree is really beautiful with all the lights of different colours shining it up and on top of the tree there is also this bright 5 pointed yellow star. feeling bored of not knowing what to do (buhsan sesangat dah tgk movieees je keje), we decided to go to Vic Square amek2 angin and not to forget, snap some pics too! ;)

the only thing that shines in this pic is the tree.hihi =p

the one where everyone posed differently!

The next morning pulak, we headed our way to Port Adelaide to go for dolphin cruising. yeah, i know its summer and dolphins don't quite show themselves during this time of the year, but other ppl went there too a few days back and they said they SAW the dolphins. so, we went and hoped that we're lucky enough to be able too see those cute animals.

raise ur hand if u could spot a dolphin in this pic! hihi. =)

and unfortunately, we spent the 2 hours of cruising looking at the sea and watch the huge kapal kontena je. i still remember the names of those ships; 'coral ace' and 'maha ross'. hihi. =p
we waited and waited but still, there was no sign of dolphins at all (except on this one boat cruise la- their logo was a picture of a jumping dolphin =p)! lol.. =( well i guess we're not that lucky enough.

on the cruise~

besides, we also spent some time wandering around the Sunday Market at the port. gile best sebab stuffs kat c2 sooo murah gile! =) to name a few, books, hats, jeweleries, clothes, souvenirs, and etc.
hurgh. why now, the last Sunday spent in Adelaide for the year, do i know the existence of this place? dulu2 x pernah nak tahu. so, it seems that i can only start to shop next yr la kot. hihi. =p well, xde la ape sgt pun kat market tuh. mostly barang2 terpakai la. thinking of it, it somehow looks pretty much like the 'carboot sale' in UK. ;)

and today, just finished angkut2 barang ke rumah budak2 Norwood and simpan di situ for the time being - we're moving house next year. huhu. i'm really gonna miss Adelaide Tower so much!!! ;(
neways, thanx a bunch for those who helped! :)

something to note :
6 days to go!!!!!!!!!!


Happy Birthday Fahmi! =)

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to Fahmi,
Happy Birthday to you!

Yesterday, mum cooked a special dish for everyone as to celebrate my 3rd younger brother who turns 15 today. huhu. bestnya! everyone enjoyed themselves last night and unfortunately for me, I could only share the happiness through a phone call that I made when they were all celebrating. well, since there's only a few days left before returning home, I'm not feeling that gloomy though. hihi. =)

neways, Happy Birthday Ami bucukkk masaaammmm dear! =P
may you have a blast on your birthday! wish you all the best in life and may Allah bless you always! =)
Love you always~ =)
miss you sooooo much!

the so-called holiday

its been some time since i last updated this blog. phew, a pretty busy week i had since exams were over! with all the shopping, stuffs-packing, house cleaning, movies marathon-ing, rundle-ing, etc..etc..etc..-ing, i just don't have the time to sit back and relax myself in front of my lappie. =p
neways, to give a picture of what happened for the past week, here are some photos snapped during some of the events... =)

nadia's 20th birthday celebration at pancake house. gosh. we really hate the waiters there. gile xde manner. *sigh* pasni xnk dtg dah. bluek!

right after the last paper : heat transfer, we went to hungry jacks makan2 celebrating abes exam kot. thanx encik yg membelanje even though his car baru je lepas kene saman 52 bucks just because of salah parking @ the exam venue! adei. =(

heee...the nasi ayam was ABSOLUTELY SUPERB!!!! after such a long time me & my housemates haven't ate together, we cooked nasi ayam and enjoyed the delicious meal bersama2 di meja makan yg dah lameeee x guna. *reminds me of home where everyone sits together at the dining table and eat and chat and bla3 =(*

we were waiting for the tram and suddenly there were sooo many police cars along King William St and behind them was some kind of perarakan by the local fire brigades and badan2 sukarelawan. i still am not sure why the perarakan was held. suke2 kot?

where else cud it be? Glenelg of course! heee..~ last saturday, went to Glenelg beach with Najmi, Epok, Mami, Nina, n oso my housemates for sure. we had a really FANTASTIC time there!! main2 pasir, mandi2 pantai, picnic2, makan2 =) and don't forget, sunburn2! =(

me & my housemates went to send Izy at the airport. She went back to Malaysia last Sunday. waa...nak balek gak! (in the pic from left: Izy, Afiq, Izzati)

when i was looking through the window, suddenly i saw an airplane which was going to land at Adelaide airport. n then tetibe je terase cam nak take a photo of that airplane. hee..gile xde keje la. (this pic was taken from floor 18, room 183's balcony =p) waaa.x saba nak balek! 18 days to go. yuhuuu~ =)

One sunny day

today was incredibly HOT!!!

i was walking back home with my eyes shut - when there was no one around and i was sure that i wudn't bang into anything la. (forgot to bring along my shades. haih. just can't leave home without it nowadays)

dulu2, when it was winter i just wished that the weather wud be hot sooner. oh, really cant stand the chilly air but now, i just hoped that summer would end a.s.a.p! neva mind. i'm not goin' to be here anyway during the 3 months of summer. yuhuuu~ missin' malaysia sooo much! less than a month to go! :)

well, yeah i know. i've a month to go. other ppl just have another week left. *jeles*. padan muka tho! sape suruh beli tiket lambat daa..

n tomorrow, i've one more paper to kill and that is Engineering, Planning & Design. after that wud be Heat Transfer, the least favourite subject which will be on friday. [lambat gle okay!] n by that, officially marks the end of my freshman yr!

neways, about 2 days b4 kot, kecoh pasal BERSIH punye perhimpunan. i watched the video reporting about the incident n it was sooo dahsyat la. ppl fighting n roaring pe sume. haih. ape nk jadi la.

that's why i dislike politics.

Song I likeyy~ :)

Check this out! i love this song soooo much! its called TATTOO by Jordin Sparks. fyi, she's the winner of the American Idol Season 6 and guess wut.. she's only 17! but sadly there's no video clip of the single. the video below is probably made by one of her fans kot. neways, enjoy! :)

Tattoo Lyrics

Now you've got a reason to fail!

I received this email from a friend and find it really hilarious! haha. take a break and enjoy!

* * * * * * * *

The reason why a student fails is because the year ONLY has 365 days!

Typical academic year for a student:

1. Sundays
There are 52 Sundays in a year, you know Sundays are for rest.
Days left 313.

2. Summer holidays
50 days where the weather is very hot and difficult to study.
Days left 263.

3. 8 hours daily sleep
130 days GONE..
Days left 141.

4. 1 hour for daily playing (good for health)
1 hour per day times 365 days means 15 days.
Days left 126.

5. 2 hours daily for food & other delicacies (chewing properly & swallowing)
this equals to 30 days
Days left 96.

6. 1 hour for talking (man is a social animal)
this means 15 days
Days left 81.

7. Exam days
at least, there are at least 35 days of exam per year.
Days left 46.

8. Quarterly, Half yearly and festival (holidays)
40 days.
Balance 6 days.

9. For sickness
at least 3 days
Remaining days : 3.

10. Movies and functions
at least 2 days.
1 day left.

11. That 1 day is your birthday.

How can you study on that day??????!!!!!!!!!!
Balance : 0

"How can a student pass ?????"

p/s- kinda logic but then, if everyone followed these, there'd be no one who'd pass! =p

one month 7 days to go...

"You are a great buyer. Thank you for making
my first selling item so great. A+++"

heee~ that was my 1st feedback from my 1st business deal on ebay. =) that feedback is really encouraging me to do more and more and more ebay-ing stuffs. adeii. dah la yesterday, i mistakenly bought something b4 realising that the price was in great britain pounds! and not in australian dollars! adeii. abis bankrupt! lucky me i won the bid for that item for only 0.1 pence [oops typo error! it's actually 0.1 pound]. haha. it was the postage that was expensive. *sigh*

neways, just finished doing some past year papers on Materials I. sooooo tired! not because of answering, but reading the answer scheme! gle horror punye handwriting! sapela yg tulis this thing..? urgh..tension2!
take a look and u will see..

imagine i've to read 5 to 6 pages of the scheme with this kind of handwriting. i can go crazy!haha. =p

p/s- good luck for all who're sitting for Materials I tomorrow.all d best!

pp/s- the title has nothing to do with this post. just countdown balik je! yippee! =p

e x a m

Time is really moving so quickly that i didn't realise that its almost time that i'm soon to finish my 1st yr at uni. after one whole semester of learning, doing tutorials, assignments, group projects etc, its now time for exams! and speaking of exams, my 1st paper is going to start next Monday and i'm in no good position. haven't finished revising yet, haven't finished doing past yr q's. aaarr~ :S

exam timetable for those who are taking chem eng. [click for bigger viewing]

when exams are around the corner, there's always the 'exam syndrome' occurring at home such as:
1. after 10am there's no one at home until 6pm onwards as everyone goes melepak at the library
2. 1 jar of nescafe that usually takes around 2/3 months to finish, would now only take about 2/3 weeks
3. panadol tends to be a supplement that should be taken everyday
4. no movies or dramas watched during dinner


well, for all that are sitting for exams no matter where you are, i wish you all the very best of luck! may we all succeed in everything we do! ;)

* * * * *

Yesterday, i met the M'sian participants (UTM team) of the Solar Car Race Challenge [challenge: designing cars that only use solar power to move them, and race from Darwin to Adelaide which is around 3000km. phew! i heard that it took them 8 days to get to the finishing line! ] They were really a bunch of very funny and intelligent ppl. really had a great time talking to them! fyi, m'sia's team managed to get Top 10 ranking against other 40 (kot..) teams participating. gempakx!

Happy Birthday Dad!!! :)

It's the 26th of October and it seems that someone is getting a year older! :P


May all your dreams come true and may Allah bless u always!
Lots of love from your daughter :)

since i'm no literature-person, i can't possibly write my own poem, therefore i copied the poem below from here and dedicate it especially for u! heee~

You may have thought I didn't see,
Or that I hadn't heard,
Life lessons that you taught to me,
But I got every word.

Perhaps you thought I missed it all,
And that we'd grow apart,
But Dad, I picked up everything,
It's written on my heart.

Without you, Dad, I wouldn't be
The girl I am today;
You built a strong foundation
No one can take away.

I've grown up with your values,
And I'm very glad I did;
So here's to you, dear father,
From your forever grateful kid.

[By Joanna Fuchs]


A new addiction or hobby?

right. what is the difference between addiction and hobby? i searched up here and it states that:

addiction : the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma.

hobby : an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation

to tell you the truth during the past week, i've been doing a new activity.
i call it as "ebay-ing". :P every time i enter my room, i'd go to my lappy
and type "ebay". that was back then. now, i put ebay's link under my bookmarks toolbar. yesterday, istayed up all night browsing through various items on ebay. whereas today, i think i've opened the homepage more than 20 times! i had also bid on some items and unfortunately [or maybe fortunately?], most of the items, i lost to a much higher bidding! haha. boooo to me! :P just now, when i was doing an online quiz, i opened a new tab and went to ebay when i know i haven't finished answering yet! haih...

so what do you reckon? addiction or hobby?

Life as an undergraduate

It's the 6th day of raya and here i am busy with all the assignments and tutorials that are due tomorrow. argh! i can't sleep unless all my works are done. but i'm just toooo tired to finish them all. ok2. i think i'll just go to bed and wake up early tomorrow. *promise*
haih. this is what happens when always procrastinating work. [ok. and also skipping lectures. therefore i need to do a whole lot of revision for the lectures i missed] serves me right!

just now, did some Heat Transfer tute. gosh! i spend more than an hour to solve only one question! and i haven't finished answering it yet. *sigh* it involves some how-did-the-scientist-ever-get-these?-he-must-have-a-
freaking-exceptional-natural-capacity-of- intellect
type of equations. i wonder how Dr Zeyad can possibly ask us to memorise all those equations for final exam!
here, take a look at some of the equations:

no need to understand this [these equations tend to mess up the brain]

the frustrating part is that i managed to solve all the equations given but i keep on getting different answers when it comes to the simple arithmetic part to find the final answer! argh! why? because of the infinitely many decimal points that kept on dragging from one equation to another. *sangat tension!*

hey liyana. and what do you think you are doing now? writing a post even when you know you have 2 more tutes to do? ish!

Preparation Raya & 1 Syawal

At last, it's Syawal already...~!! time passes by super-duper fast! i just feel like yesterday was the 1st day of fasting. Neways, luckily, hari raya was on Saturday; meaning no class. So, boleh la pergi beraya. :)

As on Saturday (5pm till 9pm) my housemates and I were organising an open house, Friday night was spent cooking all night long till morning. huhu. it was really tiring preparing dishes for approximately 100+ ppl!! Gosh! sangat2 penat! that was my 1st time cooking for so many ppl. haha. nasib baik semua cukup rasa. hihi. :P the menu for that night was Mee Bandung, Nasi Impit + kuah kacang & Rendang. the Adelaide tower guys pun join gak by preparing deserts. Rumah Munir did Kek batik, puding roti + custard & some kueh raya cookies. while rumah Husen made Kueh jagung & fruit custard. =) all the foods were totally dishes! tribute to everyone who made the night a total SUCCESS!! =)

By the way, early 1st Syawal, Izzati, Izy, Afiq & I made our way to Adelaide Mosque to perform our Aidilfitri prayer. after some bits of snapping pix and bersalam2an, we headed back home and did some house cleaning for our open house later that night. Right after Zuhur, we then went to Najmi's house. their foods were awesome! lets take a peek at the pix worth looking below:

1. Izzati's parcel of baju kurung 2. Afiq's parcel 3. potong cherry 4. gaul cornflakes & madu
5. siap utk dibakar 6. siap utk dimakan!!

1. ayam & dagingsss 2. bawangsss 3. kuah mee bandung
4. meeeeeee 5. rendang ayam 6. kuah kacang

Adelaide Mosque

Rumah Najmi, Nina & Mami

foods at our house!!!~

the guests & the tuan rumahsss

Salam Aidilfitri

It's been more than 2 weeks since i've finished watching My Girl, yet I still can't get over my addiction for that drama. every night I'll play the soundtracks over and over and over again. even though I'm sleeping, still the songs wud be playing repeatedly trillions of time. *sigh*. penat gle la nak addict lame2. its not that I want to be like this, but my brain just sooooo cannot think of anything else. *Gong Chan yg amat handsome.. lalalala~~*

anyhow, its only 5 more days till raya. but, i'm sooo feeling heartless. kalau x, if nak raye mesti cam hepi n sgt2 x sabar semacam. but over here, wif all the assignments to do, work load yg sgt belamabak, i sometimes forget about raye. uwaa. sdeynye! its my 1st time celebrating it far away from my family. miss sgt2 mereka yg dekat rumah. :(
x dpt nak gi kutip duit raye...
x dpt nak gi jln2 umah org n makan2...
x dpt nak balik kg...

iklan raye petronas

neways, raye cni pun ok what. nak bg rase cam suasana raye, my housemates n i prepared some kueh-mueh. eg: karipap. mase open house pose ari tuh, karipap hot stuff woo.. :P bcoz of dat, we made some more. hihi. :) dis weekend try masak rendang lak. tgk either jadi ke x. hoho.

at 1st, kulit karipap dibuat

inti dimasukkan & dikelim

karipap digoreng

tadaaaa~~! boleh dimakan!

[seriously penat gle wat karipap!]

sempena raye nk dekat sgt dah, I want to take dis oppoturnity to wish everyone SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI MAAF ZAHIR DAN BATIN. n to anyone who knows me, mintak maaf dari hujung rambut ke hujung ke hujung kaki for all the wrong doings dat i have done either intentionally or not.

[2 months + 4 days till i'm off to m'sia!!~]

My Girl

Gosh. I am TOTALLY addicted to this series. its a korean drama entitled 'My Girl' starring Lee Dong Wook, Lee Da Hae & etc. yesterday, i watched the series from 10pm till 6am straight x tido.huhu. hiysh, dorot jahat! she was the one who introduced me the series. waaa~ neways, the drama was fantastic. funny, romantic and very sweeeeeet!~ ;) there was this one episode (episode 15 if i'm not mistaken) which was really sad till i cried madly! T_T
as i have just finished the last episode (epi 16), i straight away download ALL the soundtracks. they're all pretty cool especially never say goodbye (video above) and Sarang Eun Him Deun Ga Bwa. for those of u who haven't watch the series, u can stream it online by clicking here.

p/s: Seoul Gong Chan (Lee Dong Wook) who's the hero of this drama is sooo handsome. ngaa~ sangat suke!!! *twinkling eyes*

pp/s: to dorot : Gong Chan aku nye! x kire! x kire! :P

It's finally finished!

EPD project is finally over. yippeee~! no more late night ups doing research, etc. tomorrow's the due date and today, the report is sent off for printing. :D

the front cover

layout of the amusement park

design of taxi and bus stands

yesterday, i changed my blog template again. huh. i'm just bored with the old one coz its toooo black and dull. ngaaa~ i spent some time searching for new templates but none were interesting. so, i just use the templates provided by blogger. senang pun senang. and i dont need to use the classic template which is troublesome.

mmm. by the way, its the 8th day of Puasa, 22 days to Hari Raya and 2 MONTHS 22 DAYS OFF TO MALAYSIA. oh i just can't wait! ;)

check out this song. its totally cool!!~~

Salam Ramadhan

past maghrib. its officially 1st of Ramadhan. just now, had terawih with afiqah. tomorrow after fajr, is going to be the 1st day of fasting. the 2nd time fasting overseas and the 1st time fasting sooooo far away from my family. uwaa. i'm soooo missing home! :'(
Usually, after dinner my dad would tell everyone to niat puasa. n after maghrib all of us would walk to the surau nearby to perform terawih.
during the day, my dad would take all of us to a bazar ramadhan and my siblings and i would choose and pick the kuehs that we want. kueh caramel, tepung pelita, onde-onde, etc. urgh..i'm soooo gonna miss all those foods! :'(
then, when breaking the fast, all of us would sit together and dad will read the doa while everyone will listen obediently. kurma would be the 1st to be eaten. dad always grumbles when any of us eats anything else 1st. haha. miss those moments~! T_T
for sahur, mum would be the early one to wake up and after she finishes cooking she has to do the hardest job of all which is getting everyone up. the hardest one would be dad! haha. no offense dad~! ngeee... :P

neways, even though its sad to be far away from my loved ones, i still have my friends here to enjoy the precious moments of fasting month and also raya nanti. huhu. spring break which is soon to come will be spent to make kueh raye and testing for masak2 for hari raya nanti! ngeee~ :D

for all muslims out there, selamat berpuasa dan marilah mengerjakan amalan ibadat sebanyak mungkin di bulan yang mulia ini. ;)

Which hero are you?

i came across this survey by tickle and since i'm a huge fan of HEROES i decided to give it a try. ngeeee~ n guess wut, i'm Hiro Nakamura. ;p

for those of u who want to try the test, click HERE.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Wow, you're


Such a dreamer! Even when you're stuck in a rut, you still reach for the stars. Happy-go-lucky and trusting you may be, but silly you're not — you've definitely got a practical side. And no matter what the future holds for you, we know you'll have fun along the way!

Merdeka Dinner 2007

Here goes...

50 years of Merdeka

Last Saturday, 1st September 2007, the Adelaideans had a Merdeka Dinner at Dom Polski which is located somewhere in the city area. Upon reaching there, me and the others had to walk our way through the streets merentasi bangunan ini dan itu dlm kekelaman malam yg sejuk. ;p for the guys xpe la..but we girls yg pakai heels ni nak berlari catch up dgn diorg was a disaster. huhu..

the girls of my table

wif izza & afiq

close-up of us

neways, the night started with a lion dance and then as usual followed by speeches from vvip & vip. then, there was a multimedia presentation but bcoz the screen was soo kecik n my table was somewhere at the very back, x dpt la nk concentrate. it was then followed by a band performance which presented 'Dunia Batinku', 'Permaisuri' and 'Crumbs'. It could have been better if xde problem dgn PA system yg agak kucar-kacir that night. To see the band performance click here.

ppl started eating and bile tiba our table's turn to get food, it was really frustrating when we knew that there were no sate-s left. Ggrr.. Luckily, kueh sagu still ade. the performance for that night was continued by a sketsa which included silat performance, m'sian traditional dances, etc. To see the silat performance click here. After that, ade dikir barat. i think that was the best performance on that night. ;)

silat performance

tarian melayu

dikir barat part 1

dikir barat part 2

Despite of the certain problems yg mengkucar-kacirkan malam tuh, i still managed to have fun till the very end. Lagi2 la i won the 1st lucky draw for that night. hihi. it was shocking when i heard my number being called. during that time, i was with the others lining up to get food. hihi.

hasbi's car b4 pulang~! thanx for the ride neways..;)

merdeka month

i guess its been ages since i last wrote something here. ;p yela, dulu laptop rosak, bile dah dpt temporary laptop, there's a bunch whole lot of assignments and work to be done pulak. neways, during bulan august, so much events happened. it was merdeka month, n the events pun obviously yg ade kaitan ngan merdeka.

every fridays in august, ade jualan bbq kat uni lawns. n one of the fridays, ade malaysian carnival. jual2 m'sian foods n also promoting tahun visit m'sia 2007. foods were nice (kuey teow goreng, nasi beriani, sate, kueh-mueh, roti jala, nasi ayam, nasi lemak, etc) even though ade yg very expensive. sate 1 cucuk 1 dolar. adei. mahal giler~!

as for the last saturday, which is on the 25th, there was Merdeka Amazing Race. 15 groups participated and my group managed to get number three. yeheee~! ;) the race was really fun n also exhausting! ppl were like staring at us when we ran across streets. haha. ade once tu, we asked this couple where this one place was. n couple tu siap nak offer lift lagi. hehe~ at the 3rd checkpoint which is at Marion Shopping Centre, we received a task to find the price of a list of items. i think that was the best n fun task out of 4 tasks. it was really challenging nk carik items tuh n also macam2 ragam salesperson kat every kedai yg kitorang masuk tuh. ade yang siap bwk tunjuk satu2 kat mane brg2 tuh sume. ade yg siap tolong carik sama2, etc.

at the barr smith lawns just b4 the race

okay, enuf of that, yesterday 30th august ade countdown merdeka + bbq + upacara penyampaian hadiah. well, it was quite fun even though it was rainy n we had d bbq under the rain. huhu~

afiq, naz, izzati, me

us under the rain

with buk

well, i gues that's all for now. will be back for the merdeka grand dinner update~! till then, taa~

a day of crap

Gosh, what have i done today? haiya..

moring, tgk afiq siang ikan bilis. i didn't know dat we have to siang ikan bilis b4 goreng. myb my mum selalu beli yg dah siap kot. neways, tgk afiq wat cam leceh gle nk kene belah dua n kuarkan isi2 ikan tuh. dah lew ikan bilis kecik2 comey2. fuh!

in the evenings, gi three store. x pasal2, i went home carrying a new phone. hoho.

tyme dinner tgk movie 'the sweetest thing'. haiya..gle euuww~

at nyte, langsung x pegang buku. buat ape? exloring the new device. masukkan software itu ini. download themes la, etc.

so, peratusan homeworks done : 0%

well done liyana!

tv3 mai Adelaide!

heeee~ :D
tv3 is going to have a rakaman for Salam Merdeka n Salam Aidilfitri in front of South Australia Art Gallery tomorrow! 5 August 2007. 1.30 p.m.
Gosh..masuk tv! yabedabedooo~~ :P
i bet esok akan penuh la in front of the gallery dgn students Malaysia yg berbaju melayu + kurung + kebaya etc..
haaaa... i can't wait!! bestnyee!!

fruits and a hateful COPYCAT!

going to central market (macam pasar malam malaysia la..) is a must-do routine for every saturday. activities? buying groceries, chicken, fruits, and all sort of things that my house and the ppl in it needs la. =p dah 5 months i've been doing this same old routine again and again, but i had never noticed that some fruits in malaysia that only cost a few cents were sold very expensively over here. haha. bananas if kat malaysia, org jual setangkai dua, kat sini dijual seketul-seketul. (oops, what is the penjodoh bilangan utk satu pisang ey? xkan sebiji, pisang xde biji! =p). n then, mahal pulak tuh! izzati bought 3 ketul pisang and it cost her around 2 dollars. with the current currency rate, 2 dollars equal to rm6.01 approximate. haih. tuh da boleh dapat setangkai pisang dah kot. =p
mangosteen, one of my super-duper fave fruit pulak costs 1.75 dollar each! haha. tinggal harapan je la nk beli kat sini. kalo beli pun buat hiasan je la. heh. =p

neways, just now when i was melaghakan diri melayan friendster, i went to this one person's blog (under friendster la). saje je usha2 actually. scrolling down her page and reading her posts and suddenly FUH!! i was really shocked to know that this person had actually coppied my posts and pasted it to her blog! aaa..the posts that i had spent a whole lot of time in finding ideas and expressing them into words! hiysh! plagiarism gile2 la! urghh..tu dah kire menceroboh my blog's copyright! bukan setakat satu post, it was a few posts okay! to this someone, come on la..write ur own post. kalo x, why do u need to have ur own blog if copy paste ideas org lain? n don't think that i didn't realise that u copied mines after u have changed a few words or deleted some words which has no relation with you. like changing 'as' to 'when' or perhaps deleting names that i have used such as 'izzati' or 'afiq'? haih. pliz la. if nk copy pun, u don't have to make me notice it. ni sje je nk bongkarkan knape?