I couldn't be more grateful!

Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah.
I feel extremely happy today that no words can describe! :)
So many good things have happened this week and I feel so deeply grateful. Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah. :) :)
One thing after another. and the biggest one just happened today. weee~

I really cant believe that its finally happening. and its happening now! omg i'm so excited and thrilled! its been a dream. a dream that i dont know when will it turn to reality. and after for so long dreaming for it, i've been given the chance to make it happen. make it BIG. make it AWESOME.
even though, its a small start, but i will definitely make it big one day!! u just wait!!

i can see busy days ahead of me. trying to fit in everything into my schedule. trying to juggle between studying and making awesome-ness happen. haha. what a way to describe it! lol. well, its gonna be a tough ride, but i'll just have to think positive and i'll make through it all perfectly. hopefully! yaAllah, please give me strength, and most importantly, consistency!

omg i'm so happy so happy!! thanks dad for making this actually happen! weehooo~! i'd do my best this time. i know its not gonna be easy, but i'll definitely give my all for this. heeeeeee :D

* * * *

anyhow, it was world walking day last weekend so me and a few friends headed over to putrajaya for the walking event organized by Nestle. the walk wasn't that far, proly just about 5000 steps (around ~3.5km) or so. wasnt that bad. just too bad that i wasnt lucky enuf to win the luck draw. dapat cold hard cash man! superrrr! but i had a face paint though! for free! hehehe. had a picture of the earth on my right cheek. but then when i got home, i totally forgot all about it and had my hand brushing over my cheek. and danggg, paint went off immediately. sobs. :(

alololo comelllllll laaa budak ni!

kak marni, zati, me, kak kasma at flag off point.

oh well, kalo dah namanya izzati ade, the jump pose must go along. heee