food list

sooo bored studying! so, untuk menghilangkan stress study, tetibe terfikir nak tulis the list of food that i eat and drink since i came here to adelaide.heh. ;)
1.Smith's (esp sour cream & onion, cheese)
5.yep,everyday i drink milk.haha.lots & lots of milk! seriously~
6.fruits (apples,melons,bananas - fruits are so cheap! god..)
7.chocolates; variety (1 dollar for 1 bar; who can resist?heh.)
10.kebab (mr tauke kedai always gives discounts.haha~ )
11.chicken wings (arr..dah lame tak makan ikan..asyik ayam je..bosan!)
13.sandwiches (home made) - espresso yang dimasak atas dapur room 183, adelaide tower. hehe. ;)

well, dats all dat i can think right now.huh.
but, i think, none of these can compare the foods in malaysia..OMG. How i miss malaysia!!!
end & out

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parre-que said...

same la makanan kite.. but i add Paradise Cookies.