merdeka month

i guess its been ages since i last wrote something here. ;p yela, dulu laptop rosak, bile dah dpt temporary laptop, there's a bunch whole lot of assignments and work to be done pulak. neways, during bulan august, so much events happened. it was merdeka month, n the events pun obviously yg ade kaitan ngan merdeka.

every fridays in august, ade jualan bbq kat uni lawns. n one of the fridays, ade malaysian carnival. jual2 m'sian foods n also promoting tahun visit m'sia 2007. foods were nice (kuey teow goreng, nasi beriani, sate, kueh-mueh, roti jala, nasi ayam, nasi lemak, etc) even though ade yg very expensive. sate 1 cucuk 1 dolar. adei. mahal giler~!

as for the last saturday, which is on the 25th, there was Merdeka Amazing Race. 15 groups participated and my group managed to get number three. yeheee~! ;) the race was really fun n also exhausting! ppl were like staring at us when we ran across streets. haha. ade once tu, we asked this couple where this one place was. n couple tu siap nak offer lift lagi. hehe~ at the 3rd checkpoint which is at Marion Shopping Centre, we received a task to find the price of a list of items. i think that was the best n fun task out of 4 tasks. it was really challenging nk carik items tuh n also macam2 ragam salesperson kat every kedai yg kitorang masuk tuh. ade yang siap bwk tunjuk satu2 kat mane brg2 tuh sume. ade yg siap tolong carik sama2, etc.

at the barr smith lawns just b4 the race

okay, enuf of that, yesterday 30th august ade countdown merdeka + bbq + upacara penyampaian hadiah. well, it was quite fun even though it was rainy n we had d bbq under the rain. huhu~

afiq, naz, izzati, me

us under the rain

with buk

well, i gues that's all for now. will be back for the merdeka grand dinner update~! till then, taa~


nix said...

oooo...dapat laki ade kete, mlm tu tnggal ktorg balik jalan kaki sndirik2 x pe laa =b

nix said...

eh ak silap anta comment kt entry laen..haha..konpius tab comment ko kt belah atas, ak tbiase ngan yg kt bawah..tlong delete..hehe