Salam Ramadhan

past maghrib. its officially 1st of Ramadhan. just now, had terawih with afiqah. tomorrow after fajr, is going to be the 1st day of fasting. the 2nd time fasting overseas and the 1st time fasting sooooo far away from my family. uwaa. i'm soooo missing home! :'(
Usually, after dinner my dad would tell everyone to niat puasa. n after maghrib all of us would walk to the surau nearby to perform terawih.
during the day, my dad would take all of us to a bazar ramadhan and my siblings and i would choose and pick the kuehs that we want. kueh caramel, tepung pelita, onde-onde, etc. urgh..i'm soooo gonna miss all those foods! :'(
then, when breaking the fast, all of us would sit together and dad will read the doa while everyone will listen obediently. kurma would be the 1st to be eaten. dad always grumbles when any of us eats anything else 1st. haha. miss those moments~! T_T
for sahur, mum would be the early one to wake up and after she finishes cooking she has to do the hardest job of all which is getting everyone up. the hardest one would be dad! haha. no offense dad~! ngeee... :P

neways, even though its sad to be far away from my loved ones, i still have my friends here to enjoy the precious moments of fasting month and also raya nanti. huhu. spring break which is soon to come will be spent to make kueh raye and testing for masak2 for hari raya nanti! ngeee~ :D

for all muslims out there, selamat berpuasa dan marilah mengerjakan amalan ibadat sebanyak mungkin di bulan yang mulia ini. ;)


MusafiR said...

puasa tau, jgn ponteng

dangerousminds said...

selamat berpuasa :)