fruits and a hateful COPYCAT!

going to central market (macam pasar malam malaysia la..) is a must-do routine for every saturday. activities? buying groceries, chicken, fruits, and all sort of things that my house and the ppl in it needs la. =p dah 5 months i've been doing this same old routine again and again, but i had never noticed that some fruits in malaysia that only cost a few cents were sold very expensively over here. haha. bananas if kat malaysia, org jual setangkai dua, kat sini dijual seketul-seketul. (oops, what is the penjodoh bilangan utk satu pisang ey? xkan sebiji, pisang xde biji! =p). n then, mahal pulak tuh! izzati bought 3 ketul pisang and it cost her around 2 dollars. with the current currency rate, 2 dollars equal to rm6.01 approximate. haih. tuh da boleh dapat setangkai pisang dah kot. =p
mangosteen, one of my super-duper fave fruit pulak costs 1.75 dollar each! haha. tinggal harapan je la nk beli kat sini. kalo beli pun buat hiasan je la. heh. =p

neways, just now when i was melaghakan diri melayan friendster, i went to this one person's blog (under friendster la). saje je usha2 actually. scrolling down her page and reading her posts and suddenly FUH!! i was really shocked to know that this person had actually coppied my posts and pasted it to her blog! aaa..the posts that i had spent a whole lot of time in finding ideas and expressing them into words! hiysh! plagiarism gile2 la! urghh..tu dah kire menceroboh my blog's copyright! bukan setakat satu post, it was a few posts okay! to this someone, come on la..write ur own post. kalo x, why do u need to have ur own blog if copy paste ideas org lain? n don't think that i didn't realise that u copied mines after u have changed a few words or deleted some words which has no relation with you. like changing 'as' to 'when' or perhaps deleting names that i have used such as 'izzati' or 'afiq'? haih. pliz la. if nk copy pun, u don't have to make me notice it. ni sje je nk bongkarkan knape?


winter hols will reach its end in no more than 5 days. haih. after this, i have to study even harder than the previous sem as i didnt get what i aimed for for the last sem.huwaa.. neways, i'm in no mood to write about the winter break even tho so much happened! all the pix are in my laptop. and damn, my laptop now cannot be switched on! haih! tension je! i went to ALL computer service shops and NONE of them were Dell retailers. how frustrating when i heard from them that the only Dell agent in Oz is in Sydney. adei. =(
so, stress, be my company!