winter hols will reach its end in no more than 5 days. haih. after this, i have to study even harder than the previous sem as i didnt get what i aimed for for the last sem.huwaa.. neways, i'm in no mood to write about the winter break even tho so much happened! all the pix are in my laptop. and damn, my laptop now cannot be switched on! haih! tension je! i went to ALL computer service shops and NONE of them were Dell retailers. how frustrating when i heard from them that the only Dell agent in Oz is in Sydney. adei. =(
so, stress, be my company!


MusafiR said...

jgn sedih2..

the macho dude said...

ade org kate klau ade warranty dell..die buatkan free jek mende alah motherboard,cheer up ya..hehe..

carilaa nom kdai dell tuh kat jek..heh