My Girl

Gosh. I am TOTALLY addicted to this series. its a korean drama entitled 'My Girl' starring Lee Dong Wook, Lee Da Hae & etc. yesterday, i watched the series from 10pm till 6am straight x tido.huhu. hiysh, dorot jahat! she was the one who introduced me the series. waaa~ neways, the drama was fantastic. funny, romantic and very sweeeeeet!~ ;) there was this one episode (episode 15 if i'm not mistaken) which was really sad till i cried madly! T_T
as i have just finished the last episode (epi 16), i straight away download ALL the soundtracks. they're all pretty cool especially never say goodbye (video above) and Sarang Eun Him Deun Ga Bwa. for those of u who haven't watch the series, u can stream it online by clicking here.

p/s: Seoul Gong Chan (Lee Dong Wook) who's the hero of this drama is sooo handsome. ngaa~ sangat suke!!! *twinkling eyes*

pp/s: to dorot : Gong Chan aku nye! x kire! x kire! :P

It's finally finished!

EPD project is finally over. yippeee~! no more late night ups doing research, etc. tomorrow's the due date and today, the report is sent off for printing. :D

the front cover

layout of the amusement park

design of taxi and bus stands

yesterday, i changed my blog template again. huh. i'm just bored with the old one coz its toooo black and dull. ngaaa~ i spent some time searching for new templates but none were interesting. so, i just use the templates provided by blogger. senang pun senang. and i dont need to use the classic template which is troublesome.

mmm. by the way, its the 8th day of Puasa, 22 days to Hari Raya and 2 MONTHS 22 DAYS OFF TO MALAYSIA. oh i just can't wait! ;)

check out this song. its totally cool!!~~

Salam Ramadhan

past maghrib. its officially 1st of Ramadhan. just now, had terawih with afiqah. tomorrow after fajr, is going to be the 1st day of fasting. the 2nd time fasting overseas and the 1st time fasting sooooo far away from my family. uwaa. i'm soooo missing home! :'(
Usually, after dinner my dad would tell everyone to niat puasa. n after maghrib all of us would walk to the surau nearby to perform terawih.
during the day, my dad would take all of us to a bazar ramadhan and my siblings and i would choose and pick the kuehs that we want. kueh caramel, tepung pelita, onde-onde, etc. urgh..i'm soooo gonna miss all those foods! :'(
then, when breaking the fast, all of us would sit together and dad will read the doa while everyone will listen obediently. kurma would be the 1st to be eaten. dad always grumbles when any of us eats anything else 1st. haha. miss those moments~! T_T
for sahur, mum would be the early one to wake up and after she finishes cooking she has to do the hardest job of all which is getting everyone up. the hardest one would be dad! haha. no offense dad~! ngeee... :P

neways, even though its sad to be far away from my loved ones, i still have my friends here to enjoy the precious moments of fasting month and also raya nanti. huhu. spring break which is soon to come will be spent to make kueh raye and testing for masak2 for hari raya nanti! ngeee~ :D

for all muslims out there, selamat berpuasa dan marilah mengerjakan amalan ibadat sebanyak mungkin di bulan yang mulia ini. ;)

Which hero are you?

i came across this survey by tickle and since i'm a huge fan of HEROES i decided to give it a try. ngeeee~ n guess wut, i'm Hiro Nakamura. ;p

for those of u who want to try the test, click HERE.

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Wow, you're


Such a dreamer! Even when you're stuck in a rut, you still reach for the stars. Happy-go-lucky and trusting you may be, but silly you're not — you've definitely got a practical side. And no matter what the future holds for you, we know you'll have fun along the way!

Merdeka Dinner 2007

Here goes...

50 years of Merdeka

Last Saturday, 1st September 2007, the Adelaideans had a Merdeka Dinner at Dom Polski which is located somewhere in the city area. Upon reaching there, me and the others had to walk our way through the streets merentasi bangunan ini dan itu dlm kekelaman malam yg sejuk. ;p for the guys xpe la..but we girls yg pakai heels ni nak berlari catch up dgn diorg was a disaster. huhu..

the girls of my table

wif izza & afiq

close-up of us

neways, the night started with a lion dance and then as usual followed by speeches from vvip & vip. then, there was a multimedia presentation but bcoz the screen was soo kecik n my table was somewhere at the very back, x dpt la nk concentrate. it was then followed by a band performance which presented 'Dunia Batinku', 'Permaisuri' and 'Crumbs'. It could have been better if xde problem dgn PA system yg agak kucar-kacir that night. To see the band performance click here.

ppl started eating and bile tiba our table's turn to get food, it was really frustrating when we knew that there were no sate-s left. Ggrr.. Luckily, kueh sagu still ade. the performance for that night was continued by a sketsa which included silat performance, m'sian traditional dances, etc. To see the silat performance click here. After that, ade dikir barat. i think that was the best performance on that night. ;)

silat performance

tarian melayu

dikir barat part 1

dikir barat part 2

Despite of the certain problems yg mengkucar-kacirkan malam tuh, i still managed to have fun till the very end. Lagi2 la i won the 1st lucky draw for that night. hihi. it was shocking when i heard my number being called. during that time, i was with the others lining up to get food. hihi.

hasbi's car b4 pulang~! thanx for the ride neways..;)