hello again.
its been ages since the last time i've been here. huu.

here's some of the pix during my days as a teacher dat i managed to upload. hee. :D

with the form 5 students.miss them a lot! :(

this was during the merentas desa event. take a look of what i'm holding.
hehe. yeah, a file. i was one of the pencatit masa for the winners of the race. :P

dearest students of form 4 :D

well neway,
here i am, back in old adelaide again. been here for almost one month now. n the weather is drastically getting cold. imagine last week's temperature was around 30+ to 40 degrees, but today and the days to come, the temperature will drop rapidly to around 12 to 26 degrees. pergh.
one day, i was longing for the aircond to be switched on, and on the next day, i was sleeping under the quilt with my sweater and socks.

okay, enuf of dat. lets talk about moving home shud we.
yeah, last week i moved in to my new house which is located at Brooklyn Park. its actually quite far from the city (everytime i'm on my way bak home from uni, i manage to take a short nap taw!). but neva mind dat. the rent is far way cheaper than the previous house i rented. so, i guess, worth it la kot if duk jauh sket pun, rite? still, really jealous dgn Hanif (bukan nama sebenar) yg rent rumah dia only 200 bucks per month! gileee murah okay! the remaining money after tolak sume2 bills can be used to go for at least 3 -4 rounds of shopping tuh. ngeee. =p

erm, btw its easter break for this coming 4 days. yeay, xde kelas! but, i have heaps of work/assignments to be done and a whole lot of revision to do. waaa..noe wut, i have 3 classes dat start at 8 in the morning and i have one day where my class finishes at 8pm. gilos!
*i'm really trying to manage my time well for this sem.and also mybe managing my money skali la kot. hee. wish me luck! *

p/s-dorot dtg adelaide sabtu neh!!! :D


amirulxvii said...

Weh. Budak2 tu sume x gerun ke dgr suare ko yg ganas tu? Huhu...Nway,good luck sem baru ni. Control2 la ckit nafsu shopping tu ek? Huhu...

izy said...

gambar first gile nampak macam cikgu betul! tapi baju kedut.. :p hihi!

Nailufar said...

teacher yana! im in ur picture! missing u a lot!!