2 in 1 21st birthdays

Goodbye sweet 20 years old and say HELLO to the brand new 21 years old of HUSEN (16/4) & NAJMI (21/4). =)
happy birthday guys and best of luck in the challenging days that awaits!

and as usual, there wud always b a squeezy-juicy birthday party indeed!!!

Day/Date : Wednesday /16th April 08
Time : from sunset till 8.30pm
Location : Glenelg

the original plan was to meet at the beach around 5.30 so all of us can enjoy the beautiful moments of sunset at Glenelg. but it turns out to be only me, afiq n zati were the lucky ones who managed to witness the bright orang-iey sun fades away.

Captured these photos while waiting for the others to arrive.ngeng.

after several minutes of waiting, there came the birthday boy and his mates and the birthday girl and her mates.
maghrib prayer was performed 1st n then we headed to Nandos to have dinner treated by the birthday kiddies. =) thanxx guys! dinner was fabulous! nyum3. =D

1.ciskek of norwood & choc cake of brooklyn park =P
2.the birthdays boy & girl slicing their cakes.nyum3.. =)

the birthday presents!!! husen received a mp3 player & sweater (no photo) while najmi received a Guess purse & a Cellini handbag. yoawww~~! nak jugakkk!!!!

the time showed 7.30 pm when suddenly Nadia came along with Nabil bringing along their friend, Firdaus and joined our so-called party. we ate greedily, we chatted loudly, we snapped photographs and we laughed happily ever after. =P neways, it sure was a happening nite. =)

the night came to an end when all of us departed n with different routes headed back home.

foot-note: gosh! sdap gilos ciskek yg encik hijaz bwat. bwat lagikkk!!!!! mahu2!!!


usen said...

wow!ade wat entry utk our bday ke...*blushing* hehehe =p

thanx 4 d mp3 broklyn park-ers..!!pasni slalu laa bwk mp3 tuh gi uni..hehe

oh ya, ur cake was super duper delicious!!aku n luffy siap gado2 nk d last slice! =p

n thanx 4 a fantastic nite!really enjoyed it! btw,nk gamba2 mlm tuh ek nnt!

p/s: nnt aku bg recipe ciskek...hijaz kat melbon skang..tgu die blk dlu..heh

Ikhwan Jaafar said...

giler happening....

najmi said...

OMG!bnyknyeh muka aku kt page yana.....waa..terharu..thanx k0rang f0r d yummy ch0c cake n d handbag..sgt sukee...hee..btw im n0t 21 yet..hahah

alonq_exe said...


Gile best birthday kat sana. XD