P.S. I Love You

Raise your hands if you have already watched the movie entitled ‘P/S: I Love You’? well, u guys might probably agree wif me if i say that the movie is not only a one, but two thumbs up! kan? kan? seriously BEST GILA!!! *melt gila dgn Gerry~~~~*

for those of u yg x tgk lagi, ask me for the movie while i still have the copy okay. ngeee.. ;)

actually, the movie, starring Hilary Swank (Holly) and Gerard Butler
(Gerry) was adapted from a story book with the same title written by Cecelia Ahern (published in 2004). since afiq told me that the book was a bit boring, bla bla bla, so i din actually read the book yet. but it seems that the movie proved to be the opposite. it sure was fantastic, sweet, hilarious, romantic, touching and a bit sad apparently. i shed into tears throughout the movie and had to grab some tissue whilst watching it (okay i admit, i’m a bit really sentimental most of the tyme pun ;P).

neway for me, scene yang paling sedey was tyme Holly sang on stage after Gerry died whereas scene yang paling best + sweet was when the first tyme both of em met each other la kot. cumeyl sgt2 diorg tyme tu. aarr..minat gila Gerry *melted*. gosh yana. stop it la. ur starting to be obsessed. benci la...urgh! ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

owh btw, check out the official trailer below and enjoy! ;)
i recommend u guys to watch it!


izy said...

the book was a lot better la! the movie wus a bit boring compared to the book. but still best

Najmi said...

afiq tipu!!..the b0ok sgt bes ok if u read it..aku 100% agreed with izy!..aku bc buku nih semalaman oth0 sgt tebal taw..haha..

Anonymous said...

Gosh! I'm one of Cecelia Ahern's avid fans. N here I'd like to recommend u to read her novels, especially d one entitled "If u could see me now". If im not mistaken, Walt Disney has already choosen this novel to be filmed. I'm sure u'll be enchanted by her way of writing :D so fascinating, romantic n breath-taking story.