exam day + happy birthday = a very loooooong day indeed!

it was still dark when me and afiq headed to the exam hall this mornin. around 6.50 kot. gile semangat. mane x semangat nye. it was our last paper for this sem! yuhuu~ by 12.30 pm, our sem is officially over! =)

Left : Afiq on d way g bas stop yg jauh gle. d mornin of our last exm!
Right : me n sian fah just outside d exam hall. cuakkkkk~

*yeah! i'm done wif exams! isn’t dat just great? not at all! cuak glee nk dpt results! aaarr, just 4get bout dat for a mo’ n enjoy d hols yana!*

neways, afiq’s turning 21 years of age today, 2nd of July 2008. hee. =) happy birthday afiqah syg! may ALLAH bless u always n semoga panjang umur n dimurahkan rezeki selalu.

the other housemates (zati & kak bash) n me actually have planned to give her a surprise bday party dat evening. luckily she went out celebrating wif lutfie jap. so we thought sempat la nak ready foods, presents, kemas umah, etc n hoping that everything will go on smoothly. xnak kantoi like last year punye. totally spoilt in many ways! haha. but guess wat, we really faced a lot of problems today n d biggest one was PUTUS BEKALAN AIR!

urgh, tension! around 1 o’clock tetibe je pipe air x mengeluarkan air. adei. without any notice pulak tu! we were really lucky bcoz most of d foods dah siap pagi tu. credit to kak bash n zati who managed to finish d nasi impit, begedil, agar2 n sambal.so, when I got home, I only had to do the soup n choc cheesecake. but then, how can I make d soup without any water? adei. i was so mad that time n end up picking up the broomstick n started to clean up the house. :P

around 4.30 we heard water splashing in the kitchen. kak bash left the tap open so dat we can hear d water when its supplied back. hee. bravo la! =) n bile ade je air, we all headed straight to d kitchen. everythin had to be done fast coz d guests will b arriving around 5.30 -6pm.

owh ya, credit to husen as well for the susu n aluminium foil! hehe. =)

it wasn’t long after dat when afiq came back home. from the way she acted, i think dat she knew nothing bout d party. am i rite, afiq? say yes! hihi. :P

Bday gal slicing d home made baked choc cheesecake. nyummylicous~! =)

everyone dat evening wif afiq holding d cake. c it?

tukang2 masak di dapur; kak bash n zati. abaikan d person in grey. hihi. =p

well, anyways, i really hope u enjoyed what we’ve prepared for u n d presents of course! ko nk sgt beg kan? well, u’ve just got urself one. hee. =) hope u love it!

d bday gal n her presents; new sweater n bag! :D

many thanx to everyone who came. even though a few guests arrived a lil late from d bdy gal, but d nite was fun anyway. =)

wel afiq, i'll b waiting for my bday party pulak nnt! hehe. :P

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najmi said...

few guest yg lmbt tu termsuk aku la tuh..hoh0o..kt0rang cri adiah tuk birthday girl laa..heee..weyh upl0ad bwt bungee jumping..nk tg0k..aku tgh jeles gila nih!!..nk bwt jgk!