Sleepyhead =S

okay, now i know wht do i hve to do when i cudnt get to sleep. seriously it works! well, at least for me it does! haha.
simple. all i need to do is just open the thermodynamics textbook and read a few pages. in like 5 mins or so, i'll b happily wandering around in my soo-called illusive dreams.
haish. stress btul.

well, here i am, trying to wipe out the sleepy feeling i had from reading that fantastic txtbook.
haish. bile nk tobat ni yana oi. keje x siap lagik, lagha balek.

neways, since i've already uploaded d dance n dikir barat vids during last week's msian carnival, i'll just update bout d event here then.

it was a great event indeed! seriously d best part was simply d fabulous foods that were sold! =D roti jala, nasi kerabu, nasi lemak, kuey-teow goreng. well, u name any! even cendol n dadih pun ade. ngehehe.
owh n ya, i din know dat d kueh roti mini yg bentuk mcm pau n ade sambal kat tgh tu is called as 'burger msia'. haha. sdap2! bought it twice lagi tu. =D

n not to 4get, d performances were great as well!
1st was d malaysian traditional dance. great job guys! it really was a fantastic show, even tho da actually hafal da steps korang sume. (evryday watched em practise. haha. =P)

next was d dikir barat. d one dat wudnt be missed out if ade carnival2 cmni. hee. =D albeit there were a few mistakes dat happened during the show (biase la tu kan.. nervous!haha), overall it was okay i say! well done guys! =D

b4 i pen off (or shud i say, keyboard off? okay, x pyh. pelik gle.), i wish all malaysians no matter where u r, SELAMAT MENYAMBUT HARI KEMERDEKAAN KE-51!

(cewaah. tetibe patriotik plak.haha)

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