The best winter trip of 2008 - new zealand :D

okay, this is gonna be a veryyyyy long post to jot down all the 9 awesome days spent in NZ last week. but neva mind, i'll try to just include the main attractions and leave out all the bebelans yg xde kaitan. so, enjoy!

8/7/08 (Tuesday)

we started our journey by taking the Tiger Airways flight from Adel-Melb around 8.45pm. coz there's no direct flight from Adel-NZ, so kene transit dulu at Melb. that night was really2 funny sbb kitorg sume tido dkt suraw airport. our flight to Christchurch,NZ was due d next morning. so kene la merempat jap. punye la takut n mmg x lena la tdo. siap peluk handbag masuk dlm sleeping bag lagik just in case ade org masuk nk merompak ke. who knows kan? haha.

9/7/08 (Wednesday)
after subuh je, terus siap2 n gerak g bfast dulu. went to eat Krispy Kreme donuts for d 1st time! hee. rase dia not bad. but still, dunkin donuts lagi sdap la! :D

we arrived in Christchurch around 3pm camtu. then met Arul & Anis n diorg bwk g beli foods utk bekalan spnjg journey utk travel south island of new zealand. thanx korang! :D singgah asian grocery n oso 'pak n save'. gosh, chocs here r soooo cheap! geram btul! after da beli all the things, went to umah Auntie Rogayah utk stay there 4 d nite. mlm tuh dinner dia masak lauk kari kepala ikan salmon. n totally sdap gilos! da lame gle x mkn ikan since blk adelaide ari tuh. huhu. miss msia! :(

10/7/08 (Thursday)
early morning Auntie Rogayah da prepare-kan pizza n pasta 4 bfast. gosh. terharu gle time nih! thanx a billion! :D d pizza was nyummylicious! then, around 9.30am, we started our journey to Lake Tekapo dulu. it took us about 2 to 3 hours kot utk smpai. owh yeah, 4got to mention, NZ sjuuuuukk! but naseb baek angin x kuat cam adelaide! kalo x, muka n mulut da boley kebas2 da. haiyya..neways, lake tekapo mmg cunnn! snow was everywhere! n oso, ade gak surface lopak2 air yg beku tepi jln. we took a break here, mkn2 roti, pizza n oso pasta. n yeah, obviously, posing2 amek gmba skali la. :P

then, went to lake pukaki (bout 40mins from lake tekapo) as well. lake pukaki sgt2 cun! siyessss! n kat cni terjumpe dgn pakcik cina n dia nye family yg actually org msia. diorg on the way to queenstown. hee.

after dat, headed straight to the famous Puzzling World, located in Wanaka. entered their illusion rooms n mmg cool gle! there were holograms, quizzes n riddles, eye tricks n many more. i felt really amazed by those ppl who were creative n smart enuf to create all those sort of illusions n tricks. :D mmg sgt pndaiiii la!

it was 5.30 pm when we were on d road again heading to Queenstown pulak. at dat time, the sky was already dark coz tgh winter. we chose to use an alternative highway utk smpai Queenstown cpt. little did we know dat d roads dat await were really dangerous n winding! mmg sgt2 teruk jln dia! teruk as in sgt2 takut! takut as in tepi jln is gaung n bukit n oso x ade benteng tepi jln. omg. scary gle dat time! ade jugak la budak2 nih yg da psycho2 dah n mulut masing2 da start berzikir. neway, last yr sebenanye mmg ade malaysian student yg pnh accident kat jln tuh n meninggal. huhu. alhamdulillah, eveything went well n everyone pun selamat smpai queenstown. dat nite checked in kat YHA hostel for 3 nites.

11/7/08 (Friday)

we had bread wif tuna, baked beans n scrambled egg for bfast dat morning. n straight away headed to ride the Gondola to the top of a hill at the centre of Queenstown city. gosh. the view from the top of the hill was stunning! it was really beautiful ;) snow was everywhere on top of d hill. here, we went to play the luge. siyes best gle! :D masa main luge, kesian kat Husen coz mengalami eksiden. haha. ade one time tuh, luge dia terbabas coz brek x mkn! aiyakk..

ptg tu pulak went to Arrowtown, the town of gold. it was a really small town n there was nothin much that can b done here. just snapping a few pix n oso masuk kdai chocs. ngee. i like~~ we bought one different flavour of fudge each n shared amongst ourselves. boley thn sdap gaks. :D
but it was too sweeeeet! hik. :P

we spent d evening pusing2 Queenstown city centre. well, most of d shops ade je kat adelaide. so, nothin much yg boley di buwat. cuma, there was dis one bar where the inside is all made of ice. everythin! d chairs, tables, mugs, etc. but, d entrance fee mhl gilos, so tgk dr luar aje la. huhu. :(

12/7/08 (Saturday)
this was d BIG day dat evryone was waiting 4! hee. yeah, it was d day to do d scary bungy jumping! :S early morning, evryone just had a bite of biscuit je. sume xnk mkn bnyk just in case termuntah ke.. haha. :P
went to 'the station' utk check-in dulu n then took the shuttle van to d bungy platform which was located at Kawarau Bridge. i actually thought dat i was d 7th person to jump among these guys coz my ticket number was printed '7'. but then, bile da atas bridge tuh, crew dia just arranged us randomly. n guess wut, i was d lucky person to be d 1st jumper among them! :S anyway, i knew i had to do d jump anyway. so, nk x nk, kene gak lompat. gosh. cuak gle time pandang bwh. naseb baek, i had d courage to jump. i dunno where i get dat from. haha. dah la gayat gle time tuh. haish.. next was lutfie. followed by afiq, husen, zati, ala, amid n lastly kak bash. everyone jumped even tho ade gak yg stay lame kat atas tuh takut nk trun.hihi. :P anyway, bungy was realllllly cool!!!

next was shotover jetboating. this one was cool as well! :D we rode on a jetboat that reached 85km/h through d shotover canyons. there was oso this 360 degree spin yg rase cam nk melantun kuar dr boat tuh. huhu. a really thrillng ride! this time pulak, kesian kat afiq. coz dia muntah tyme naek boat tuh. haissshhh. :P

dat evening, ronda Queenstown city lagik n then had dinner at this Turkish Kebab restaurant. sodap2! harga pun sodap skali la. :P

13/7/08 (Sunday)

dat morning, packing2 brg n checked out from d hostel. b4 heading to Dunedin, wat paraflight dulu. this one was awesome too! :D naek parachute that was connected to a boat n flew into the air enjoying the sceneries of queenstown n lake wakatipu. this time pulak, kesian kat Amid. coz she threw out 3 times! i repeat, 3 times! hehe. :P

after dat, singgah mkn ice cream dulu at Patagonia restaurant. sdap gilos ice cream kat cni! chocs dia pun seems delicious tp hrga cam mhl sgt plak. :(
then, we started our journey to dunedin pulak. stopped at Milton to have lunch : pasta goreng ;)
arrived in Dunedin around 6pm. went to Pokku's house 1st. thanx Imran for serving us the apples n juice. haha. :P left the guys here n then went to Farah's n Rahmah's house. thanx korang satu rumah for d warm hospitality! :D laen kali if korang dtg adelaide, jemput la dtg umah kitorg lak! hee. :D dat nite, dijamu mkn kari ayam n sayur goreng. sodap2!! :D perut pulak mmg tgh lapa time tuh. hehe. :P

14/7/08 (Monday)
early morning, went to Larnach Castle. at 1st, tersalah jln ikut GPS bengong. terpaksa patah balik coz xnk lalu jln tuh. jln tuh cam horror gle kecuraman dia n kepusing-an dia. adess. :S jln2 kat NZ mostly berbukit-bukau n pusing2. sape2 yg nk drive kat NZ must be skilled in driving!

then, went to d steepest street in d world which is Baldwin street. on dat particular time n day, ade Jaffa Cadbury choc festival. so, tersgtlah ramai org kat c2. d festival was about jatuhkan chocs Jaffa down Baldwin street n whoever gets the choc with d serial number needed will win 1000 dollars. i wasnt sure whether there was a winner or not dat day but anyways, chocs bertaburan merata2 atas jln tuh. huhu.

d next stop was Cadbury World. although we din get d chance to view d chocolate making process in d factory, we managed to watch a video on d history of cadbury in NZ, etc. evryone was then given a packet of cadbury chocs for free. ;) the inside of the cadbury world was really fun n interesting tho!

next was walking around otago uni n dunedin city guided by Intan, afiq's friend. thanx a bunch Intan 4 touring us around. ngee :D

15/7/08 (Tuesday)
early in d morning, amid n i went to a supermarket nearby to buy some squid to cook for lunch. gosh, seafood kat dunedin murah gle if nk compare dgn adelaide. *jeles* :P
we bought 1 kilo of squid n masak sambal. around 11 am, we started our way back to
Christchurch again. stopped for a mo' at Moeraki Boulders. d main attraction here were d sphere looking rocks on d beach. d place was undoubtly beautiful btw.

next stop was Timaru where we had our tasty squid lunch. :D
christchurch was back in sight again around 6.30pm. husen n lutfie went over to arul's place to spend d nite while d girls went bak to auntie rogayah's house. we were suprised to noe dat she cooked nasi tomato for us! thanxxx so much! it was superbly delicious! :D

16/7/08 (Wednesday)

we had karipap n fried rice for bfast dat mornin. [d guys were like sooo jealous of us coz we had lotsa delicious foods to eat.ngahaha. :P] we then headed to Cathedral Square. there was an All Blacks festival dat day n if i'm not mistaken, we had actually met a few of d All Blacks players! cooool!

it was then time to buy souvenirs 4 ppl bak home. hee. like always, shopping's super fun! teehee. :D i just cudnt resist myself from buying those cute lil keychains, fridge magnets, tshirts, n other stuffs dat has NZ written all over it. haha. da la murah, comeyl2 lak tuh. haishh. saje je nk suruh abeskan duwet. :P

late afternoon we then went to uni of canterbury n oso Cashmere, a place on top of a hill where u can see d whole Christchurch city. the view was bombastic! :D loved it! thanx arul for driving us there! hee.

something happened btw on our way bak from Cashmere i think. there were a group of police officers doing a road block on one of the roads. as we had 9 ppl on board (max passengers shud only b 8 ppl), so we had to like get away from those guys. kalo x, nnt x pasal kene saman. huhu. so, we turned left into another road. but unfortunately, there were a couple of police officers already waiting there also. so, we had no other choice than to stop. luckily, they were only doing an alcohol test on d drivers. huhu. n policeman tu mcm x perasan je kewujudan lebey seorang passenger. but kitorg kene gak la warning coz x pakai seatbelts. naseb x kene saman! huhu.

dinner dat nite was kari ikan, sayur campur, kerabu epal, choc cake, banana cake, fruits, etc. huhu. heaven gle foods kat umah Auntie Rogayah. thanx again 4 d warm hospitality! :D d guys including arul were there too enjoying d foods. hee. suke la tuh. :P

17/7/08 (Thursday)
it finally came to our last day in NZ. it was sad actually to leave. but all good things come to an end. rite? pagi tu sempat lagik g kdai souvenirs shopping lagik. ngee. then straight away went to d airport n anta kete sewa.
dat nite, smpai adelaide around 11 lebey n smpai umah around 12 lebey. huu. pancit gle sengsorang!
phew. what a tiring but exciting trip we had! it was fun really! duit yg abes pun fun jugak le. but, it was worth d experience. :D sape2 yg x gi lagik nz, u guys must go la. especially queenstown! sgt cantik bdr tuh n all d activities yg buley wat pun besh2. :D

exam day + happy birthday = a very loooooong day indeed!

it was still dark when me and afiq headed to the exam hall this mornin. around 6.50 kot. gile semangat. mane x semangat nye. it was our last paper for this sem! yuhuu~ by 12.30 pm, our sem is officially over! =)

Left : Afiq on d way g bas stop yg jauh gle. d mornin of our last exm!
Right : me n sian fah just outside d exam hall. cuakkkkk~

*yeah! i'm done wif exams! isn’t dat just great? not at all! cuak glee nk dpt results! aaarr, just 4get bout dat for a mo’ n enjoy d hols yana!*

neways, afiq’s turning 21 years of age today, 2nd of July 2008. hee. =) happy birthday afiqah syg! may ALLAH bless u always n semoga panjang umur n dimurahkan rezeki selalu.

the other housemates (zati & kak bash) n me actually have planned to give her a surprise bday party dat evening. luckily she went out celebrating wif lutfie jap. so we thought sempat la nak ready foods, presents, kemas umah, etc n hoping that everything will go on smoothly. xnak kantoi like last year punye. totally spoilt in many ways! haha. but guess wat, we really faced a lot of problems today n d biggest one was PUTUS BEKALAN AIR!

urgh, tension! around 1 o’clock tetibe je pipe air x mengeluarkan air. adei. without any notice pulak tu! we were really lucky bcoz most of d foods dah siap pagi tu. credit to kak bash n zati who managed to finish d nasi impit, begedil, agar2 n, when I got home, I only had to do the soup n choc cheesecake. but then, how can I make d soup without any water? adei. i was so mad that time n end up picking up the broomstick n started to clean up the house. :P

around 4.30 we heard water splashing in the kitchen. kak bash left the tap open so dat we can hear d water when its supplied back. hee. bravo la! =) n bile ade je air, we all headed straight to d kitchen. everythin had to be done fast coz d guests will b arriving around 5.30 -6pm.

owh ya, credit to husen as well for the susu n aluminium foil! hehe. =)

it wasn’t long after dat when afiq came back home. from the way she acted, i think dat she knew nothing bout d party. am i rite, afiq? say yes! hihi. :P

Bday gal slicing d home made baked choc cheesecake. nyummylicous~! =)

everyone dat evening wif afiq holding d cake. c it?

tukang2 masak di dapur; kak bash n zati. abaikan d person in grey. hihi. =p

well, anyways, i really hope u enjoyed what we’ve prepared for u n d presents of course! ko nk sgt beg kan? well, u’ve just got urself one. hee. =) hope u love it!

d bday gal n her presents; new sweater n bag! :D

many thanx to everyone who came. even though a few guests arrived a lil late from d bdy gal, but d nite was fun anyway. =)

wel afiq, i'll b waiting for my bday party pulak nnt! hehe. :P