Such a random update

salam and hello.

i've been a bit busy lately. not only i still have to go to UKM to finish up my experiment, i also need to finish writing up the report. my supervisor has already asked for the report last week. *doomed*

next up is amirah's wedding. yesterday we went to see a few of our old friends to distribute the invitation cards. oh god, i feel so old now. a friend of mine has been married for like 2 years and she already has a baby now. the other one will be getting married in less than 2 weeks! anyway, congrats mira dear. i wish u the best for your future. :)

will be missing you though. :(

went shopping too yesterday with aisyah si busuk.

there was sale everywhere! and it was even up to 70%. my eyes were all big and round eyeing for anything thats attractive.

i think my tiny eyes turned this big and round. erm, or maybe a bit cuter? this one looks a bit scary. -_-"

oh well, shoes, accessories, shirts, tops, pants and everything were sooooo cheap. okay not ALL, but MOST of them are! gee, who wants to go shopping? i'm still in need for moreeeee retail therapy.

mind you, doing that experiment in UKM is really stressing me out ok. :(

alright, lame reason. duh.

by the way, aisyah si busuk also gave me a few episodes of Boys Over Flower last night. its one of the Korean drama series that is very popular (aisyah said so). ok, i think i'll give it a try since the actors are somehow quite cute. *winks* :p

if anyone wanted to know, aisyah is head over heels for everything that's related to Korea.


ask her anything about the artists (guys especially :p), boybands, songs, dramas and whatsoever, she'll have no problem in answering. yes, THAT fanatic.

speaking of that, she introduced me to, oh well, most of you might know this band.

Super Junior!

and to be honest, i absolutely love the Sorry Sorry song. sooooo cool okay! :)

i played the song over and over again which i think have reached more than 100 times plays already. -_-"

i blame aisyah for this. aih.

here goes the song. enjoy! :)

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nadia al-akmal said...

YANA! Seriously we are still YOUNG okay. People are just getting married at younger age these days. *sigh*

Btw, Boys over flowers tu citer Meteor garden version Korea. And btw aku boleh dance part chorus lagu SuJu (Super Junior) tu (plus a little bit of the non-chorus part). Haha. Ko musti tak caye kan? Haha.

And... another thing, ko jadi lecturer ke hape kat UKM?