cococococococo, Amococo!

Amococo is here in Adelaide, yay!

Adelaideans who haven't yet had the chance to go, do not miss this out as it will only be open till this Sunday. pegi cepat! the entrance fee is only 2 bucks, why not try?

To those of you who do not know what Amococo is, its some kind of gigantic hand-made colourful balloons where you can step in. once you're in, you can enjoy the scene, sit down and relax whilst listening to the serene background music.

This is an example of how it looks like. This one isn't the one in Adelaide though, but it looks pretty much similar.

the inside world of Amococo :p

yeah, it was fun and exciting to see how creative they are. creating such magnificent things like this. if only i was that creative.

frankly speaking, i've always loved art. paintings, music, performances etc etc. anything that has to do with being creative and thinking differently from others. its just soooo unique don't you think? ahaha.

well anyways,who knows what the best part was about this Amococo thing?

cam-whoring of course! heee. :D

in front of the ticket booth

yay, our orange passes! the queue wasn't that long and so we didn't have to wait for such a long time. During the weekends, you might probably need to wait for hoursssss just to buy a ticket! ppfft!

us us us!

red lighting section

i soooo love this picture! the shot miraculously happened to be just nice! :)
maybe because it was me who was the photographer? ahaha.

okayy, not so nice as this one looks pretty shaky. aih, but i still want to post this up, because there's me in it! hihi.

cak cak!

love this pix due to the blending of colours. niceeeeee one!
izzati, veryyy veryyy wrong timing okayy anda berada di situ!ishh. :p

last but not least, saranghae~ love love love!

1st weekEND back

Its Monday today, and i'm here, sitting on my not-so-comfy chair at home, not going to uni. oh well, its public holiday today, Adelaide Cup i think. *big grin* :D

anyway, yesterday me and my ever loving housemates went to kill some time at Rymill Park and North Terrace. there's the Adelaide fringe going on at the moment. since i've never went to the fringe festival before, this year i just have to go. its my final year here, and i've promised myself to go to every event being held that i have missed during the previous years.

At the Northern Lights, various colourful patterns are being projected onto the classical buildings along North Terrace. Here's one building for example. (oops, not sure what's the name of this building)

Pictures credit to Yas.

they're really creative you know, these people. even i wouldn't have thought of projecting vibrant colours onto these old and classical buildings which somehow turned out to be really cool and awesome!

The South Australian Museum, which i have never been to. -_-'

The next morning we went to Rundle Street to see the street performances (couldn't really enjoy the show as i was a bit too shortttt as compared to the locals here which left me seeing no other than their backs rather than seeing the performers. aish.) and then headed over to the Sunday Market where most of the stalls sell handcrafted items like jewelries and clothes.

okay, so now back to reality. school starts again tomorrow. and i already have projects to think about and do some bit of drafting for this topic and that. yosh! final year, bring it on!! signboard! (picture credit to Afiq)