afiq's 20th birthday bash!

its someone's birthday again. and another party also we had. it was fun really! ;)

me & afiq (zaman2 intec dahulu kala)

our shoes yg sama brand..ngahaha..

neway, i'm taking this oppurtunity to wish afiq:


actually, afiq's birthday is on the 2nd of July, but we're actually going to be in melbourne during that time. so, we decided to have a party a bit early which is on the nite b4 we're all heading to melbourne tomorrow, the 29th of June 2007. what a tiring-looooong today i had!! with all the cooking, the baking, the planning and also the packing till midnigt. phew! kesian izy yg tgh sakit2 badan and demam2 had to put full effort in smashing and penyek-lenyek the potatoes in order to make the most delicious mashed potatoes for that nite. puas hati la tapi. the result was a finger licking good dish!

neways, the next 2 weeks, i'll be in melbourne city and also in clayton north visiting my friends over there and also to get hold of the snow at mt. buller. hehe. that's the thing i've been wating for actually. ngehehe. ;)
i guess i'm going to be doing a lot of things over there. here is a short list of certain things that i will be doing:

-watch masca games. (tgk org2 melayu lain actually. bowsan da tgk org yg same je kat adelaide..adeii..;p)

-tido pakai heater. bcoz we're too kedekut to pasang our own heater at home. saving punye pasal. elektrik mahal. neways, my friends yg dkt CS & residence halls, elektrik mereka FREE. so, mari kite pakai heater mereka!! ngehehehe..=))

-pegi mount buller. yeay! can't wait to play snowboarding..(as if i'm good at it je. lol)

-mengunjungi Smith Street kat Melbourne. heard that this place ade jual brg2 branded yg teramatlah murah. my friend once said, ' u can get a pair of Nike shoes for 19 dollars je'. what? OMG!! I TOTALLY CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS ONE!!!

-bersiar2 di Great Ocean Road dan memposing2 di 12 Apostotles (is my spelling coreect?)

-berjumpe rakan2 yg dah lame x jumpe. dorot, inaz, azreen etc.

-eating something else other than chicken wing. owh, no more chicken wings please!! i've had
ENUF over here!! fish wud do just fine! hehe. org2 melb, if baca, ape lagi, prepare la ey! haha =p

-owh..i just can't think anymore. tooooooo much plans inside my head. need some sleep. tomorrow, 6.50 kene bertolak pergi bus stop Adelaide. n ber-JALAN KAKI from my aprtment okay!! arr..!! gle la. why? pasal, we need to be at the bus station by 7.30. and busses kat cni operate starting from 8 am (city loop n bee line- yg lalu bus station la) adei... another tiring day soon to come!


SyaHruLFitRi said...

assalamu'alaikum liyana...

this comment isnt reflecting ur post.. all i can say is, u r tagged!!
wanna know what is this all about, check out this link:

or easily go to my blog & search for the post entitled "Special edition: TAGGED??? yeah, it's an orphanage charity.." 2007>July


may Allah bless us..


liyana jaafar said...

syah, i've olredi been tagged b4 la! i need to write another one? the one that i've posted je la ey? heee~~