A new addiction or hobby?

right. what is the difference between addiction and hobby? i searched up here and it states that:

addiction : the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma.

hobby : an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation

to tell you the truth during the past week, i've been doing a new activity.
i call it as "ebay-ing". :P every time i enter my room, i'd go to my lappy
and type "ebay". that was back then. now, i put ebay's link under my bookmarks toolbar. yesterday, istayed up all night browsing through various items on ebay. whereas today, i think i've opened the homepage more than 20 times! i had also bid on some items and unfortunately [or maybe fortunately?], most of the items, i lost to a much higher bidding! haha. boooo to me! :P just now, when i was doing an online quiz, i opened a new tab and went to ebay when i know i haven't finished answering yet! haih...

so what do you reckon? addiction or hobby?


Alia Mazalan said...

welcome to the club! haha. tapi saye da jadi sleeping member. dalam koma more like it kot. hehe. first timers mmg akan find ebaying addictive. it wont wear off until you win something and bile poket da kosong. =D

jadi, slamat membid dan menangis sebab tak menang bid. hahaha. sedey woo! penat monitor berminggu2, berjam2. isk3.

weh, stady2! ;p


p/s: tips nak menang auction.

jgn bid awl2. monitor dulu. tunggu smpi last minit, bid your highest yg mampu, then bia ebay settle the rest. =D kdg2, the price you have to pay lg kurang dr the amount that you're willing to bid.

rarepeople said...

bkn hobi nih, addicted nmenye...harhar

usen macho said...

ish3....ape nih liyana?? cube rujuk entry seblm nih utk keinsafan...LOL

nnt ajar aku ebay-ing gak ek...utk aktiviti slps exam...hehehe =p

nazira said...

exam papers ade jual kat ebay tak?

alonq_exe said...

i'd rather spent my money on bones set! XD

nadiah liyana sabry said...

aku pernah kalah $0.05 tau xxxxxxxx...
now da stop..sbb duit tarak,so x bid la..hahaa

liyana jaafar said...

alia. hoho, mmg pnat pun nk monitor bidding items. everyday ade je bidders lain. benci btul! :P

rarepeople. gosh. kalo bace definition of addiction, scary gle. causes severe trauma? =S

usen. nnti aku aja ko ebay. dun wori. lps tuh ko pulak addict. haha.

naz. uhuk. perli nampak. wawawa.. :P *terase nih* haha.

qamarus. uih? ade ke jual?

dorot. ko beli ape tuh? hikhik.. :P

iklizz said...

gilo apo bid. beli je senang. takde bazir msa. cari je Buy It Now! ape susah =P