just some news

kesian blog ini. ia di-abandoned oleh tuannye. :P


haven't got much time to spare online nowadays. blame it for no internet connection at home and the nearest comfortable cybercafe wud mean to have to drive there by car. urgh, life sucks.

thanks for those who wished for my birthday a few days back! :D u guys rock my world, really! feeling a lil' mature now. [ya, rite] :P

sadly, i no longer have a -teen at the end of my age from now on.
well, bak kata izzati, bukan tua tapi matang. hehe. :P

i spent the last few days back in terengganu; balik kg sempena raya haji. it was great to meet all my relatives again and knowing that 3 of my cousins gave birth to very cute lil' babies. phew! :P
2 baby boys and 1 baby girl. cute-ness~!

today pulak, will be meeting a few friends of mine at putrajaya. we're going to tour the area by bicycles. hihi. seems like fun! :D

ok then, i gtg and get ready for breakfast now. i cud hear my stomach choiring. kesian dia. :P neways, thanks aisyah for lending me ur laptop (currently in aisyah's room at MMU). :)

p/s- i went shopping last week and it was super great! i must go to sogo and mid. again! :P


iklizz said...

happy belated birthday! better late than never..huehuehe!!
tidak mengetahui besdey ko, dah tu aku pong slalu je tak online, balik kg, gi shah alam, dan byk2 lg..
mesti banyak duit balik dari australia..huehuehhe!!

aZwaN mUsLiM said...

owh, it's ur birthday already ka?
sori, xtau pun..
anyway, hepi belated bufday.. :)
amacam dh balik mesia nih...
konpem ada cam tanak balik aus balik kn
hehe.. :P

liyana jaafar said...

thanks guys!

duit yg d-convert almost abes! erghh...tensi je..

owh n ade gak la rse cam xnk balik aust dah..tp sumtmes rindu gak kat sne..hihi..=p

Rarepeople. said...

hoho~ 20 years old = matang, matang = tua. so, dah tua la nih... kuikuikui... may god bless u.

suping2... mid jom...

ف wildchild said...

err.. hepi belated b'day. hehe

alonq_exe said...

i always believe that 20 is spelled as T.W.E.N.T.E.E.N