Pusing2 S.A.

Its December already and for some ppl that would mean, christmas! anyhow, December for me, means HOME! yeay~! just a few days left to go and i'm barely being patient to get on the plane!

Well anyways, as the Adelaideans might have already known, there was this super-GIGANTIC christmas tree being put up at the center of Victoria Square (a fake one la tapi!). if u go there at night, the tree is really beautiful with all the lights of different colours shining it up and on top of the tree there is also this bright 5 pointed yellow star. feeling bored of not knowing what to do (buhsan sesangat dah tgk movieees je keje), we decided to go to Vic Square amek2 angin and not to forget, snap some pics too! ;)

the only thing that shines in this pic is the tree.hihi =p

the one where everyone posed differently!

The next morning pulak, we headed our way to Port Adelaide to go for dolphin cruising. yeah, i know its summer and dolphins don't quite show themselves during this time of the year, but other ppl went there too a few days back and they said they SAW the dolphins. so, we went and hoped that we're lucky enough to be able too see those cute animals.

raise ur hand if u could spot a dolphin in this pic! hihi. =)

and unfortunately, we spent the 2 hours of cruising looking at the sea and watch the huge kapal kontena je. i still remember the names of those ships; 'coral ace' and 'maha ross'. hihi. =p
we waited and waited but still, there was no sign of dolphins at all (except on this one boat cruise la- their logo was a picture of a jumping dolphin =p)! lol.. =( well i guess we're not that lucky enough.

on the cruise~

besides, we also spent some time wandering around the Sunday Market at the port. gile best sebab stuffs kat c2 sooo murah gile! =) to name a few, books, hats, jeweleries, clothes, souvenirs, and etc.
hurgh. why now, the last Sunday spent in Adelaide for the year, do i know the existence of this place? dulu2 x pernah nak tahu. so, it seems that i can only start to shop next yr la kot. hihi. =p well, xde la ape sgt pun kat market tuh. mostly barang2 terpakai la. thinking of it, it somehow looks pretty much like the 'carboot sale' in UK. ;)

and today, just finished angkut2 barang ke rumah budak2 Norwood and simpan di situ for the time being - we're moving house next year. huhu. i'm really gonna miss Adelaide Tower so much!!! ;(
neways, thanx a bunch for those who helped! :)

something to note :
6 days to go!!!!!!!!!!



usen macho said...

weyhhh....apsal aku xde?? (nk tny gak wlaupon dh tau jwnpn) huhuhu....

too bad xdpt tgk dolfin...next year kot =p

jom blk msia!! =)

dr. donkdonk said...

haha. semangat nak balik msia!! sure homesick sgt!! :PP

yow! hohoho! the tree! blik msia nnt, compare the tree with the one we have at klcc. and do tell me, which one is more gigantic!! hehe ;)

nazira said...

4 days to go!!
Get off the bed yana! haha.

ArMs' said...

cambest je suasana kat oversea nie..huhuhu