bits of 2008

okay, here goes.

assalammualaikum wbt. and hello to all. =)

phew~ it has been a very long time since i wrote something here. haha. anyway, life has been pretty... urm.. what should i put here. i guess fun and exciting are the right words that define how i feel right now. ngeeehee. =) well, i've finished my practical in Kemaman 3 days back. and guess what. i kinda miss everything over there! i mean, EVERYTHING!

the people.
the t'ganu beach.
the cool housemates.
the company.
the friendly fellow trainees.
the really smart pakcik engineers.
the really sporting pakcik chemists.
the going to work with kak G every morning.
the wasting time at the surau every break.
the loooong walking all the way from admin building to my office at the OC.
the trip to mesra mall every time when going to KT.

and not to forget,

the superbly delicious FOODS! :D

i repeat again, FOODS! haha. =p
man, i seriously need extra exercise now. T_T
super duper EXTRA!

the days that i've spent in Kemaman will be the days that i would never forget in my entire life! SERIOUSLY!!

gosh. i'm missing Kemaman a lot! T_T

to the people below, i would like to say THANK YOU very much because without all of you, my life wouldnt have been that GREAT at all! =)

En Bakarudin, En Amal, En Sukri, En Roslan, En Mat, En Zul, Pak Alif, En Akmal, Kak Aziah, Kak Ira, Syahadah, Fariza, Hariz, Ali, Irman, Shaifudin, Liza, Kak Eli, Kak G's relatives, Liza's workmates, En Akmal's friend, all the staffs at the Technical Development Department and also the staffs during stock count and everyone else who i had the chance to get to know during the 30 days i was there.

u guys rock!!! =)

besides, i also celebrated my 21st birthday over there. ngeehee. thanksss a LOT Kak G for the treat at PapaDell. =) and for those who wished either through phone calls, sms, fs, fb, ms etc. :D

and speaking of birthdays, 3 people just celebrated their birthday recently.

1) Kak G --> 1st Jan '09
2) Nik Faiz --> 1st Jan '09
3) Izzati --> 2nd Jan '09

May all of your wishes come true and all the best in your future undertakings! =)

owh n yeah, Happy New Year 2009 to everybody! hope this year will be better than the previous years! =)

p/s- i actually have loads of pix to upload. but due to the insufficient knowledge of how to transfer the pix from my hp to my lappie, i cant get those pix here. aih yana..yana..myb next time then!

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