its raining its pouring~


its been 2 days already. yeah. 2 days since i'm bak in malaysia ter-chenta. wee~ it feels greeaaaaat to be home. heee. anyways, i have 4 days left until i have to go to kemaman and start my work practical. *sigh* so, i guess i have to really use the time left wisely to go meet my friends n hang out wif em.

this morning, i had breakfast at mcd wif fana dearie and we updated each other with some hot gossips like we always do. haha. :P i had my all time favourite meal; double cheese burger n obviously it tasted so goood! :D after dat, went to see Iffah, who's now oso bak in m'sia. she's now 7 months pregnant! aiyaaa. this gurl who used to be my deskmate bak in skewl is now waiting to deliver her baby in like 2 more months! gosh. i still cudnt believe that she's someone's wife already. and in a few more months, she's gonna be someone's mum! huhuhu. and i'l be auntie yana soon! gosh. i feel so old. :( neway, i'm happy for u iffah dearie. i noe u'l be a great mum indeed! :D

its been raining cats and dogs outside rite now. kjap lagik after isya', my whole family is going to have dinner with uncle Peter kat Soho. a few yrs ago, masa dinner ngan uncle ni, dia penah try kunyah btg serai tuh masa mkn tomyam. he actually thought yg serai tu utk dimakan. haha. lawak gle. adeiii.
well, i better pegi bersiap2. kang bising plak encik ayah dan encik ibu.

till then~

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아미라 liL' amiRaH said...

berserunuk serunuksss la yerk kt mesia tu...~~~nnt amer smpi sne gaksss