what a night!

If you would rate 1 to be VERY FAIR and 10 to be VERY DARK for a skin tone scale, i'd say that my skin tone tone would be 11.5. wth? hahaha. okay. i know i'm exaggerating but seriously, i looked up the mirror just now and just cant believe the sun burn that i got myself. thanks a bunch to the bathing and splashing around at Desa Waterpark yesterday. with just a few hours spent there, i successfully upgraded my skin tone to triple more times a darker tone. but overall, yesterday was one of the best days i've had! ngeeee =D

coz after a few hours at the waterpark, we headed back to Bangi and had our dinner at Soho Seafood restaurant. the foods were undoubtly delicious and it was worth the price! we had ikan Kerapu masak 3 rasa, udang goreng tepung, kailan ikan masin, tofu jepun, daging masak merah, tomyam campur which had bits of crab, prawn, fish, la-la, mushrooms, etc etc. yeah, it was a LOT! and now imagine that we had to finish all those in like 15 mins or so as we had to rush to mid valley to catch our reserved movie tickets by 10.45pm. hoho.

around 10.15 i guess, we were finally on our way to mid valley. luckily the traffic wasn't heavy and the drivers for both cars know how to speed reaaaaaaalllyyy fast! haha. but luck was not on our side for so long as we unfortunately went straight on to the highway instead of taking an exit to mid valley. and because of that slight mistake, we had to pass through about 3+ tolls or so. darn! KL is seriously full of freakin expensive tolls and they're making BIG money. *gerammmm*

and as you might have guessed, we didnt make it in time to get our reserved tickets but we managed to get other seats instead. the seats where no one wants to sit bcecause its the 2nd row from the front! well anyway, we were still grateful as we had the chance to still see the movie. it was Inkheart btw and i'd give a rating of 3 stars out of 5.

our next plan was to wander around KL and relax for a moment at Dataran Merdeka. and again, we were LOST! geez, the streets in KL are way complicated and confusing and it sucks! and when we passed by dataran merdeka and saw too many rempits and scary looking guys (?), we cancelled our plan and head to Putrajaya instead. haha. well, that was practically a glimpse of what happened last night. it was crazy, it was fun, it was great, and it was exciting. gosh. i love holidays. and i dont wanna get back to adelaide soon.

19 days till i fly back to adelaide. T_T

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hUdZ said...

naseb baek u got sunburn from waterpark..i got sunburn just walking to uni..haha..btw, adelaide panas giler n rasenye by the time ko blk dh sejuk kot.hehe..jan lari dtg brissy sbb panas.die kate adelaide cam oven.