internship part 1 : completed! heeee..

I have already finished my internship of 6 weeks at PRSB almost 2 weeks ago and I must say, it was one of the greatest experiences i've come through! i had the chance to do so many things and learnt a lot from those helpful staffs over there both theoretically and practically. I was assigned to the Enviromental Department which basically does research on ways to protect our environment from pollutions from the petrochemical industry and also in finding ways to improve the readily available solutions to the pollution problems arised.

There, i got to meet Said & Wana, both are interns under the same department as i am from UiTM Shah Alam. there were actually 4 of us under the enviromental group which includes Sirul, my coursemate back in Adelaide. nway, the best part we had together was during lunch break. we hang out at different places to eat every single day and sometimes we even spent some time at Warta's bowling centre. heee. it was fun, seriously!

PRSB's Lab

these were the several of lunch break hang outs :)

the interns and researchers of the enviromental department during me & sirul's farewell lunch break. thanks for the food ye! hihi.

Well, i've now finished 10 weeks (Huntsman + PRSB) of internship during this summer break which leaves me to just another 2 more weeks, and then i'm done with the whole internship requirement! yehaa!

Nway, its Friday already, and tomorrow, yes,TOMORROW i'll be flying back to Adelaide again. Danggggg, this sweet holiday is coming to its very end now and on Monday, say hello to 3rd year!

p/s - argh. havent finished packing yet. malas gilaa nk blk!!

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