good morning girls, u've been pranked!

i was busy getting ready for uni this morning when i received a msg saying:

Gm girls. some bad news ere. 1 4got to pay elect n gas bill.
they will be cutting supply at 9am 2day and restore in
48 hrs. sorry.

and i was this serious? no electricity for 2 days??? how am i to live with no lights on n no power supplies? so many things rushed into my mind.
the fridge wont be working.
there'd be no hot water.
no internet connection.
and no to sooo many other things!

and suddenly something caught my eye. yes, a big number 1 on the calendar at my desktop. shoot! its the 1st of April!!! its an april fool's joke!!!!


been successfully fooled by mr landlord!

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Anonymous said...

haha, padan muka.'s a relief kan?