Sevens Blast :)

a big YEAY coz i finally managed to go to Adelaide Sevens last sunday! heeeeeeee. =D i have always wanted to go see the rugby game since 2 yrs ago but due to sooo many pathetic reasons, it was only this yr that i finally had the chance to see it! yippeeeee! =)

well, i dont really understand d rules of rugby anyway. it was mainly because of the atmosphere that made me eager to go. n yeah, the famous all blacks and wallabies players as well! ouh, they lost anyway without even having the chance to qualify themselves in the semi finals. it was frustrating for them to loose coz i thought i would be able to see the all blacks perform their hakka dance and it turned out to be that all blacks lost to erm..lemme guess. i think it was south africa, or kenya perhaps that they lost to. and the all blacks didnt even managed to score a single mark at all! =(

btw, mr landlord was there too and he supported FIJI. hehe.its too obvious isnt it. he's originally from fiji and thats why he was soooo into the team. he even went to buy the Adelaide Sevens jersey which had big, black, bold letters spelling F I J I and he changed into it straight away okay! LOL.

us and the fiji player landlord. =p

adelaide oval stadium

yes, its the scoreboard!

thanx to that sunglasses that i managed to get a zoro-like sunburn. haha.

this was wallabies (yellow green) against argentina (baby blue)

and finally, us and the fiji players! gosh, they were really tough man..


Aqilah said...

stp kali bce psl ur landlord msti cam tersenyum2 sndri.

xtau nape.

cam comel kot perangai die. :P

Anonymous said...

uyt? tggi nye org fijis :P

amirulxvii said...

Apsal amik gamba scoreboard cricket?

liyana jaafar said...

aqilah : haha. tuh la psl. dia mmg sgt comel n klaka. =p

anonymous : tuh la. kompem berat lebeh from 56. (if ya noe wut i mean. oops!)

amirul : erk? tp tyme rugby game tuh, diorg mmg pkai scoreboard nih. urm, stadium tu pun actually utk cricket games gak aa. nway, ade beza ke? haha.

amirulxvii said...

Ahahahaha....Mesti la ade beza yang oiii...Kalo x xkan la aku prasan. Wickets, runs, batsmen, sume tu istilah cricket la.

nadia al-akmal said...

you went to watch some footy? yana... that is soo not you... :P or have you changed that much since we last met hun?

i miss you hun! take care and God Bless. *bear hugs*

liyana jaafar said...

amirul: erk. yeke. haha. aku x notice la plak since aku mmg xtaw pun psl cricket nih. =p

nadia: hahaha. well, its been 2 yrs aite? n i think i've pretty much changed a bit. =p uhu, misssss u much as wel!!! tgk la. if cukup wangs, smpai la aku kat canberra ok! ngeee~ =D

Capik! said...

oh tidak!! roko!! player favourite aku!! how did u guys get this picture with them? bes giler! i noly got the one bile dierang tgh round satu stadium tuh, itu pon tk dpt dgn roko :(

liyana jaafar said...

haha.kitorg g serbu diorg belakang stadium ari tu.hee. eh, yg mane satu roko? aku x knal pun diorg ni actually. haha. =P