final's not that far away!

owh hello again.
hit me me coz only now i just realised that time is moving way too fast! :(
dang, i still havent finish up my project report which is calling for submission this monday. omg. i'm down to a sum of 3 days X 24 hours = 72 hours left.
*freaking out* :S
thank god i'm almost halfway through. just a lil' bit more n i guess i'm done! hopefully, i'l manage to get it complete by sunday. coz i soo have many other assignments due on monday besides that looong boring report. *sudden feeling of unconsciousness*
btw, timetable for final exam was up on access adelaide yesterday. i like the time and dates coz i have like one week gap between the 5 papers albeit i hafta accept the fact that my last paper is on the very last day of exams. which means that almost everyone else might have finished all their papers 4 5 days earlier than mine. :(
but anyway, seeing it from the postive point of view, i'l have enuf time hopefully, to study and to revise. owh and pitty to afiq coz she'll be celebrating her bday whilst still in the midst of exams. no party for u this yr i guess? haha. :P

p/s : for all those who's or who'l be sitting for final exams, GOOD LUCK AND ALL THE BEST! :D

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