wuhuu~ its been a while isnt it? well, blame the faulty phone in the store that caused my internet connection to go crazy for several days. yes, it was the faulty phone that has caused the problem when i thought it was the monthly fee payment not being paid on time. anyway, thanks to the ever caring landlord who helped fixing that thing up. hee~

n speaking of him, something funny happened a few minutes ago. i received a text msg from him that sounds like this:

Salaam gals. Apa melakukan saya perlu melakukan bagi mencuba beberapa marktaba? Harap maafkan saya untuk sebarang kesilipan-kesilipan.

I laughed like crazy when i read his msg. it was his 1st attempt to write a text msg in malay. well, he wanted to learn malay since he got to know me and my housemates and he was always super jealous when he cudnt understand us when we spoke in malay. he grunted that we might be talking bad things about him in our language. well honestly, we neva talk bad things about him in malay la. exception comes to when he does funny things, only then we wud talk bout him. :P well, we dont do that often anyway. :P

ok2. back to story. actually we made some martabak yesterday. and as Johnny (our landlord's friend) has been longing to eat martabak, we walked to his home last nite to give him some martabak. when we were at Johnny's place, Johnny called Faiyaz (our landlord) just to make him jelaous. aiyaa. n today, Faiyaz came to our place and when he found out that there was no martabak for him, he was reallllyyyy sad. yeah, we felt really guilty we didnt save some for him. thats y he sent us the msg in malay, making us even more guilty! haha.

p/s - owh yeahhhh! afifah's coming tomorrow! spending 3 whole days in adelaide busuk ini! ngeee~~~ :D :D :D


aZwaN mUsLiM said...

kesian ur landlord tuh kn..

liyana jaafar said...

haha. x yah ksian. dia tu mmg ngade sket. :P

Rarepeople. said...

sian lanlord tu kene buli. aih~~ nakal beno... ahaha~~

tp, siyes lawak... mau gelak lg!!


oke2... cukup2.


ف wildchild ۞ said...

hahaha.. sms of the year :p

MusafiR said...

ingatkan ape la 'marktaba' tu td...

Anonymous said...


There's a common situation occurs in Egypt though, but they're really genius, means that once u told them a word they'd remember it for years. No wonder, most of the Egyptians have already memorized d whole Quran since childhood. Their memory is super-astonishing.