its been a while. geez, i'm like super busy for the past few weeks. loads of work and assignment to be done, this and that. i dont wanna bore you with the details. ehe.

well anyways, its almost week 10 of final yr already. how fasttt! in like 2 more weeks, its gonna be the end of sem 1 and yay! winter break! =)

thing is, i planned to go to Tasmania this coming winter. play snowboarding, touring around the whole island and stuffs. but since there was this offer by Jetstar to go somewhere else the other day, me and the girls decided to just skip the Tasmania part and go to JAPAN instead! wuhuuu~ i freaking cannot wait! we'll be leaving in December though. still 7 more months to go. but heck, i need that amount of time to save a whole lot of money. i spent like half of my savings just to buy the plane ticket. argh. and from what i have researched, transportation is freaking expensive in Japan. T__T

kena cari sugar daddy la camni.

ok, just kidding!

so last nite, while i was taking a break from the burdening assignments, i decided to try find videos on youtube that can help me lean Japanese. (ya, saya sungguh bersemangat nak belajar bahasa jepun ni. haha)

and i stumbled upon this one hilarious video! well, afiq said it was a bit too terencat tho. -_-"


hUdZ said...

hahaha..sangat terencat ok..hehehe..
ko pergi bila?aku g gak tp blan nov..10 sampai 15nov..

liyana jaafar said...

tuh la psl! =p nway aku g 1st dec til 14th dec. 2 weeks sana. gile aku mmg kene kumpul duit gile2 neh. aku cek unlimited transport tix utk 2 weeks almost 500dollars..T___T

nadia al-akmal said...

I'm sooo freaking jealous of you right now! Waaa... I was about to have this trip: Sydney-Seoul-Tokyo trip tapi parents aku tak bagi plus aku takde geng. Ko pegi Tokyo ke nanti? Nak ikot!!!

Btw, niponggo ja nai. Nihonggo desu. :)

p/s: Trip Canberra KIV gak ke? :P

liyana jaafar said...

wooot! ko lagik la kannn..siap nak pegi Seoul lagik. aish. aku xde duwet la nak sampai korea agy..=p nway, aku g Tokyo. adeled-cairns-tokyo-cairns-adeled. jom2! =)

alamakk canberra tuh KIV la kot. bile ntah nk smpai kann. iA kalo aku cukup duwet, aku sampai la sana. hee =)