hari ini dalam sejarah

ya, hari ini adalah hari yang tak mungkin akan aku lupa (haha sungguh skema but whatever)

anyways, today was the first day of exams for 2nd last semester. weehoo~ i have 3 papers to sit for this semester. next one will be on Monday and the last one on Wednesday. well today's paper was OK i guess. the downside is i didnt have enough time to finish all questions. my brain went jammed when they announced it was down to 10 more minutes. sigh.

after exams, went to have dinner at Nandos and then headed straight home. on the way back, at North Terrace, exactly in front of the Adelaide Convention Centre, suddenly i can see smoke coming out from the front part of the car. probably from the engine i guess. i was likeeee omggg!!! waddeheelll? and THANK GOD, luckily at that time the car was stopping at a red light. as it was freezing cold outside, u can see steam coming out from the front part of the car. yela bila enjin panas, biasa la kan udara panas tu terkondensasi. (cewahh. scientific explanation gitu. lolzz. but heck, tetibe rasa cam condensation xde kaitan plak in this case). but then, u can see the difference kot between just haba from the engine and like real smoke coming from a hot surface as if like something is burning! and suddenly bau hangit kuat gilaaa. and the smoke that was coming out didnt fade away. makin banyak pulakkk! dah la time tu the speakers in the car were like roaring sebab pasang lagu kuattttt and i even adjusted the bass and tremble to the highest level to give the banging feel - gedebang- gedebunggg bergegar kereta tu dengan Bose punya sound system. ok, b4 i continue with the story, lemme tell u some facts about the car so that u'll understand the situation even more.

Caprice, silver colour. baru 2 freakin days on the road. x sampai 1000 kms pun lagi guna! masuk2 pun bau leather seats....perghh..memang bau kedai! haha. everything in the car was automatically controlled. nak betulkan seats etc no need to use handle to push or pull. just tekan atas bawah je. all speakers pakai Bose punya siap ada central speaker and every sudut kot ade speaker. wehooo. that was the best thing for me. heh. and then what else..kat dashboard siap ada digital screen to tell the conditions of the car etc. parking sensors, central locking bla3 benda2 yg biasa la kat semua kereta ada. and yang paling cool, the backseat passengers bleh tengok tv because at the back of the front seats (bahagian kepala tu) there's a screen. so kira ada 2 screens la kat belakang. and utk yang duduk depan, tv ley tgk kat area tengah. there's a screen where the radio is there, cd player that can fit straight away 6 cd's etc etc. in my entire life, i think this is, by far, the coolest car that i have ever rode on. 2nd would be the Audi A4 yg boley bukak atap tu. haha. anyway, thanks la kepada encik tuan rumah kerana sudi meminjamkan kereta anda kepada kami supaya kami boleh pergi ke exam hall tadi. =)

ok, back to the story. heee. (wuuuu this seems like a looooong post!)

so, as it was a spanking brand new car, we never thought that something like this was going to happen! arghh so then as the smoke was getting thicker, i told the other girls that we should get out of the car. who knows it might explode or whatsoever. lolzzz. we were all panicking i tell u. my hands and legs were shaking. bbbrrr~ to make it worse, it was freaking colddd and it looked like it was about to rain. one of us then went to turn the hazard lights on. luckily there was this one car suddenly stopped in front of our car and a couple came out and took a look. diorang tengok2 and tolong buka the front bonnet. eeeee scary gilaaa! n they said, it was probably due to overheating la kot. coz then nampak leak air bocor keluar kat bawah. aiyohh! kereta baru pun wat hal. duh! then called the car owner and he said he was going to call the RAA (kalau kat Msia, AAM la kot). so we waited la in front of the car yg stranded kat tengah2 jalan tu. on the right lane was the tram lane. and jalan utk kereta from 2 lanes dah jadi satu. only God knows traffic jam nye cemaneeeee. da la friday night! n ada pulak manusia2 yg sungguh ler shallow minded (certain je la) bila tgk org pakai tudung sket, mula la nak discriminate. cakap swear words itu ini. eee bengang betul.

we waited for like 20 mins jugak la for the car owner utk sampai. and when it was about to start raining, ada this one couple who was about to cross the road dtg and they asked whether we want to push the car off the road. letak tepi instead of tengah2 jalan and blocking lalulintas. thank god! phew~ at least xde aa malu dah terpaksa diri kat tgh2 jln and sambil org lalu, semua org pun nak stare je. aihh. not long after that, car owner pun sampai. he gave us another car n told us to go straight home. phew~ at last.

then he told us yg actually ada satu hose tu tercabut. so water leaking n then engine tu overheat la agaknya. xdela apa pun. i think it was because of the cold weather, thats why nampak asap berkepul2 tebal gilaaa keluar cam nak terbakar je kereta tu. lolzzz. cuakkkk gilaaa kott. =p

so that was the 1st time something like that ever happened to me in Oz. haih. and hope there'll be no 2nd times for this one. anyways, the discrimination that i felt somehow made me even more homesick. aaaaaa. tolong laaaaa. just setengah tahun je lagi b4 nak balik for good! cannot waittttt! cepatla masa berlalu. :(

p/s - so sorry for the jumbled up words. too tired and sleepy and dizzy to write actually. wanna go to sleep now. kejap lagi dont 4get to wake up for the soccer match eh. Portugal vs Brazil. go portugal! go go go! :D

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