I don't do surprises

i just love this song rite now. have been playin' it all nite. hee. its a song by Axle Whitehead entitled Dont Do Surprises. he's d former host of 'Video Hits' and actually one of d Australian Idol contestants. enjoy!

nway, it has been a really pressuring weekend for me. d matlab questions are super tough indeed! imagine doing just ONE question in 3 nights! aihh. =( gladly there'l be no more matlab assignments afta this. dat leaves to just one more major assignment dat needs to be submitted by d end of d month, which is the PPE research project. n afta dat, finals! gosh! n i am totally not any close to being prepared for d exams! *sigh*

today, i think i have just made up my mind (up until now la =p) to do my industrial training at 2 different companies when i get bak. so, there'l be not a lot of time to hang-around-have-fun-together-go-shopping-play-bowling stuffs wif my besties i guess. i'l only b free one week afta i've reached home n 1 week b4 i fly bak to adelaide again. d rest of d time will be spent training at those companies. haih. i dont know where i got d willingness to sacrfice my leisure time from. haha. hopefully i wont change my mind afta this. hihi. =p *hopefully*

nways, as naz da nk merajuk, i posted up dis pic especially for u then.d one u have requested for. ngee. 'the korean picture' [Nazira, 2008] =p

(this has nothing to do wif this post. hehe =p)

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n.a.z.i.r.a said...

did i ever tell you that you're my favourite adek 'usrah'? i think i did! because i told that to everyone! lol.

yana mmg cun la pos gambar ni! :))

btw, selamat bekerja! and balik malaysia nnt jgn rindu aku tau. :p