counting days

today is already thursday which leaves me to another 13 more days till final exam which also means that i'm 23 days away till i leave for malaysia! yabedabadooo! :D

*cant wait!!*

coming to think of the australian currency yg jatuh dgn sangat rakus, hilang plak smngat nk blk. haha. its approaching the end of the yr n as usual, end of yr means = sale, sale sale!

but, sales become useless when u have no money to spend!

*weeps and weeps and weeps and weeps*

:'( :'( :'(

anyhow, i need to stop thinking about going-home stuffs n start concentrating on my studies.
aihh. if 100% means ready for exam, then i'm only at 10% level.


nway, try this song. supeeeer cool, i'd say!

p/s- THE parcel has arrived!! yeay! i soooo cannot wait to see the look on izzati's face when she comes home later! hehe. :D

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