Syawal 2008 =)

as i'm like too lazy + exhausted yg amat sgt to update my blog after each n every event of wut happened during raya n all, lemme just summarise all the raya thingy-s into one post. so, beware! this is soooo gonna b a long post indeed! heee. =p

okie, everything started 2 days before raya. we made karipap, kueh suci dlm debu, samperit n 2 marble cakes that night. wuhuu~ n yeah, we slept totally late that night which was after subuh. gle mngantuk tyme tuh.

the next day, went for buke puase + mjlis khatam quran + takbir raya at balqis's place. nway, x smpat pun nk bertakbir sesame as it was quite late n me n my hsmates had to rush bak home to prepare dishes for our 1st syawal open house. dat nite we made rendang ayam, kari, roti jala, nasi impit n last but not least, kuah kcg. heee. this tyme raye, x bnyk pun foods. just msk simple2 je. gle x larat nk msk bnyk2. =p

.rendang. roti jala. marble cake in making. samperit.

after midnight, we went outside n played bunga api. gle klaka tyme neh coz xleh nk bising2. we had to play wif our mouths shut!haha. =p nk jerit2 pun tabley coz sume umah pun da gelap. kang x psl kene mrh ngn neighbours!

1st syawal
sume kelam kabut bngun lmbt. =p naseb afiq terjage. [one incident: klaka gle witness afiq jatuh tangga masa nk trun pagi tuh. duk khusyuk berlari turun pkai heels smpai terjatuh. haha. sian afiq. =p] nway, went to solat raye at masjid al-khaleel at 1st. but then, sampai2 jek tgk sume org da kat luar da abes solat raye. down gle. =( since sempat agy nk kejar pegi city mosque, we straight away rushed there. luckily, sempat jugak smpai. =D gosh, gle missing home time tuh. dgr takbir raye, sayu je hati. kui3. gle emosi. =p

.d housemates on d way for solat raya.

The Village was our 1st stop for makan2! heee. =) thanx guys! the foods were delicious! da lame gle x mkn roti canai okay n it was marvelous! we cudnt stay for long coz umh x kemas pe sume agy. so, we had to get bak home immediately afta dat. sowey sgt2 kat Za serumah coz x dpt g umh korang. bnyk mnde x siap kat umh sdiri agy. =_='

.The Village.

thanx to yen coz tlong kemas2 skali dat day. berkilat la kjap tingkap umh kitorg. haha. =p suddenly, nmpk mcm bsr gle umah psl da angkut almost all the furnitures bwk msuk blk. everyone was like dgn gigihnya mengemas sume yg patut. call it 'spring cleaning!'

stephanie and anthony were the 1st ones to arrive. sharp at 2 o'clock! thanx for the 2 box of chocs guys! loved 'em! =) next were Sirul n hsmates. n then, balqis n hsmates n the list just goes on n on. well everyone, i wud like to say heaps of thank u for those who came. it was really great to hav u guys around to eat n eat n eat even tho itu je yg mmpu kitorg prepare-kan. =) n sowey if ade kat mane2 yg kurang okie! hope u guys enjoyed urselves! =D

.a few of those who came to our place =).

dat nite, everyone was like gle2 exhausted. haha. we just cant help ourselves to do anymore work but to just go to bed n hav a good night's sleep. =p 

2nd Syawal.
well, u can probably guess at wut time we woke up d next mornin kan [hint: the sun was shining bright n d sky was blue =p]. hihi. nway, din go to any open house dat day. sowey sgt2 again! sgt x larat n had to gain bak energy utk wat preparation msk2 for umno/masca open house raya dat nite. me n zati went to Rosepark after 7  for potong-memotong, goreng-menggoreng, bakar-membakar, blend-memblend all the onions, kcg n rempah2 etc. gladly, we finished early around 11 n headed bak home to rest again! hihi.

3rd Syawal.
d next day, we had 2 open house invites; the Brompton's n Klemzig's. laksa johor, satay, serunding, lontong, kuah kcg n loadssss of kueh raye! omg! i ate a LOT dat day. siyes knyang amat! =D thanx korang 4 d invites! even x dpt duwet rye, dpt mkn free was way good enuf! haha. =p 

.the housemates again in action [tgu bas yg x smpai2].

.omg. satay!.

.makan dan makan dan makan lagi dan lagi dan lagi.

in d evening, me n zati again went to Rosepark for masak2 thingy-s for umno/masca opn house d following day.  had to cook 30 kilos of rendang! blergh. 1st tyme tlong2 msk utk sebnyk neh.  had dinner 1st wif d high comissioner ape ntah. then continued cooking till 5am. phew~ it was absolutely exhausting but nway, d nite was sure fun indeed wif those guys who joined cooking as well. i wud say, seriously fun! haha. =D

4th Syawal.
planned to wake up around 11 kononnye. but then, gle x sdar. woke up at 2pm. gosh! gle da lmbt nk pegi d open house. it was really frustrating! =( called zati to tell her to save me some of d foods. thanx dearie. at least, dpt gak merase. =)  rushed to uni n smpai2 da almost 3.30pm. huhu. all the kueh muehs n most of the foods da licin. sob3. but nway, still had fun wif those guys who were still there. like always, d best part was sure tyme posing2 amek gmba. hee. =p

.us @ masca/umno open house raye.

.the tukangss masak.

home sweet home again, n me n zati straight away went to bed. huu~ mmg da x sdar ape dah. all we had in our minds was not to do anything more n hav plenty n plenty of rest!

5th Syawal.
d following day, had an invitation to an open house at Ovingham. nasi tomato n soto! nyums3. i ate 2 plates of nasik tomato okay! =) thanks to the tuan rumahs for d foods! blk2 mmg knyng amat! ngee. =) 

.d final open house of d year.perhaps?.

nway, enuf of raya yana! i guess i better start studying n finish off my assignments now! gladly there's no class tomorrow (cuti labour day). yippe! =D

well, i might say dat d 1st 5 days of Syawal were a blast! superb foods, cool n fun ppl around, n lotsa enjoyable moments~!
d days dat i wud not forget!
n oso, d tired-ness dat i wud neva forget too! heeee. =p

owh n yeah, b4 i finish, i wud like to wish everyone


Hope its not too late! =_='


halen said...

wahhh.. pandai erk korang bikin juadah raya sedap ker tak ekekeke.. :P mesti seronok kan beraya di tmpt org. resepi suci dlm debu mcm penah dgr jer hahaha.. saper yg buat roti jala tu terror laaa. K.halen buat x menjadi2 pun haa hehehe.. salam raya utk korang semua peace!!!

Anonymous said...

hey liyana. ure so cute.:)

n.a.z.i.r.a said...

yana! mane gambar ala ala korea kite! tak masuk blog pun :((

ainishamsi said...


suke hati dengar korang kenyang. wihihihihi

tenkiu datang cikkak~